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7 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

7 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

Designing Memorable Wedding Invitation Cards!

A wedding is both a private celebration and a public event. As such, it needs to have a blend of intimacy and formality that sets it apart from all other social events. A wedding invitation card is much more than just a message inviting guests to attend this special event. It becomes a memoir of the occasion and a symbol of the most important day of your life. In this blog, find out some incredible wedding invitation card design ideas from experienced wedding invitation designers.

Wedding invitations have always been a big deal, and they require specific attention. Why? Because invitations are considered to be an essential part of all that the wedding event symbolizes.

Recent trends show that many couples are choosing to hire a professional designer for their wedding invitations as opposed to doing it themselves. As a wedding invitation design company, we have witnessed a vast change in wedding invitation card design trends.

If you are planning to hire a wedding invitation designer, find out all there is to know to choose someone with just the skills and resources you need for your wedding card.

Let us start with what should be there in a wedding invitation card.

Elements of A Wedding Invitation Card

Cover Page Design

The cover page of your wedding invitation card is the first thing your guests will see. It should grab attention and evoke a response in the invitees. Impressive cover pages attract attention easily and connect invitees with you and your wedding event. Cover pages almost always have a photo of the couple, creatively merged into a background that creates a visual experience by itself.

Inner Page Design

This is where the invitation message will be placed. Expert wedding invitation designers will suggest that typography and visual hierarchy plays an important role on this page. The background should reflect your wedding theme.

Invitation Text

Creative copywriters can do this task if they are struggling at this point. They will listen to your ideas of how you want to word your wedding invitation and offer multiple options for you to choose from. The message tone, words, fonts, style, and placement makes a huge difference to how your wedding card will be perceived. Taking professional help is not a bad idea.

Names of The Hosts

This is something that you cannot even imagine missing out from your wedding invitation. You need to mention the names of the hosts in a way that doesn’t clutter the overall experience of the card design. Also, this is the section where spelling mistakes occur in higher frequency. To avoid this, write down the names of the guests on a separate paper and get it cross-checked from the family members themselves.

Names of the Bride and Bridegroom

These two names are the major highlights of the invitation. There are hundreds of ways in which the names can be presented. A wedding invitation design company will help you choose styles and typography that blend well with the theme and yet come out in a visible, impressive manner.

Date, Time, and Locations of Main Event and Reception

You would need to include this information in a clear manner. The date, time, and location of the main event should not be difficult to find or read. You could add a Google Maps image to help your guests find the location with ease.

Contact Details- Phone, Email, Social Media

Never forget to add details like phone, email address, or social media handles to be in touch with your guests. To be available for your guests all the time is a humble gesture to showcase that the family cares about their guests invited for the special occasion.


RSVP is an abbreviation of ‘Respondez, s’il Vous plait, which means reply soon. You would want to know how many of the invitees are coming so that arrangements can be modified accordingly.

Images, Photos, Graphical Elements

Images, background color, illustrations, graphical elements, everything plays a vital role in conveying a story. To portray the story in the best possible manner, hire a professional wedding invitation designer. Professional invitation designers have a better idea about the design elements that can make your invitation just as you want it to be.

Others: Attire Instructions, Special Message

It’s important to convey the theme of the special occasion so that the guests attending it have a proper idea of the attire required. The dress code can be directly communicated through the invitation as well.

Seven Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

Now that you have a good idea about what all goes into a wedding invitation card, find some superlative wedding invitation designs. There are so many new trends that have come up. Also, the conventional designs have also undergone some changes to reflect innovation. Here are some incredible ideas from an experienced wedding invitation design company.

1. Go Green – Go Digital

D Imagery

If you wish to go green and send digital wedding invitation cards, then there is a lot more scope of experimentation as compared to print designs. Using 3D images is amongst the trendiest styles to follow. 3D illustrations or GIFs, backgrounds, couple photos, mini video clips, etc., offer a lot of options to choose from for making a mesmerizing, classical, or dynamic invitation.


If you are a couple who love humor, fun and would like to make your wedding invitation reflect your personalities, you could use animations in a big way. Good wedding invitation designers create designs that have an impact and are memorable.


Caricatures in wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular. Numerous couples have voted for caricatures in their wedding invitation cards based on themes they like, such as characters out of favorite films or novels, sketch-based 2D caricatures, etc.

Mini Video Clips

To create a perfect video digital invitation, there are aspects like color grading, sound corrections, visual effects, which you cannot ignore at any cost. You could film your location if it is a destination wedding, or you could be inviting your guests from a setting you prefer. Video-based “save the date” options are getting quite popular.

Photoshoot Pages

If you have your pre-wedding photos ready, then it’s a great idea to create a digital invite with their help. Combining photos in a way to frame a story is always captivated and often perceived as a confident way of representing your feelings and emotions.

2. Cinematic Wedding Invitation Cards

Movie Poster Style Cover Page

These days, couples are going for a more creative approach to their invitations. They want something that reflects how they feel about each other and also shares their personalities. High-quality pixel-clear photos on the cover page help to reflect the same for the couples.

Share Your Love Story – one-page comic strips or illustrated fairy tale style

These are loved by many, and using them to tell a personalized story is definitely a unique way to invite your guests. If you are willing to add something like this to your invitation, we can definitely help you as a professional wedding invitation design company.

Dramatic Invitation Text Design

When it comes to creating an invitation design that stands out, you have to be willing to go the extra mile. Creating a story full of turns with the help of graphics or illustrations and bringing a smile to the face of readers at the end is another way to make your invitation card memorable forever.

Bollywood or Hollywood Style Photo Clips

Romantic movies have always been an inspiration specifically for such occasions, and with the growth in their fanbase, there are many reasons that every family has at least one or two Hollywood or Bollywood movie lovers in their house. You can get your pictures clicked and pasted in your favorite actor’s pose as a symbol of love with your better half.

3. Acrylic Wedding Invitation Card Design

Floral Options

You can also opt for personalized invitations that have been created through a mix of paper and acrylic painting techniques. Flowers and petals design give a pleasing look to the overall design, which is why there is a huge preference for floral options even today.

Hand-Painted Design Options

Hand painting options have been the most important and traditional aspect of the wedding invitation design. The hand-painted elements not only create a high-quality handmade feel to your wedding invitations but also can carry the most profound messages. We, as a professional wedding invitation design company, have a team of artists who can draw the most beautiful designs for you.

Framed or Layered Effects

Layering is a design technique employed to create depth and dimension on a flat surface. In the case of invitations, layering can be used to enhance an invitation’s visual appeal, making it more memorable for your guests. Moreover, framing pictures, bold texts, and designs inside artistic frames is also a good option that you can consider.

4. Vintage Book Set Themed Wedding Invitation Card Design Idea

Vintage Cover Design

One of the best options for creating an elegant and cohesive look is to use vintage cover designs from earlier eras as inspiration for your wedding invitation cover page. If you admire such traditions, there are quite some options to choose from, depending on what kind of styles and layouts you prefer.

Classic Photo Style Images

The elements of design are the building blocks of a successful invitation. The art and science behind composition, balance, unity, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, and proportion all apply when designing an invitation. Classic photos and images edited with the help of proper softwares can add all these into your wedding invitations.

Engraved Invitation Text

A wedding invitation sets the tone for your entire event, so it’s a good idea to get this right. If you want something unique, personalized, and special for your big day, engraved invitation texts are also a great choice.

Tell Your Story Section

A separate story section can be added if you’re planning for a multiple-page invitation card. Generally, people love hearing the story behind the start of this beautiful journey. If you have such a real-life story to tell through your invitation, then our wedding invitation designers are here to help.

5. Destination Themed Wedding Invitation Card Design

Maps-Styled Designs

Everything starting from the fabulous venues and destinations can be incorporated into a map style to supplement the overall style with something unique. The most relevant locations, like where the couple met for the time or where they went for their first date, every location can be depicted on a small map to add some real flavor to your invitation.

Picturesque Location Photos

It’s a nice gesture to send your guests a beautiful card that they can keep forever and share with others, especially as digital photography becomes commonplace. A thoughtful choice is to include a photo of a location that is special to you or your partner.

Native Art and Craft Styled Inserts

Is your wedding approaching, and you are looking for a unique way to spice up your wedding invitations? Then, why not consider hiring a local artist to create some native-themed inserts for your cards. The only thing you need to consider is the unique visual appeal and practical aspects of these inserts.

6. Sketches and Watercolor Style Wedding Invitation Design

Couple Sketches

Watercolor painting-based invitations are among the trends that continue to gain popularity. You would need to come up with a superb theme, hire an artist and get the painting done. The painting can then be replicated on the wedding invitation cards.

Watercolored Design Themes

Watercolor-based themes are generally done by an expert wedding invitation designer to render a perfect overall theme design. Watercolor designs are very soft and romantic; they give an impression of nature and beauty.

Landscape Painting

The use of landscape painting in wedding invitation design makes your wedding card a piece of art. The use of modern art with the traditional design creates an effect of elegance. The use of this style also allows for the message to be displayed using imagery.

7. Paperless Painting

There are many couples who would like to have a wedding invitation card done like a piece of art they can treasure for generations. If you cherish such an idea, here are some options.


There are different kinds of wood that are suitable for printing, painting, or engraving with ink. You would need to hire an artist to create the kind of image that you want for your wedding invitation. You could also make it like a family heirloom.


The concept of metallic wedding invitation cards is certainly not new, but there have been many changes in their designs and styles over the years. Again, these cards are usually not for distribution to hundreds of guests but more like a personal wedding invitation card for the couple and select family members.

Glass Painting

Glass painting wedding invitation card designs could be magical and beautiful to look at and admire for hours. It could become a part of your family souvenir that you can display forever.


If you are among those who would like to invest in a wedding invitation card, you would benefit immensely from the services of a wedding invitation card design company. You could have a unique, beautiful wedding invitation card designed just for yourself, and you could have digital or paper-based ones done for your invitees.

If you have special invitees to whom you would like to send an exceptionally designed invitation, that is also a great idea, especially if you have celebrities or eminent personalities attending your wedding.

A simple wedding invitation card could be no less exquisite or memorable than expensive ones. Everything depends on the ingenuity of wedding invitation designers.

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