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With the world converging onto the idea of a global village, English has become the dominant language of communication throughout the world. For any man or woman of this day and age, it has become imperative to have command over English language to communicate effortlessly with peers across the world. With the mushrooming of English Speaking classes, there is a need among institutes to have a great English language brochure, to attract students and stand out in the market. Sprak Design creates customized brochure design for spoken English for various institutes.

Why get a English course
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With the abundance of marketing, a customized brochure has some distinct advantages over other forms of marketing:

Uniqueness: In the age of online marketing and social media, a classic physical brochure is a unique way to advertise and promote your English language courses.

Memorability: A high-quality brochure provides information seekers with a novel way of retrieving information and increases the recall factor among students.

Documentation: An english course brochure sample is the perfect way to document all your achievements, teaching aids and in-house infrastructure in a neat manner. It may also provide facts and figures,a sample of your teaching methodology, your curriculum as well as the resources you would be using to provide English training services.

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What you Get
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At Sprak Design, we take the task of design very seriously and provide great designs that encompass a broad variety of objects to help your English Institute stand out from your competition.

  • Customized Design: At Sprak Design, we pride ourselves in our ability to customize each and every design to your exacting requirements. We offer a wide range of designs of educational brochure templates for you to choose from our huge collection of English language brochures. In addition, all of our designs are highly modular in nature, allowing you to choose the color, typeface and other details with ease.
  • High Quality Print-Ready Brochures: To make your brochure design for spoken English course come to life, we use the best in vector graphics technology to ensure that the design can be printed on a wide variety of paper sizes and formats. In addition, to ensure best-in-class color reproduction, we generate mono-color, bi-color and quad-color designs with ease so that printing presses can output the exact shades of colors with all their vibrancy intact.

To enhance the marketing of your English Institute in the modern day and age, you need to go out of your way to impress prospective pupils; and a high quality brochure design provides a unique opportunity to connect to your target audience with ease.

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