Five Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

What do you think perfection is?

Do you think we are for the most part perfect; perfect in the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we convey ourselves or even in our work?

We are perfect or not that is situational, but rather we all clearly attempt to be a perfectionist. What is imperative here is to comprehend the way that we are generally people and we tend to commit errors. Be that as it may, that does not give us the freedom to commit errors and be thoughtless in our work.

As a budding designer, one must know about these common mistakes graphic designers make. It is noteworthy to know these keeping in mind the end goal to discover ways to defeat them.

Here’s a List of Some Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

1. Not Understanding the Brief

Understanding the brief given to the designers is critical. On the off chance that the designer does not recognize what precisely a customer needs, they may wind up making or conveying something very surprising. This is one common error graphic designers make.

2. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a strict no-no. It isn’t adequate to duplicate another person’s outlines and utilize it with your name. It is dishonest and can likewise prompt certain legal issues. A designer may lose their customers all things considered. None of the customers would need to enlist somebody who copies other’s work!

3. Utilizing Incorrect Typography

The selection of fonts assumes an essential part in the general appearance of the last item. Utilizing inappropriate fonts can prompt trouble in perusing. The fonts must be readable and furthermore not strenuous to the eyes. Accordingly, erroneous utilization of geography is one of the common mistakes graphic designers make.

4. Utilizing Different Fonts

A designer must remember that he should not utilize an excessive number of fonts at any given moment. Utilizing diverse fonts together prompts a great deal of perplexity and makes the result exceptionally jumbled. With a specific end goal to give it a professional look, a designer must utilize a most extreme of two unique fonts in one go. Read this: 10 Golden Rules to Combining Fonts

5. Proofreading

Not proofreading your work before finalizing is a standout amongst the most common mistakes graphic designers make. Demonstrating a work brimming with mistakes is such a disappointment on the designer’s part. Aside from utilizing different spell check and grammar tools, a designer must himself check his work for blunders and amend them before submitting.

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