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10 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas You Can Implement On a Low Budget

10 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas You Can Implement On a Low Budget

Make Your Restaurant The Most Popular in Town

When people go out to restaurants, it is always more than the food. They are searching for a pleasant experience. Restaurants with a great ambiance attract more customers. If you think restaurant interior design services will cost a lot of money, that need not be the case – benefit from excellent low-budget design ideas that could transform your restaurant’s popularity and reputation. Find out in this blog!
People consider revisiting a restaurant where they enjoyed not only the food but also the entire experience. The decor, the sitting arrangement, the color scheme, the vibes – all these play a role in ensuring a memorable experience.

How can a restaurant ensure a good experience that makes its customers frequently come back? Here is where restaurant interior design services play a role.

Interior designs should help a restaurant acquire a unique identity. How? Let’s find out.

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What is Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant design is both a science and an art. The science is about understanding how interior architecture could optimize space utilization based on the right calculations.

The art is about identifying the target audience and presenting a story through design and decor that would enchant them. The experience of good food and time spent dining becomes something customers would like to repeat again and again. Here, knowing popular design trends could prove helpful.

Five Restaurant Interior Design Trends in 2022

Wall art based on local history

Wall Art Based on Local History

A major part of the design is focused on walls, which needs to have everything right – colors, design, shapes, decor, light. Remodeling walls could prove expensive, but you can repaint them based on the right theme. A well-accepted idea is painting scenes from local history. Choose a theme that has meaning for your audience.

Ceiling and Wall Art Based on a Theme

Ceiling and Wall Art Based on a Theme

Good restaurant interior design firms will tell you never to leave the ceilings dull and boring. That is sure to make your restaurant look, low class. A popular idea is to combine ceiling and wall art into one theme. For example, a restaurant for vegans chose a birch forest theme for their walls and ceilings, which gave people the feeling of sitting under trees.

Individual and Handmade

Individual and Handmade

A reputed restaurant interior design company proposed this idea for a cafe owner, for whom a personalized design would be unaffordable. The company advised the cafe to repaint its walls based on a minimalist design theme and add handmade decor items at strategic locations. The restaurant was frequently on Instagram stories, and its customers increased 5x.

Mix and Match Furniture and Fixtures

Mix and Match Furniture and Fixtures

If your restaurant’s target audience comprises people between 15-25 years of age, then you can easily dare to use innovative restaurant interior design services. For example, plush, comfortable furniture at the corners, tabourets at a convenient place for people who drop in just to “hang out” for coffee for a while, etc.

Warmer Colors

Warmer Colors

The dark, somber tones that were popular earlier are now giving in to warmer tones. Color psychology and menu engineering experts suggest warmer tones for a better appetite and upbeat mood. Just repainting walls and ceilings the right way could do the trick.

Ten Low-Budget Restaurant Design Ideas – Work With An Affordable Restaurant Interior Designer

Affordable restaurant interior design services have become a field in itself. Everything from concept to procurement of decor items has evolved into a domain that differs a lot from elite restaurant interior designs.

Here are some ideas shared by reputed affordable restaurant interior design firms.

1. Experiment with Digital Simulations

You might have a small place and a small budget. That should not be a worry. Talk to an affordable restaurant interior design company and get some innovative ideas. Ask them to show how your restaurant will look through 3D simulations. Choose one that best suits your style. Here are some options.

a. Different Color Schemes

Sometimes, just choosing a different color theme does the magic. A diner that had brown chairs and tables and gray walls became super-attractive for its customers when it added wallpapers representing the Grand Canyon caverns.

b. Typography-Based Wall Décor

Despite being a common wall decor theme, an affordable restaurant interior design company can still create a unique look for your restaurant by choosing words and letters that are custom-designed for you.

c. Textures and Wallpapers

Experiment with textures and wallpapers using 3D visualization tools. You could try bold new ideas that allow you to make your restaurant design unique and personalized.

d. Repainting Certain Areas

This is again a well-used trick. Repaint just some areas to make your restaurant look brand new. Using digital simulations, find out what kind of design themes could harmonize with the overall look and still make a huge difference.

e. Serving and Display Furniture and Fixtures

With a little bit of artistic wall repainting and decor, you could also choose to change some of your serving dishes, furniture, and fixtures. That will add a great final touch to your restaurant redesign.

2. Find Out How Minimalistic Design Could Work for You

Minimalist interior design is not about cutting down on design rather being highly innovative. A small-budget family restaurant had its walls and ceiling representing a village meadow using a minimalist style design. It became a go-to weekly place for the local community, composed mostly of migrants.

3. Check Impressive Overhead Lighting Setups

Many experienced, affordable restaurant interior design firms have reported that just changing the lighting setup had changed how customers perceived the restaurant. An overhead lighting setup for a souk-style restaurant gave it great reviews and popularity.

4. Hire Skilled Local Artists

An affordable way to redesign your restaurant is by promoting struggling but talented local artists.

a. Change Themes Every 2-3 months

Hire local artists to make your restaurant a showcase of their art. It can make your restaurant a magnet that attracts more and more people every month.

b. Set Up a Local Art Promotion Section

Some affordable restaurant interior design firms vouch for the ability of local artists to make restaurant redesign superlative yet cost-effective through the simple means of giving a wall or corner for local artists to showcase their work.

5. Check Attractive Wall Lighting Options

With many innovations cropping up in wall lighting options, you can definitely benefit from using them to renovate your restaurant.
A huge casual dining restaurant with two floors was finding it too expensive to renovate the place. They invested in a signature look. Even their menu cards followed a signature style. But not changing was making them look old-fashioned. This was when wall lighting came to their aid. They introduced some beautiful wall lighting in different sections. These simple touches won the respect of many routine customers.

6. Revise Your Floor Plans

Always consult with a professional restaurant interior design company when changing your floor plan and architectural elements for optimized space planning. The designer will get the plan viewed, revised, and approved for compliance with building codes. If you have a small space, the service does not cost you much.

7. Choose A Good Flooring Design

Ignoring the flooring design definitely reflects bad taste. Design your flooring to reflect a certain pattern that aligns with the rest of the restaurant. For example, the owner of a basement restaurant shaped it like a cave lighted the old-fashioned way with overhanging lights (which were LED and safely secured). Flooring became a puzzle until a designer suggested textured tiles that were safe to walk on yet gave the feel of a rock floor.

8. Keep Things Uncluttered

Not going overboard with ideas and decor is key to good design. This is impossible when a restaurant tries to include 20 different things into its design. If your target audience feels you are overdoing things, it will reflect your lack of taste and style and not sophistication or grandeur.

9. Use of Digital Displays

Digital displays on walls have become the most cost-effective option for affordable restaurant interior design services. Many small restaurants are now choosing to add LED screens on their walls that will show food items in a sensorial manner, helping to increase the appetite of their customers.

10. Do Not Forget Customer Comfort

One mistake that has poured water on many good design ideas is its mismatch with customer comfort. For example, you do not want light glaring into the eyes of customers. From space for people to move around and the convenience of signaling to waiters, every aspect should be considered with customer comfort in mind.

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