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Story of Språk Design

Story of Språk Design

Språk Design was launched into the market with the purpose to represent businesses through visuals by creating astounding and eye-catching designs.
Bhoomi and Hermit Chawla laid the foundation of Språk Design in 2011.
Over the years, Språk evolved as a visionary design firm and tied up with many Indian and global companies to cater to their design needs. The organization established itself by offering creative design solutions related to branding, marketing, advertising, print design, 2D graphics, brochure & presentation design, web design, and application UI/UX designs. At present, Språk Design is a renowned design solution company with clientele across the world including India, the USA, the UK, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Australia.

Meet The People

The design head of Språk Design, Bhoomi Chawla started her journey from APIED at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University. While pursuing the design course, she learned various aspects of design and creativity. For dedication, hard work, and consistent performance in the course, Bhoomi Chawla was rewarded with a gold medal.

Founder and Design Head of Sprak Design

After serving other organizations, she decided to be independent in design-related choices to make a mark in the industry for herself. As a professional, she has helped renowned startups, new and established businesses, and individuals find their space in the market through her designs. After dedicating 17 years of her life to her profession, she uplifted two companies Språk Design as the design head and AIS Technolabs as design director. While working for AIS Technolabs, she gained experience in designing for tech companies as well.

About her vision, she says “The design industry has always been versatile and keeps on evolving. Currently, we are at a stage where more numbers of design styles prevail and there is a lot of innovation in work. Through my knowledge of graphic design, I wish to bridge the gap between art, creativity, and business. In my opinion, a perfect design is a combination of these three elements, and I aim to create such designs that speak volumes and encourage people to connect with the brand.”

Hermit Chawla handles the responsibility of project operations and supervises the HR department, marketing, and finance. The success Språk Design has gained in these 9 years is mostly because of Hermit’s commitment to the work and his management skills.

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Språk Design Team

Språk Design is a big family of 20 people who are an inseparable part of the organization. We are thankful to our creative director, design lead, senior design manager, creative lead, visual identity manager, graphic designers, UI/UX and web designers, illustrators, and the whole executive team for working behind the curtain to cater to our client’s needs and requirements.

Our design team can make the design stand out from the crowd. They work hard to blend your aims, vision, and imagination with fonts, colors, images, and layouts. The creative heads in our company leave no stone unturned to present a picture-perfect graphic. They ensure that the design is seamlessly taken from the brief and executed in the most efficient manner.

Språk Design Team

Why Choose Us?

We don’t believe in presenting monotonous designs. Instead, we research to understand the brand vision and requirements. We narrate your business story through our designs while blending them with typography, creativity, representation, and craftsmanship.

Creative Designs

Our design team experiments frequently to mix up design and inventiveness to transform it into a masterpiece. We pride ourselves on creating the highest standard of creative graphic designs that speak volumes about your business ideas, criteria, and essentials.

Språk Design has extensive years-long experience in creative designs. Our company has witnessed the change in trends and evolved accordingly. We deliver uniqueness as we change our narratives and working prospects per market trends.

Språk Design offers customized solutions so you can speak to the audience and represent your brand through visuals.

Språk Design experts work with complete care and submit the design within the timeframe. You can focus on other aspects and leave the creative design work for Språk Design. We’ll take care of it.

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