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10 Tips Suggested By The Best Flyer Design Agency

10 Tips Suggested By The Best Flyer Design Agency

Tips and tricks to get the most business benefits from flyers

Flyers are some of the oldest marketing, advertising, and brand promotion tools. A simple flat sheet of paper that carries a visual and textual message – a flyer could prove to be one of the most cost-efficient ways of connecting with people and increasing their interest in your message or business. This is easier said than done. You need intuitive, inspiring, and captivating designs to make the flyers work their magic. This blog helps you get the design done right through the tips and insights offered by an experienced, competent flyer design services provider – Sprak Design.

Flyer designing has become an integral part of advertising and marketing campaigns. Flyers are designed for a specific purpose. It could be to promote a product or service or announce an event or an important social message. Your flyer designs need to be attractive, informative, and striking.

Unless you grab and retain attention, your message will not get across, and the goal of promoting a product, a service, or a business to a wider audience fails.

What are the techniques that can be used in flyer designs to attract instant attention and retain it? How can you get your target audience to contact you to know more about your business?

To answer a lot of questions about flyer design, our flyer design services experts have offered a lot of information, insights, tips, and suggestions.

You might first want to know what a flyer is and the different types of flyers.

A flyer is generally a single unfolded sheet used to convey a simple message. Flyers are used by people, businesses, associations, and other entities for mass distribution of the message they want conveyed. It is usually a flat sheet with the message printed on one side. Business flyers can also have messages printed on both sides.

Generally, flyers are different from typical posters, pamphlets, or leaflets. A leaflet and pamphlet have different fold types, with each side serving as a panel. A poster could have larger dimensions than flyers.

But posters, pamphlets, leaflets, and other marketing materials could be designed like flyers for cost-efficient promotion and advertising of a new business, product, service, or event.

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Types of Flyers

Digital Flyers

A digital flyer is nothing but a digital image or file which can be viewed on any device such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

It could serve as a digital marketing and advertising tool for e-campaigns through emails and social media. It could be a graphical one-page e-presentation of any initiative you have launched and used for informing and inviting people, making it easy for them to click and join or subscribe.

Digital flyers have often been used for brand awareness and business promotion campaigns. Small businesses share their digital flyer on WhatsApp and other social media tools in such a way that it informs and generates leads.

A good flyer design agency could offer you numerous templates to choose from. The chosen template would then be customized to create a unique design.


There are many types of poster flyers – one-page visual communication and messaging tools. These poster flyers are posted on bulletin boards or affixed to walls, or other surfaces hung at or above eye level. Poster flyers have been widely used to attract a young audience on college campuses, cafés, community centers, clubs, etc.

You could also develop digital flyer posters which could be sent to thousands of people through social media mobile apps. For example, clubs, universities, trade fair associations use digital poster flyers to announce events to the masses in a manner that is both captivating and cost-effective.


You could use flyer pamphlets (printed or digital) for a range of marketing, advertising, business promotion, and event promotion purposes. There are various layouts possible with pamphlet flyers allowing you to share a single message to millions in a powerful manner. It is best used for advertising a business and is unlike a typical pamphlet which is in the form of micro booklets.


Handbills are one of the most cost-effective mass distribution methods used in marketing and advertising. With very simple formats, layouts, and minimalist design styles, a single message is communicated – which could be about discounts for a particular product, the launch of a new program, a seasonal offer, a simple event with free entry for the public, etc.


Flyer leaflets do not have folds, and the layout remains that of flyers but serves the purpose of a leaflet, giving a global ideal of a product, business, service, or event in the most precise manner. A competent flyer design agency will create innovative design elements that blend with text messages to create a beautiful impact.

Handouts and Inserts

Handouts and inserts could also be created like business flyers to serve as a micro catalog of selected products or services. The handout flyers are also used to invite people to join an association or support group or to contribute to a cause.

Common Uses of Flyers

Announcing a business launch

For local commerce, flyers still are an often used branding, marketing, and advertising resource. It is one of the most popular means of announcing the launch of a local business, whether it be a restaurant, a store, a salon, a boutique shop, etc.

If you are planning to create a flyer for a business launch, take the help of a flyer design company that could offer amazing design options that improve your brand value and attract more customers.

Event Promotion

Event banners are one thing, but these could only be used in certain locations. Event marketing companies use flyers to let a large audience know about an event open to the general public. Event flyers could benefit from super-attractive layouts and designs to motivate the audience to visit or attend the event. A dull layout will more likely make the event seem dull.

New Product Advertisement

Whether it is a toy shop, a jewelry boutique, or a bakery, when launching new types of products, their best potential clients are always the neighborhoods from where they get maximum visits. Using an inspiringly-designed attractive flyer that generates curiosity to know about the product has enabled many businesses to increase their customer visits 2X to 5X.

Advertising local business promotion events

The key to a successful advertising local business promotion is to make sure your message gets across to the consumer. This can be more difficult than it seems, as many businesses find it challenging to create an effective message that will resonate with their audience.
A simple way to promote your business and check audience responses is through flyers. Use captivating designs that evoke interest, curiosity, and an optimistic feeling in your target audience. A good flyer design company offers professional advice and designs that do the trick and gets you the best ideas for promoting your business.

Distributing local business catalog

The distribution of local business catalogs is a great way to promote your brand and products. A catalog is an excellent and cost-effective means of promoting any type of business, from retail stores to repair services, as it is a visual way for consumers to browse through different products or services that you offer. As a flyer design agency, we know the importance of every aesthetic element that can capture the attention of your potential customers.

Announcing local business opportunities

You might be a professional services provider like a marketing firm looking for skilled and certified professionals to join your business as part of its expansion move. You could be a cottage industry sector business looking for skilled people to join your business and promote the brand.

Flyers could serve as a great tool to achieve your objectives if you know where to distribute them. The design should be such that anyone with the required skills and looking for self-employment opportunities would love to know more about your brand.

Spreading awareness among the public

Social groups, associations focusing on environmental issues, healthcare companies, and other organizations that promote a cause sometimes carry out campaigns, distributing flyers to spread their message.

A good flyer design company knows how to project this message in a visually powerful manner that evokes an emotion or response from the public.

Ten Flyer Design Tips From The Best Flyer Agency

Get the goals and functions right

Setting up clear objectives to fulfill is always recommended before jumping into the designing process of flyer making. There are several questions that we ask our clients as a flyer design company, and they are:

  • What is your target audience?
  • What are the demographics and geographics of your audience?
  • What are the products and services of the business to be promoted?
  • Do you want to create brand awareness, promote an event or generate sales directly?
  • Who are your competitors?

These were some examples of the questions asked.

Once these questions are answered, a flyer design agency devises a design strategy for the flyers you want created.

Size matters

Flyers come in all shapes and sizes and are also printed on a variety of different paper types. There are various options such as A3, A4, A5, A6, and A7.

The size matters – depending on your goal of using the flyer. If you have a major objective that requires maximum views, reads, and exchange of information, a bigger size and placement at the right place will make all the difference.

Informing about a business launch, indicating a new address of your organization, etc., are some examples where a larger size matters.

Align design with objective

The design for a flyer should never be underestimated despite the simplicity of the messaging style. Font design, text color, layout, graphics, and various design elements need to be crafted out in a manner that communicates the objective of distributing the flyer in the most effective manner.

Assess the visual impact upon your customers. Choosing the right font and the visual hierarchy is crucial in good designs. Some fonts are bold and attention-grabbing, while others are subtle; some might be less legible but more artistic.

Images are another design element. You could use realistic, impressive, audience-oriented images to establish a visual connection with your target audience.

Gridify and use space strategically

A grid is a great tool to use when designing any type of layout. It is used for anything from web design to book cover design but can also be applied in flyer design. Grids could be used in flyers to create any desired effect.

Grids could be used subtly to include different types of design elements, like infographics, photos, text, etc. As a flyer design agency, we know the various ways of using structured grid layouts because they provide order and visual coherence.

Use your branding elements

Branding is a very significant aspect of any business. And it can be done in many ways, from the name of your business to the logo on your products. The design of your flyers also represents your brand.

If you wish to create a brand that people will remember for a long time, then you should make sure that every element (colors, fonts, styles, etc.) of your brand stand out in your flyers.

Go Digital – Leverage Tech and UX to improve customer experience

The online market is expanding every day, and so are the businesses. A real-estate business, a dental clinic, or even a small florist shop – all are promoting their services digitally. This is because creating an online presence is quite inexpensive in comparison to all major offline channels of promotion.

With the help of digital flyers, you could use 3D elements, immersive reality elements, animations, motion graphics, and a lot of technology-enabled techniques. It is, however, essential that you should not go overboard with all these elements. The simplicity of the visual message could never be comprised, however digitally enhanced you make your flyer designs.

Leverage shapes and forms

A great flyer design is about more than just using shapes and forms to create a visual hierarchy. It’s also about the psychology behind how we respond to different shapes and forms.

As a renowned flyer design service provider company, we go for an in-depth analysis on how we can leverage the power of shapes and forms for you. Consider what message you’re trying to convey with your flyer design, then incorporate shapes and forms that send the right emotional response.

Make the entire flyer a visual

While brainstorming ideas for a flyer, you need to frame out a unidirectional message that can direct the viewer’s mind to follow specific instructions or take actions accordingly. The flyer must not look fragmented, but the design elements should come together as one message.

Be innovative – Know the right trends

Be innovative, be trendy and be a risk-taker. If you follow the trends and have the guts to take risks to do something unique, your marketing campaigns can turn anytime from ordinary to exceptional.

Always choose optimistic over grim

Use color schemes, font styles, images that evoke a feeling of optimism, hope, and smiles. That usually connects your brand with these feelings and emotions.


Sprak Design is a design services company with more than a decade of experience in graphic and web design. We have served thousands of clients, fulfilling their diverse design needs, including flyer design projects.

Finding a great design for a flyer requires a good understanding of the business, its market, and the trends and design elements that connect easily with the target audience. Our flyer design experts combine market knowledge, design trends, and creativity to conceptualize designs that help meet the predefined goals.

If you want to create flyer designs that work their magic and attract people to interact with your organization, let us start a conversation!

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