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5 Logo Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

5 Logo Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Rebrand Your Logos with These Exciting Design Trends

Unique Logo Design Trends Waiting to be Explored in 2021

With rapid strides made in logo designing trends, brands and designers need to stay updated about the latest designs. Rebrand your existing brand with these unique design trends to grab customer attention. Startups launching with these exciting trends will undoubtedly create a stir among customers and competitors. Gain more confidence with a powerful logo. This article speaks about the latest logo design trends and how they are exciting and different from the usual monotonous ones.

Designing an expressive but simple logo design is challenging. A brand logo needs to be memorable when people seek the product or services offered by the brand. Moreover, the logo needs to be compatible across multiple online and offline platforms. The best brand logos have the most vibrant colors and require very little change as time passes.

The right font style and legible writing are of utmost importance in logo designing. Replacing outdated logos with new designs helps people realize that your brand is updated with the current trends and needs. Also, rebranding or changing the values, visions, or merging with another enterprise needs a logo design change. Companies redesign logos when they have new target groups or a different product portfolio. A lot of psychological and cultural study is conducted before designing the perfect logo. As a business enterprise owner, a design professional or, an amateur designer, you need to be aware of the latest Logo Design Trends.

Experimental Strides in Logo Designing

Perspective Drawing

Many brand logos in the past have exhibited simplicity and clarity. To achieve this, they have refrained from complicated designs and minimalism in their logo. The Perspective Drawing approach tries to make up for the magic lost due to oversimplification.

This design trend accommodates subtle perspective angles using basic drawing like linear perspective. This design strives to maintain the flat design technique that has been used all these years. These perspective logos can be efficiently designed using an illustrator or other latest software. color is an essential element of the perspective logos. Using warm colors like yellow or red portrays compression or a feeling of being propelled forward. On the other hand, cold colors like blue create an impression of being pulled backward. A design company has expert graphics designers who are adept at perspective drawing and will help you choose the right colors and typography for a prospective logo drawing.

Simplistic Geometry

Shapes build images. The simplistic geometry makes use of these basic shapes and simple lines to create simple and powerful logos. These logos make use of rich and saturated colors. Moreover, the best part is that designers can experiment with shapes and lines to create an illusion of depth, providing a perspective view. The trick is to design powerful logos using fewer shape variations.

Simplistic geometry design maintains the minimalistic and subtle nature of the logo. A lot of shape experimentation and research is involved in designing these logotypes. Make sure you seek help from a graphic designer who has been trained to use shapes and lines to create magic.

Divergent Letters

Wordmark logos display the brand name in the logo. For these logos, you have to experiment with letters to create an impact on the viewer’s mind. With fewer experimental elements available, designers have been analyzing typography design trends. They have studied how letters need to be placed, the font, font style and size, colors, and other factors that can positively trigger the human mind.

The divergent letters design trend is the latest stride in designing wordmark logos. This design tries to exaggerate one particular letter. Something as simple as a different colored or off-colored letter can create the required impact. Many designers are also analyzing uppercase and lowercase options to display a single letter emphasis. Choosing the right color and case can be a close to impossible task for amateurs. A team of efficient logo designers in India will provide you with all the typography expertise to create a memorable logo through emphasized letters.

Static Motion

We have seen animated logo designs become a hit in the last few years. However, designers are trying to create the effect of motion with inanimate logos. This means using motion tracers, fluid shapes, action lines, and splatter particles in motionless logos. These logos have proved to be successful for innovative tech industries.

Creating a sense of motion in static designs can convince customers of your powers to innovate and stay updated. These logos make use of bright fluorescent colors to depict fluid or splatter particles. Professional logo design teams have the required proficiency with software like Adobe After effects to create this sense of motion.

Stained Glass

Designers often seek inspiration from the past to create modern innovations. The stained glass is one such design trend inspired by the stained glass window that was prevalent in the dark ages. Stained glass is used to create an abstract illusion by dividing ordinary concepts and simple elements into solid colors.

Stained glasses were seen in old churches that lead to a feeling of sanctity reflected from these designs. Hence, these logos are mostly used for brands working closely with nature. Very few brands carry the ideology and vision that can pull off this logo trend. Professional logo design services have the required expertise to decide if your business will benefit from the stained glass logo design.

Design a Bright Future by Starting with a Unique Logo

Creating a simple, influential, memorable, and unique logo is not an easy task. Logo designing companies are supported with the right technology and skills to pack all these factors in a logo.

A Unique Logo is Memorable

People tend to remember new and unique logo designs than mundane ones. An attractive logo design will stay in their minds in this age of short attention spans. Also, they will remember your logo and seek your service or products when they need them. A unique logo will help increase the recognition factor of budding companies.

A Unique Logo Sets You Apart

With growing enterprise, the rise in competition has grown by leaps and bounds. A logo is one of the first crucial elements that defines your brand. You need to ensure that your logo design trends portray you as modern and different. Do not make the mistake of using competitor logos as your reference. Your logo design should help people differentiate you from others.

A Unique logo Exhibits Company Values

Customers always want something extra and different along with any product or service. A unique logo helps deliver the idea that your business is ready to go the extra mile to provide quality service. It depicts the love for originality and experimentation within the brand. People trust you with their demands.

A Unique Logo Design Can Avoid Plagiarism Issues

You need to follow some legal regulations before owning the rights of your logo. The logo should be free of any plagiarism to ensure smooth procedures. Throughout your business years, other brands can sue you for copying their logo designs. Make sure you hire the right logo design company to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Change is inevitable in this age of unique design trends. However, you need to be aware of the change and make wise decisions about which design will help your business.

Today smartphones have become smaller, leading to a weaker attention span in people. Brands must adapt to the latest logo trends by maintaining their core values. Språk Design is equipped with the right software and proficient graphic designers to create better brand awareness. Språk Design employs unique testing techniques to record customer reactions to different logos. So if you want to create a unique logo or rebrand your existing one, Språk Design is your one-stop, reliable solution.

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