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6 Important Elements That Every Menu Needs To Have

6 Important Elements That Every Menu Needs To Have

Nothing can destroy a restaurant more than a poorly designed menu. If your restaurant’s menu is unreadable, it will adversely impact your restaurant’s popularity. Moreover, customers will ask many questions slowing your waiters down. Hence, it is crucial to consider the elements of a menu.

Great restaurant menu designs can enhance your dining experience and assist customers in implementing satisfying choices which stimulate appetite. But a menu is more than a list of the dishes available in the restaurant. Always note that a menu is an advertising tool that communicates a restaurant’s identity. The elements of a menu need to be designed keeping in mind your advertising strategy and sales conversions.

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Six Popular Restaurant Menu Trends in 2022

1. Plant-Based Foods

Plant-Based Foods

Nowadays, a large number of people live primarily on a plant-based diet. The rise of COVID-19 has further pushed the growth of dairy and meat alternatives.

Plant-based restaurant dishes are gaining increasing prominence among people. With urban farming on the rise, it is possible to procure sustainably grown vegetables. Your menu design should reflect this trend in an effective manner if you have included plant-based food items in your menu.

2. Healthy, Nutrition-Rich Juices

Healthy, Nutrition-Rich Juices

The pandemic has already made us aware of the importance of nutrition in everyday life. That’s why customers are increasingly opting for health-based nutrition juices to augment their wellness. Healthy and nutrient-rich juices will likely dominate restaurants’ menus in 2022 and beyond. If these are elements of a menu, displaying these options in a motivating and mood-enhancing manner makes all the difference to the orders.

3. Modern Greek and Italian

Modern Greek and Italian

The modern Greek and Italian dishes have gained popularity across urban centers worldwide. These are the fast-selling items that are also ordered online in huge numbers for small parties and office breaks. Restaurant staples in the form of Greek and Italian are also perceived to be healthier alternatives.

There are many clever ways in which graphic design and visual elements can be used to attract customers towards the ingredients and items in your menu.

4. Immunity-Boosting Ingredients in Dishes

Immunity-Boosting Ingredients in Dishes

The immunity-boosting ingredients are gaining prominence in this post-pandemic world. The notion of herd immunity has allowed people to collectively consume foods. Now that everyone is becoming increasingly health-conscious, functional ingredients are widely used in dips, snacks, etc. Through the right design strokes, you can easily attract the attention of your health-conscious customers.

5. Sugar-Free Options

Sugar-Free Options

People are actively looking to cut down on sugar consumption. By decreasing sugar consumption, one can stay healthy and protected from illnesses. Functional drinks infused with fruits, berries, and organic ingredients benefit cardiovascular health. If you are including these items in your menu, then find a way to make these options look visually appealing as well.

6. Comfort Food and Customizations

Comfort Food and Customizations

Comfort food can be any type of savory snack or food item that serves as a mood enhancer for people. In these uncertain times, one can find solace in comfort food. When you serve comfort food, customers will find it liberating. The visual elements you use to advertise comfort food should be such that it further motivates customers to place orders instantly.

Five Elements that your Food Menus Needs to have

1. Logical Sections

Logical Sections

Visual elements in food menus can make it easier for your customers to search for the food items they crave. By dividing the menu into logical sections, you are making it simpler for clients to surf through the menu.

Research and find out how customers will navigate through your menu. Should you place juices at the end or before meal options? With logical sections, the elements in food menus sell more.

Furthermore, alluring imagery with the wise use of logical sections will allow you to create the perfect menu. Don’t forget to add graphic touches to tie your menu together.

2. Clear, Quickly Readable Typography

Clear, Quickly Readable Typography

Effective use of typography will communicate a restaurant’s brand. It will help you create a legible menu that can quickly impress your users. The typeface selection usually relies on many factors like the amount of text required to fit on the page comfortably.

Moreover, it would help if you considered using more than one typeface to make the menu readable. It is essential to use fonts that are easy to decipher. Also, remember to leverage letters that contrast with the background properly. Avoid going for a cluttered look by inserting too many dishes.

3. Storytelling and Imagery

Storytelling and Imagery

With storytelling and imagery, you can market your food business. Nowadays, people prefer transparency, sustainability, and authenticity. And showcasing the ethical practices of your food business is a great way to impress users. Once you have decided what stories to include, go about them properly.

For recipe-specific stories, you should consider incorporating information within the descriptions. On the other hand, if you have a digital menu, consider including imagery. You can make the images relevant to your restaurant’s story. Storytelling and imagery will allow you to narrate the tales of your restaurant engagingly.

4. Branding

Branding Designs

At times, it is crucial to remind people where they are eating and dining. The best way for branding is to use hues, shades, gradients, or photos representing your brand in a subtle but elegant manner.

Restaurant owners are using various branding elements like a unique font or color scheme. It is essential to develop a unique atmosphere with these branding elements. If you let your menu speak for the restaurant, it would help with branding. The elements in food menus and their design can greatly affect its reputation. A positive brand image is always an asset.

5. Creative, Impactful Descriptions for Key Menu Items

Creative, Impactful Descriptions for Key Menu Items

Creative and impactful descriptions go a long way in making your brand look positive in front of others. While writing the menu and other essential things, you should be creative. Moreover, combining the right colors with great content can showcase your menu in a positive light.

Different colors have different psychological effects. It is suitable to go for those which will help you get the right impact. Note that the right color and creative descriptions will allow you to cater to a wide group of target audiences.


There are various menu design trends that a restaurant owner should consider. Considering the most relevant trends will make it easier for you to attract and retain customers. The best menu designs will let you emerge as a successful restaurant among your competitors.

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