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Seven Tips and Tricks For Creating Perfect Brochure Designs

Seven Tips and Tricks For Creating Perfect Brochure Designs

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Brochure designing takes time, and a lot of companies resort to readily available templates to design brochures in a few steps. Photo editing software also contains user-friendly features like tutorials to help people get the job done fairly well. How much does such a brochure design cost you? Almost nothing, but what is the impact such brochures are creating for your marketing and sales – almost nothing. It is always better to hire professionals who could make exceptional brochures that align with your branding and marketing goals. With so many to choose from, you might be finding it difficult to choose the perfect brochure design company. Here are some tips!


The brochures you create for your products, services, or organization often define the value potential customer accords to your business. If you are designing brochures through free templates, the likelihood of your company becoming a faceless entity among hundreds of others is quite high. On the other hand, if you have custom designed a brochure for your new product or service line but it fails to communicate the strength or credibility that you want broadcasted, you do not gain much.

There are specialists in graphic design and brochure design with the experience to understand how to make a great brochure for your product marketing or business promotions. Hiring a brochure design company near you with the expertise and track record of successful creations could give you a much-desired competitive advantage. Here are some valuable suggestions and tips on how to identify and choose the perfect brochure design company.

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Seven Tips and Suggestions to Create Highly Impressive Brochures

1) Understand The Functionality Aspects

The appropriate format choice is undoubtedly an essential aspect of creating a brochure. Find out what are the thoughts and ideas presented by the brochure design company you are thinking of hiring.

A competent brochure design company will first make a note of all functionality-related aspects based on insights they get from your marketing or business development team. This implies that any company that does not make any effort to understand your branding, marketing and business promotion might never get the first step right.

For example, if you want to create a brochure for luxury furniture design services, you might not want to use a bi-fold brochure based on a simple print format. You might have to choose certain formats based on the mediums and platforms used for marketing your brochure.

There are also other matters to be considered before starting with the actual design work, such as size, shape, etc. If you have studied your market well, you could get the right perspective on the functional aspects based on what kinds of formats, layout, shapes, etc., look great, okay, or bad per the views of your target audience.

2) Consider Spacing

The spacing of letters increases readability and also helps the reader focus on what is essential. Spacing also puts a significant spotlight on images, which can be a necessary focus of the brochure. Without the understanding of manipulating the white space, content and images do not come out well. The presentation value decreases.

A competent brochure design company will know how to plan the spacing not only from the viewpoint of white space but also the text, images, placement of graphical elements, etc.

3) Clean, Crisp, Impactful Imagery

A lot of people confuse imagery with images. Imagery focuses on the experience and emotions created by a set of visual elements – colors, motifs, symbols, pictures, and photos, etc. It includes all the graphic design elements.

If your potential customers or target audience react to your brochure, appreciate it, you are already halfway through success.

Basic templates and layouts do not allow for theme-based imagery that enhances your brand identity and value. A competent brochure design services agency will have a well-trained brochure designing team that will offer you great insights into developing a theme and imagery that will have a positive impact on your brochure designs.

Imagery is like a language on its own, an individualized visual communication that occurs when someone sees what you have created. It is an art that also requires good skills in using the right software and tools.

The visual experience you are creating should be clean, clear, and crisp, and not random and cluttered. An experienced and skilled brochure designing service provider could help you develop impactful, crisp imagery with ease and efficiency and in a short amount of time.

4) Align Typeface With The Mood You Want to Create

Typography is an essential element of an amazing brochure design. A good combination of font styles is one that is in harmony with the background and themes. The right font combinations make your brochures look exceptional.

It is difficult to get unique and outstanding typography, but an established graphic design service agency could get you brilliant results. Such agencies have access to a variety of typography and could easily customize font styles for your brochures.

Impressive typefaces will set your brand apart from others. Professional brochure designing service experts have a good deal of experience in developing the right hierarchy with typeface and visuals and develop highly captivating brochures.

5) Experiment with Shapes and Folds

Rectangular or square brochures are very common these days, but they offer significant advantages as well. You can fit a lot of information on square or rectangular brochures. Some brochures are like simple booklets. There are also accordion or z-fold brochures.

Choosing any shape of fold blindly makes your brochure look quite mediocre, and at times, too conservative. It is good to experiment with shapes. There are geometric shapes, organic shapes and abstract shapes. Choose a shape that best fits the message you want to communicate and the business outlook you would like represented.

Are you designing brochures for an event, a new product development initiative, for a new restaurant or cafe, a new business unit, or an apparel designer boutique? What does your brochure represent? The shape and fold matters when it comes to representing your business. For example, a toy manufacturer and retailer should be able to enchant a young audience, and giving an enticing shape makes all the difference.

6) Data Visualization

People like assuming about and judging a company before trusting their services. That is one of the reasons businesses in many segments communicate key facts, figures, and findings to substantiate notions of authority, market value, quality, etc. Using old methods like bullet lists and charts often makes brochures look dull and boring. You could increase your conversion rates significantly by using the magic of data visualization.

Choosing an outstanding and artistic style to represent your data and facts puts the presentation value to another level. Using great data visualizations makes it easy to market your product or service. Make your brochure a powerful marketing and sales tool by communicating key facts, findings, statistics, etc., through data visualizations.

7) Art And Illustration

Adding art and illustration is an option. An expert brochure design services provider with experience in your industry can help you make the right decision. Artistic imagery and illustrations go very well with certain types of products, business segments, solutions, etc. The elements used, however, need to be unique.

If you do a demography-based analysis of your target market segments, you could find out how much difference will the use of art and illustration make.

If you are engaging with an audience that would highly appreciate the use of art and illustration in your brochures, it is worth the investment to design brochures accordingly. An innovative brochure designing service expert will help you add artistic elements without overdoing it.

What To Avoid

Confusing Layouts

Confusing layouts are more common than you can imagine in brochures. This mishap occurs because people tend to oversaturate their brochures with information. Millions of brochures go unnoticed because of poor layouts.

Distracting Fonts

Bad font styles are unfortunately not unheard of. Brochures with a poor combination of font styles are the ones that get instantly ignored by people. Such cases usually happen when people choose templates that come with fixed font styles.

Poor Quality Images

People dislike low-quality images. Such images lower the quality of the entire brochure. Images with low resolution or those with unimpressive picture quality could do you more harm than help with marketing.

Absence of Branding

Your marketing brochures need to follow the branding identity of your company. So, you must align your branding elements in the most efficient way. It is important to incorporate logos, colors, and fonts that perfectly represent your company. A brochure with designs and colours that has negative or branding elements in disharmony could only lower your overall brand value.

Poor Editing

Intelligent customers see right through a bad editing job as photo and animation editing applications are not a less known commodity anymore. A good design needs to be edited for hours so that consistency, clarity, and quality remain top quality.


Brochure designing service seems a very simple job these days, with many free templates and design-editing tools available with free subscriptions. If you are looking to use brochures to enhance the value of your online campaigns, email-based campaigns, or advertising initiatives, then it is wise to choose an established brochure designing service provider. Hiring the services of experts gives you more leads or a potential client base. Newly designed superior brochures can also be used to attract inactive customers.

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