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8 Things To Be Remembered While Creating An Apartment Catalogue For Real Estate Business

8 Things To Be Remembered While Creating An Apartment Catalogue For Real Estate Business

Apartment catalogue design tips

A well-planned catalogue design helps in promoting your offerings in just a glance. The blog mentions the key aspects that a design firm and real estate business owner need to follow while designing their apartment catalogues. The quality, design, presentation, and communication methods used make the difference between a mediocre apartment catalogue and a stunning one that people will take some time out to view. The way the aesthetics, key features, and strengths of an apartment is presented is key to its saleability at the right market value. Find out the fundamentals behind creating a good apartment catalogue.

Catalogues help you list all your products and services along with their pricing in a single place. Frequently we come across clothing catalogues, beauty catalogues, electronic gadget catalogues, and more. A real estate business catalogue is different from these.

A real estate catalogue of an apartment will have detailed information about the different interior and exterior features of the apartment location. Apartment catalogues will have more pages with high-quality images and well-planned textual information.

Images of the walls, flooring, tiles, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and every other minute detail need to be mentioned in an apartment catalogue. Details about the landscape, amenities, and nearby areas need to be covered too. An apartment catalogue will have a totally different presentation, style and information categories from fashion, beauty, or other catalogues,

A design expert will help you plan the layout for each page, enhance presentation, place images in the right place, and print the required copies. An amateur designer will not have the required expertise to manage these steps with ease. Only an experienced real estate brochure designer could give great apartment catalogue designs.

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Tips to Create Excellent Home Catalogues

Make a List of All the Most Marketable Features

Each builder has some specific features that they portray through their work. Make sure that you identify these salient features and portray those in the catalogue. People wish to live in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment, but they need the right details about important features.

As a real estate owner, you know your property best. Make a list of all the marketable features like layout, amenities, balconies, surrounding area, distance from famous landmarks, safety features like intercom and 24-hour security, special amenities for kids, and more. Use these features to promote your apartment and attract more people to your property.

Frame Design Guidelines that Best Fit the Marketing and Publication Needs

Once the marketable features have been planned, you need to plan the design guidelines. The design guidelines will include everything including the font to be used. A common theme needs to be decided for the catalogue. The typeface and images will be planned according to the theme, colour palette, and style chosen.

Do not use too many bold colors. Bold colors will overtake the effect of photographs in your catalog. A common design guideline will help the design team to work according to the requirement. Nowadays, e-catalogues are a hit among real estate owners. The design guidelines need to be tweaked for both print and digital catalogues.

Limit Content to Key, Essential Details

The catalogue should give a peek into the apartment. However, do not overcrowd the catalog with irrelevant information. People do not have the time to read all the information. Use more images and point out the key aspects of the apartment.

You could add a page about your company. Using up a lot of space to mention details like the history of your company can be avoided. A sleek peek into your real estate business and core team can be included. However, do not deviate from the topic by including irrelevant business details.

Include Images of Floor Plans or Apartment Layout

An apartment floor plan needs to be there in your catalogue. The floor plan will help clients understand the layout of the different rooms and other spaces. There will be at least two-three apartment variants in the catalogue. Make sure that you include all their floor plans.

The layout information will help clients get an in-depth understanding of the interior space. The location of different rooms, layouts, dimensions can be portrayed through the layout. The layout will help clients understand the fine points for space management. In the case of apartments under construction, the layout and floor plan will help the client get a brief idea about size, dimensions of rooms, etc.

Include Professionally-Edited Photos – Interior and Exteriors

High-quality images are of utmost importance in the catalogue. Do not include fake images. Photos are memorable and help clients establish a strong connection with the property. Hence, the image quality needs to be very high. Especially for virtual catalogues, make sure that the image quality is not affected while zooming them.

You need to hire professional photographers who will edit the images to highlight the key features. Make sure that you capture the apartment pictures with the surroundings too. Nearby schools, landmarks, retail stores, scenic attractions, etc. need to be displayed in the catalogue. Do not miss out on high-quality, close-up images of the kitchen cabinets, tiles, walls, and more.

Include Maps, Website Links, and Contact Details

The contact details provided need to be active. Make sure that you provide more than two contact details. Include contact details of people who have an in-depth idea about the apartment. You also need to include maps that will help people locate the area.

With e-catalogues, you can include Google Maps links through which prospective customers can explore the location more. The website link will help the prospective customers study your business background, history and track your past projects. The positive client reviews on the website design can help attract more clients towards your real estate company.

For Digital Catalogues, Add Links of Videos and 360-Degree Views

With a growing trend of digital catalogs, you need to include sufficient links wherever required. Digital catalogues come with their own set of benefits. A 360-degree view of the apartment will help clients have the same look and feel of a physical presence.

You can also create a video and upload these links on the catalogue or through social media platforms. The video will serve as an alternative to printed catalogues. Also, the catalogue can be distributed across the globe in the digital format. Include location links and a 360-degree view of every room in the apartment. This view is an added advantage for you to influence more prospective customers.

Add a Short Description

As mentioned earlier, keep the description short and crisp. Avoid printing a lot of textual information. Paragraphs should not exceed more than three lines. Use words wisely to avoid taking up excess space. Manage the whitespaces efficiently.

Avoid These While Designing Apartment Catalogues.

(1) Do not include excess textual information

Apartment catalogues must be enriched with high-quality images. Do not make the mistake of including huge paragraphs that consume space.

(2) Do not hire a designing firm that lacks experience

An apartment catalogue is different from other catalogues. You need to contact a real estate brochure design company that has worked previously with apartment catalogues.

(3) Protect your brand information

While designing a catalogue, you need to share crucial real estate company details with the firm. Make sure that you sign an agreement that will safeguard your data.

(4) Do not skip reviewing

Once the catalog is complete, take some time to review the catalog. Share it with your employees and ask them to go through the details carefully. Once the catalogue is printed in bulk, you cannot afford to change any details.

(5) Do not choose a firms solely on the real estate brochure design service charges

It is a common myth that designers who charge high rates are better than others. Make sure that you go through their portfolios before finalizing the real estate brochure designer.

Designing an apartment catalog is not an easy task. It requires extreme planning from the client and firm. Do not hire a real estate brochure design company that lacks creativity, knowledge, and qualified designers.

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