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Animated Logo Design Ideas and Sources of Inspiration

Animated Logo Design Ideas and Sources of Inspiration


If a brand’s logo is unique, noteworthy, and created aesthetically, its memory will be strengthened with good connections. Before embarking on a logo design or redesign project, take time out to explore great company logo ideas. Creative logo design ideas used by top logo designs companies will give you the inspiration to come up with outstanding logo design ideas for your brand. One of the most captivating logos are animated logos.

Has viewing an animated logo for the first time left you speechless? The dilation of our pupils in response to moving images, whether they are animated cartoons, cinema stills, or video clips, is well-established.

In this blog, we have shared some outstanding facts about animated logo design ideas.

What is Animated Logo Design?

An animated logo is just what it sounds like. Compared to its more sophisticated dynamic version, an image-only logo has a wide range of varied impacts on the viewer.

An animated logo has been enhanced with effects and animation. Depending on their complexity, these effects and animations may range from simple dynamic effects to full-blown multimedia presentations.

Why Choose Animated Logo Designs

For Innovative, Inspiring Brand Storytelling

The process begins before customers discover a brand. Many companies want uncomplicated brand identities. This is a challenge for designers. Using animation in logos, it becomes easier to tell the brand story with impact.

Leverage Amazing Creativity For Maximum Impact

The design of a company’s logo is critical in determining the overall value of a company’s brand. Consequently, the top executives of these organizations spend a lot of money on creating their logos.

To create impact, you need company logo ideas that transmit a powerful message in the simplest manner, without taxing the comprehension of people. Animation in logos is a sure-fire way to leverage creativity and create brand stories that draw the right responses from people.

Build Instant Emotional Connect

People like being taken by surprise. An animated logo is a great way to get that reaction from people. Many feelings may be triggered by an effective logo animation, including excitement, pleasure, and awe. This means that customers are likely to link a company’s emblem with anything pleasant if it evokes positive sentiments in its target demographic.

Increased Brand Recall And Recognition

First impressions of your company are typically based on your business logo design. As a foundation for your brand’s expansion, it serves as a point of reference for consumers. This means that if your company’s product or service has an attractive logo, customers will be more inclined in the future to buy from you since they have a better understanding of who you are and what you stand for. With animation, you can explore diverse, creative logo design ideas and find one that works the best for your brand.

Animated Logo Design Ideas

Animated Logo Design Ideas

Rotating Animated Logo Designs

The circling logos, as well as all of the other components, are in continual motion. The typeface’s style is often powerful and may be humorous, casual, or grownup, according to the company’s personality and emotions. It’s possible that the brand’s overall story may be represented through a pattern in which the images are continually moving, but the text remains consistent.

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Expanding Animated Logo Designs

You must guarantee that your logo stands out in a crowded field of competing components. An expanding animated logo design can easily make your logo captivating. The visual effects of the expanding form retains attention.

Hand-Drawn Animated Logo Designs

Customized and personable, hand-drawn animated logos can help a business establish a connection with its target market. The popularity of human-centric designs is now on the rise, and it is projected to do so in the future. The use of animation with hand-drawn logos is becoming more popular, and many designers are reaping the benefits.

3D Effect Animated Logo Designs

Three-dimensional logos provide an extra “depth” to the process of getting seen, and they function very well on media like television and the internet. A three-dimensional logo stands out and is easier to remember than a traditional two-dimensional logo. It also gives an ideal base for animation.

Using Hyperrealism in Logo Designs

Hyperrealism is considered an advancement of photorealism. Organizations that want to broadcast their unique stand or approach or business models are open to experimenting with hyperrealism and create animated digital logos that provoke reactions.

Flat Shapes Animations in Logo Designs

You may use this creatively animated After Effects template to create a flat logo with various form layers. Thanks to these layers, your company’s logo may be shown in a trendy manner. There is a place for a logo in this design, and there is also a text layer that may be modified. For your business, slideshows, corporate broadcasts, conferences, promotions, events, and online marketing.

Typography-Based Animation in Logo Designs

In logos, kinetic typography or dynamic typography refers to any moving text that changes shape or size as it progresses. Text that travels in any of these ways is included in this category. Static text is less attractive than dynamic letters in terms of visual appeal.

Animation in Logos: Sources of Inspirations

Animation in Logos: Sources of Inspirations


Lux Capital, an investment firm, has one clear goal: making money. The design studio Mucho investigates the notions of addition, multiplication, and profit by inverting the “X” in Lux. It is also worth noting that after the “X” completes its revolution, it advances to the right while climbing, which is another allusion to profit.

Osprey giant

The spinning of the Giant Owl insignia is done in a novel fashion. In the beginning, the circular shapes revolve around themselves like a cinema reel and soon begin to blink like owl eyes. Without the motion, we’d have difficulty deciphering what those shapes signify. This shows the value of the animation. The animation opens up new possibilities for a logo design that wouldn’t have been possible with static visuals alone.


500px is a photography-focused network. In a bold move, 500px has rebranded with a vibrant, dynamic logo. The company claims that this “evokes a fingerprint with a motion that parallels the rotation of a camera lens.”


The Netflix logo transforms into a barcode-like image, starting with an animated “N” ribbon. The team’s initial brainstorming session considered the prospect of using Netflix’s original thumbnails with an upside-down viewpoint, which gave rise to this concept.


Despite the company’s well-known visuals, Google’s dynamic logo does an outstanding job of showing the vast diversity of services that fall under its jurisdiction. The logo’s morph animation uses just the most basic shapes and Google’s official colours, yet it nevertheless manages to express the company’s message.


With a unique wordmark serving as its trademark, Fiverr has established a clear pricing structure, requiring a $5 minimum price for every digital service given on the marketplace. Many of the Fiverr logo’s animation maintains faithful to the company’s famous logotype, which is well-known to the company’s clients already.


For your next logo project, we hope that you found this collection of creative logo ideas to be pleasant, and more significantly, we hope that you were able to draw inspiration from it.

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