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Best Brochure Design Tips to Stand out your Brand

Best Brochure Design Tips to Stand out your Brand

Brochures help organizations effectively communicate their vision, customer value propositions, and offerings to prospective customers. A brochure registers a brand image in the customer’s mind before they contact you. There are, however, numerous brochure design service providers promising you more positive outcomes and benefits than you would care to remember. How will you find a brochure design company that could, in reality, transform the way customers perceive your business and interact with you. Here are some tips that could help you make your brochures powerful branding and marketing tools.

Branding is the first step towards building your business identity, and your brochures could be amazing branding tools. Brochure designs include logo, typography, colors, graphical elements, and messaging. All these need to be in harmony with your branding and business identity creation efforts.

Brochures provide an insight into your business offerings and help you portray your vision and work in the right way. A good brochure will always influence more people to contact you for further information. You can choose paper or e-brochures. Most companies go for a combination of both to use across multiple mediums.

A brochure designing team needs to make many crucial decisions about the color, font, whitespaces, images, and information to be included in the brochure. A professional branding company will study your business process, goals and visions, and help you design brochures for effective branding.

Key Factors Involved in Brochure Designing

Brochure Folds

There are many brochure fold patterns available in the market. You need to choose a fold that depends on your business requirement and the information volume that needs to be covered.

Some of the most common brochure designs are tri-fold or gatefold brochures. An open gate fold brochure is inward folded and can be carried around easily. They allow you better creative displays.

A bi-fold brochure has four sections, and a trifold brochure has six sections. While a bi-fold brochure is commonly used for a single product and service line, a tri-fold brochure is often used in scenarios where you have more product or service categories that need to be displayed separately. A flyer or leaflet is printed for large volume distribution through different mediums.

E-brochures or digital brochures permit more flexibility in terms of presentation, a number of pages, formats, and layouts.


Pictures can be used to influence people. However, while using pictures, make sure that you do not include bad-quality ones or those with copyright issues. Using such kinds of images will give trouble at one time or another. Also, fake images, when found out, could trigger negative mentions of your brand.

Always use a high-quality camera to click the photos. The image quality should not be affected during the print. Especially for e-brochures, use high-quality images that can be zoomed for detailed viewing.

Know Your Target Audience and Competition

A creative brochure design company will study your business processes before recommending a suitable design. The themes will be chosen based on your business goals and the sectors you serve. A children’s play store brochure would be vibrant, while a construction company’s brochure could be subtle, using just the right two or three colors.

You need to research the target customers that use your business. Choose fonts, colors, and images that connect with them. Apart from the target population, you also need to study the design trends adopted by your competitors. You can check the kind of information their brochure displays and design one that is unique and more effective.

Colour Palette, Themes, and Fonts

Aesthetics is one of the key aspects of a brochure. Colour palette, themes, font styles, font sizes, and font color are all key aspects of a brochure’s aesthetics. A study about the age groups, gender, or target sector will help you make wise aesthetic choices. Choose the right font for headings, subheadings, and body. Do not let style and design elements interfere with the information legibility. Choose color combinations that do not suppress image quality, textual data, or logo design across all the pages.

Effective Texts and Taglines

As a brand owner, you have a lot of information that needs to be delivered to the audience, but sometimes, space constraints do not allow you to include all the key information.

A creative brochure design company has the expertise to frame sentences and taglines that can create a prolonged impact. Good brochure designers do not include huge paragraphs. They keep the information compact and to the point. A multi-fold brochure or a booklet brochure can be used to include loads of information. However, printing the multi-page brochures takes a heavy toll on the budget.

Manage Whitespaces Wisely

Many brand owners consider white spaces as wasted space and a waste of money. But, design experts have proven that whitespaces are essential to creating a visual impact for viewers.

Active whitespaces are left intentionally to create a better page structure. On the other hand, passive whitespaces are not intentional. The whitespaces help your page stand out and provide a better direction to the readers. They help the brochure look clean and crisp and deliver a professional look and feel.

Mandatory Sections

The contact information, logo, and about us sections are mandatory in all brochures. Make sure that you provide active contact information and multiple contacts channels, which includes telephone numbers, email address, mail address, your website URL, social media links, etc. Inactive contact information will lead to a loss of prospective customers.

Your business logo needs to be present on all pages of the brochure. A logo will increase the recall value of the brand.

The About Us section is key to establishing credibility and a sense of authenticity about your products, solutions, and services. The messaging here is about building trust, capacities, and competencies.

Challenges To Creating Effective Brochure Designs

Superficial Brand Knowledge

Superficial brand knowledge is equivalent to no knowledge. A brochure design company that offers designs through basic templates without any strong idea about your business, your market, your customers, your branding, and your marketing goals only has superficial knowledge about your brand.

A good professional brochure design service provider will take all the efforts to study your goals and vision. They will gather information about your branding and marketing goals and inputs, the services you offer, your key strengths, target consumers, and other relevant details. Moreover, a competent brochure design services company will always have an expert team designated for each sector. They have a fair idea about the different design trends that effectively suit your business and your brand.

Inexperienced Designers

Not every brochure designer understands how to blend client branding initiatives with design elements for brochures, or create layouts and presentations that best fit client market segments, or understand how to message through images and content.

Choose the best brochure design service provider based on their approach, the strengths of their designers, their experience, portfolio, and references.

Outdated Software and Design Trends

A good brochure design service firm will be equipped with the latest software that helps incorporate complex design elements and enhance the quality of brochure designs and their development process.

If you are hiring a company that has outdated software and is unable to competently leverage the latest design trends, then it probably is not the best brochure design service provider for you.

Lack of Creativity

Creativity is essential in brochure design. Choosing the right color palette, font style, size, managing whitespaces, placing images, managing the layouts, etc. are crucial aspects of a brochure design. A creative brochure designer has the ability to make wise choices about these factors. Lack of creativity will interfere with information legibility and waste a lot of time, money, and resources.

Excess information

You need to choose the information to be represented in the brochure carefully. Use punchlines that will be remembered for a long time. Include only relevant and required information in the brochure.

A single page brochure can accommodate your brand logo, brand name, at most two images, an about us section of two-three lines, service offerings, and contact information. Hence, you need to plan the textual data and place images appropriately. Moreover, proofreading is an essential step. Review the brochure carefully before forwarding it for print.

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