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Recent studies have shown that people remember more when they read in print. So if you want to hook new customers by introducing your company or organisation, then go for a good business brochure design service.

A business brochure is a printed piece of marketing collateral. It often includes a trifold layout with page inserts or a booklet format. It is one of the several print options companies use as part of business brochure design service or product promotion. At Sprak Design, we provide best business brochures to corporates, making them right at home in the board room or at corporate events. Our business brochure designer is current and stylish, making them the perfect balance of professionalism and personality. Gone are the days when business was boring, with a Sprak Design company brochure template, you’ll turn heads in the meeting room and get profits too.

business brochure design service
business brochure designer

Business Brochure Design Service
– It’s uses

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    Professional business brochure are a versatile tool to inform customers about your products or services.Retail stores and offices often have business brochure sample with product information at the front of the store or in the waiting room, since they witness a lot of customer traffic. Brochures are often taken by marketers to trade shows and presentations as handouts to potential customers.

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    Marketing tool

    Brochures can be used along with a media kit or promotional giveaway, the former carry company or product information which are sent to news media. They use it for developing reviews or special stories on the professional business brochure design service. Combining the brochure with media kits, a tangible item of interest, may attract more attention from the recipient.

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    The space offered by business brochure design service is much more compared to other print media to display company and product information. A simple trifold design, can have a colorful front page and five separate sections for product and service information. Thus a brochure lets you tell a story over the course of the layout and end it with a call to action.

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    Brochures are relatively cheaper to produce as compared to other marketing options,which adds to their value for small businesses. Companies that go to a lot of trade shows or mail lots of brochures to customers,often undergo their mass-production which leads to substantial cost reduction.

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What do we do for
your brochure to get noticed?

We try to get the following things right when creating your brochure :

align with your image 1
Align with your image

It is necessary to make the brochure in such a way that it aligns with your company’s image and brand. The tone, colour combination and content, altogether should reflect what your company intends to put forward in front of the customer.

Compelling Image
Compelling Image

Your business brochure design service needs something to grab attention of potential customer, and an image is often what does the trick. We choose pictures that gives a person a clear idea of what you’re offering and entices them to buy your product/service.

include your usp 1
Include your USP

We try to incorporate your “unique selling point”.It is the key to how you differentiate yourself from your competition

Decide on your message 1
Decide on your message

A brochure’s main intention is to tell people about the business and we just do that bang on. If you want to re-introduce your best business brochures to customers, perhaps old contacts or move into a new market, whatever is the situation, we try to convey the exact message through your brochure.

Play to your audience
Play to your audience

We decide upon your target audience and make a point of directly targeting them, give them what they want and not worry about the rest of the gang who might not be relevant to you.

Brochure content 1
Brochure content

When designing your brochure, our brochure designer makes it as readable as possible, using easy-to-see fonts and big print sizes. We put the most important information e.g date and time of the event, right on front of the brochure. We try to keep the content short, sweet and to the point.

Create Interest
Create Interest

We make your front page cover in an enticing way, which would make people want to read on, just like a good book. By having a striking front cover, your reader will want to turn the page and find out more about your business.

Your story 1
Your story

A story is a great way to humanise your brand, the reader can relate to it in a way that will warm them to you as a potential buyer. So we give a little background information on your business but don’t go overboard with it on the first hand.

Stay relevant
Stay relevant

We make sure that if you are printing larger quantities of brochures, to save money , then it stays relevant for at least 12 months or so. For this we put only those information in the brochure which are absolutely necessary, avoiding repetitions.

Signpost the next step 1
Signpost the next step

We include a “Call to action” at the end of the brochure which prompts your customers to take action. With a CTA we do not try to sell your individual services or products here, but your business as a whole.

Mission Statement 1
Mission Statement

The mission statement is the mantra for your business. It is worth including it entirely or as a shorter version within your brochure, as it gives people a clear idea of your intent and values. We try to make your mission statement unique for you.

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