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A brochure is the best way to capture a reader’s’ mind and to reach out the maximum number of people, telling and informing them about an event or festival. Film brochures for upcoming film festivals need to be as descriptive and as informative as possible so as to cover the length and breadth of the event. Film brochure design service can precisely but effectively contain the relevant information that can set the air for the festival.

Film festivals are the perfect platform for budding filmmakers providing them the opportunity to come up with their marvelous creations in front of the knowledgeable crowd from where these filmmakers get genuine review on their creations. Our company, Sprak Design can proudly enlighten the target audience about such glorious film festivals through our dazzling festival brochure design service.

Festival Brochure Designer

Sprak Design has a team of design artists who can spin the magic in the limited space of a brochure in a similar fashion as the filmmaker says it all in a limited time of a Film brochure design service. Our artisans or designers can smoothly bring the entire event information into a piece of paper that is sure to grab the attention of one and all.

Our exquisitely designed classy film brochure is sure to exceed our clients’ expectations. Brochure designing can become quite dreary and humdrum job leading to dry and unfocused brochures. But our film brochure designer does make sure that our clients have only the best brochure to convey their message. The enticing graphics, exquisite content with a dazzling arrangement of information makes the brochures a treat to eye.

Festival Brochure Design Service

Sprak Design offers some exquisitely designed Film brochure template to choose from. Get a pool of hundreds of templates from where you can choose, customize or redesign your very own magnificent film festival brochure. Following are the dynamic features of the templates that our artisans have to offer.

  • Easy to customize
  • full-colour page layout
  • Exclusive graphics files
  • High – resolution photos

Originality and creativity is the key to finest brochure creation. Our team of digital artisans has the knack for originality which they leverage to provide some of the exquisite original artwork and distinct logo designs. Your brands are of a significant importance which should be dealt with high degree of professionalism which is the reason we at Sprak Design, leave no stone unturned to come up with original and encapsulating artwork for your film brochure design service.

Beauty lies in the details

Not only do we provide arresting graphics coupled with power pack content but also customization to the minutest level. You can choose from different types of fold, sizes, paper stock and much more.

Types of fold:

  • Bi-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Z – fold

Unfolded size

  • 8.5” X 11”
  • 8.5” X 14”
  • 9” X 8”
  • 9” X 16”
  • 11” X 17”
  • 11” X 25.5”

Paper stock

  • Standard and premium glossy: shiny and reflective finish
  • Standard and premium matte: less glare finish for smoother appearance and more contrast
  • Standard and premium uncoated: no glare at all finish
  • Standard and premium recycled: made from 100% recycled material, more natural feel finish

What makes our brochure designs your best choice

Not only do we create eye-catching design, but our strategy of using just three font styles makes our film festival brochure template stand apart. The main message is placed so as to catch the attention instantly of our readers and clear call to action instigates them instantly. We place the bulleted section for important information and menu at strategic location of the brochure. Dedicated social media section with logos and info for your upcoming film festival will create digital awareness. Our brochures are suitable for commercial printing as well as for digital output.

A film festival brochure design service is an event or occasion that primarily includes precious personalities including film stars, directors, producers, famous celebrities, and others that work behind the scenes in making films a great success. There are multiple organizations who are organizing the film festivals in order to promote their products to the leading markets across the globe. Such organizations are in deep demand for the companies who are working on developing the film brochure template design for their events. Sprak Design is the solution for them as we provide an innovative brochure design services for such organizations intending to make their event more popular.

We, at Sprak Design, expertise in designing film festival brochure design for our leading clients by including various aspects and terminologies leading to the film industry. Film festival brochure includes the necessary information about the various types of film background, the motivation behind making the films, roles, and characters being played in the film, and many more which impacts more to create the film brochure design on a large scale.

If you are interested in designing the film festival brochure design service, Sprak Desing is the one of the best solutions for you.

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