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Fitness Brochure

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to be in the best of their shapes. When the entire day is so tightly scheduled then it becomes quite difficult for one to take out time for fitness. But with your fitness center brochure in the neighborhood one has no excuse to keep him/her away from a thorough work out at least once a day.

Sprak design offers some of the finest fitness brochure designs that will surely not let you take your eyes off. Our team of fitness brochure designer excel in bringing together some of the finest art techniques to come up with an eye-catching fitness brochure design. Our fitness club brochure has all the elements that are necessary for grabbing customer’s attention.

Along with the attraction quotient we also infuse relevant information in such a manner that the content itself will entice people to come to your fitness center. fitness brochure design service by Sprak design designers accommodate all the relevant information relevant to the center in the most effective way.

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Fitness brochure design service for a fitness center that has recently started has to be enticing so as to encapsulate readers’ imagination and prompt them to come to the center for an introductory visit. Pulling crowd through strategically designed brochures is a major task. Your new fitness center brochure apprises people about all the services that your center has to offer.

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At Sprak Design we incorporate all the ingredients of an informative brochure. We also make sure that you get a quality Fitness club brochure design service. Our highly trained brilliant artists come up with the most wonderful designs and concepts. We are a leading healthcare brochure designing company with a team of diligent designers who can tell the stories in the most fascinating way. We can tell the world about your unique fitness programs in the most effective manner. Your Zumba class will have more feet to tap on the latest tune. Techno yogis will find their way through the busy schedule to attend the Yoga classes at your fitness center. The one to one training provided by world-class trainers will find more brats to shape up body and tone their muscles.
Unless people don’t have the knowledge of various programs that your fitness center is running,they won’t become a part of it. The cycling the club that only has few peddlers deserves a special place in the brochure fitness so that more enthusiasts can join the weekend stroll.

Exciting offers

So you have an exciting offer at your fitness center. Let our fitness brochure designer tell the mass about it in the most creative way. Either you are offering free trial classes or a huge discount on any of the packages available, people deserve to know through a beautifully fitness brochure design service. The fitness brochure template designed by our artisans stand out from the crowd and are sure to pull the reader’s attention.

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Fitness Brochure Template

Fitness brochure template is the best deal when you don’t have time to specifically design the brochure for your business center. You will be spoilt by choices that we have to offer. Promote your fitness center extensively and creatively too with our elaborate fitness brochure templates. We take pride in our brochure designer as they are quite appealing to one’s senses and boosts the desire to become fit and healthy.

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We provide arresting graphics coupled with power packed content in our brochures. We also customize the brochure fitness as per our clients’ requirement. You can choose from different types of fold, sizes, paper stock and much more.

Types of the fold:

  • Bi-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Z – fold

Unfolded size

  • 8.5” X 11”
  • 8.5” X 14”
  • 9” X 8”
  • 9” X 16”
  • 11” X 17”
  • 11” X 25.5”

Paper stock

Standard and premium glossy: shiny and reflective finish

Standard and premium matte: less glare finish for smoother appearance and more contrast

Standard and premium uncoated:
no glare at all finish

Standard and premium recycled:
made from 100% recycled material, more natural feel finish

Paper Stock

Thus the options for brochure design are unlimited. All we need is you giving us a call and let us know about your design requirements and the rest we will take care.

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