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How Do You Make an Attractive Wedding Invitation Card?

How Do You Make an Attractive Wedding Invitation Card?

The Ultimate Guide to Create Professionally Designed Wedding Invitations.

A wedding invitation card design is a great way to tell the world about a wedding. Invitations are a fantastic way to bring everyone together, and you can use them to create your personal brand as well. There are multiple elements that you need to consider while designing a wedding invitation card so that it matches up with the theme of the wedding in a perfect manner.

Moreover, you can hire a professional wedding invitation card designer to speed up the whole process as well as add some creative elements that are required to make a wedding worth remembering. In this blog, we have listed some techniques and ideas to create awesome wedding invitation cards.

A wedding invitation card is the first thing that guests see when they get to your reception. If you have a very small budget, the traditional way of printing it is the best option. However, in order to make a memorable wedding invitation card, it is important to choose the right style and design, and therefore hiring a wedding invitation card designer is always a good choice.

A wedding invitation card is a type of greeting card that is used to send out invitations to the guests who are invited to the wedding. It is generally prepared in multiple shapes and sizes to grab attention at a glance. A wedding invitation card is something that’s done to give the bride and groom a gift to remember their special day. It is often the first impression that someone has of you as a couple.

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Some trending wedding invitation card design styles:

Watercolor Artwork

Watercolor Artwork

One of the most beautiful themes in wedding invitation designs is the use of watercolor artwork. Soft colors in the form of gradients are always a go-to option if you’re planning to go with watercolor artwork.

If you are an art lover, you could express your personal preference through designs that you conceptualize. It could add a great deal of value to your wedding invitation card design.

Sustainability, Eco- friendly

Sustainability, Eco- friendly

In the world of sustainable design, choosing eco-friendly materials has become more of a conscious choice for a lot of people. Reused and recycled papers are no threat to the environment and are easily available in the market.

As a team of professional wedding invitation card designer, we have helped our clients use recycled paper-based wedding cards in the most beautiful manner.



Acrylic wedding card designs involve the use of a thin sheet of transparent plastic material to bring in a glossy finish to the card. The acrylic design could be expensive, but it could be used to bring a sophisticated, elegant, and elite look to your wedding card designs. It is ideal for selected distributions rather than for sending to hundreds of people.

Landscape and Architecture

Landscape and Architecture

For any destination wedding or a theme-based wedding, you want the perfect setting for your ceremony and reception. For example, a couple getting married at a resort surrounded by hills, lakes, and an old fortress preferred a wedding card that represented the beauty of the location as well as their wish to stand strong and committed throughout their lifetime.

Geometric Shapes and Forms

Geometric Shapes and Forms

Since there are a variety of shapes and forms that you can use in wedding invitations, it is important to consider which one best suits your theme. It’s an art that can be used to bring beauty and sophistication to your wedding invitations. Geometric shapes also have a lot of symbolism, which can add meaning to your invitation card by conveying something important about you and your love story.

Foil printing

Foil printing is a special kind of printing that involves a combination of heat and pressure to print designs on the surface. You might have mostly seen gold and silver foils, but there are a lot of choices – a range of colors, finishes, effects. There are options for holographic and pearlescent effects as well. With foil printing, you could convey a sense of grandeur to your wedding cards.



A monogram is a single letter, and the use of the first letter of the names of couples has been used to create a highly personalized and unique look for wedding card invitations. It depends on the ingenuity of a professional wedding invitation card designer to create effects using techniques such as embossing, calligraphy, geometry, etc., while adding a background that makes the invitation card super attractive.

Handwriting inspired

Handwriting inspired

Handwritten content is another way to sprinkle personalization into your wedding invitations. There are many couples who have greatly delighted from handwriting-inspired wedding invitations. A smart wedding invitation card designer would use a very close digital version of your handwritten wedding invitation note and enhance it using inks and backgrounds that add a superior look.



A celestial theme refers to the use of sky landscapes, stars, galactic forms, etc., to make a wedding invitation look heavenly beautiful. Fairytale themes are also combined to make the bride and groom look entrancing, happy, and made for each other forever. Only a creative, expert wedding invitation card designer could develop these highly romantic wedding card designs.

How to Create Attractive Wedding Invitation Card Designs?

Do you have a wedding theme?

The style of a wedding invitation card has always been important in terms of showcasing the tone and theme of the wedding. There are so many wedding themes out there, and you don’t want to make a mistake. Choosing the wrong theme for your wedding can be the difference between a memorable, happy wedding outlook and a random, careless one.

There are multiple wedding themes that are in trend, and every family wants to make the most out of them. To resemble the theme in your wedding invitation, it is extremely important to be precisely clear of the wedding theme. Destination weddings, boho-chic, ethnic, nature-based themes are some of the very popular wedding themes.

Choose a trending wedding invitation card style

What kind of invitation card style do you prefer? What is your wedding theme, and what colors do you love the most? Answers to the following questions will help you decide the right designs for your wedding invitations.

To be on the safer side, hiring a specialist wedding invitation card design is a good option. These professionals know the trends and the exact psychology behind them, and therefore they can easily sort out the best designs depending upon your theme and style preferences.

Choose a shape, layout that best goes with the style

Even if you have a solid idea of what shape your wedding invitation card should take, it can still be challenging to find the right layout for your design. While most people have a basic idea of what they want the layout of their wedding invitations to look like, deciding on a card shape is often more difficult.

Today, with the use of digital technologies, you could experiment with many unusual but amazing shapes, forms, and layouts, but these should also harmonize with your theme. If you have chosen to combine a celestial theme with a lit bit of handwriting style for messaging, the shape you choose should go well with these preferences. A funky layout just would not do.

Use typefaces that match a mood- Fun, Optimistic, Serene…

A good wedding invitation design needs to be a good reflection of the personality of the couple and also match the mood of the occasion. Typefaces are one of the most overlooked design elements in wedding invitations, but they not only help your invitation stand out but can also convey a message and emotional tone.

Choose design elements that increase value- Floral, Art deco, etc.

To decide on the best design elements, you need to draw out inspiration from various sources on the internet. Every family has separate tastes and preferences, depending upon which the elements and artistic propositions are finalized.

Floral prints on the card portray an emotional connection between the couple while using artistic decoration personifies the overall liveliness in the relationship. We, as a team of professional wedding invitation card designers, recommend our clients to list down the kind of feelings that they want to portray before going ahead in the card designing process.

The cover page could have the couple’s photo

A perfect wedding card invitation would be one that also has a cover page with the couple’s photo. The cover page with your photo is like your personal stamp on your wedding invitation card design.

Using simple invitation text messages is a risk-free technique but adding a cover photo of the couple is definitely a trendy option that you can opt for. However, the photos must not be blurry at any cost. High-definition photos rendered after editing and enhancements are a great choice if you are planning to add photos.

Select innovative background colors that go with the card style

Background influences the look of your wedding card designs – bold, subtle, sublime, beautiful, artistic, heavenly, etc.

To align the creative and emotional touch of the card, you need to understand the aesthetics deeply because using inappropriate background colors will ruin all efforts. Hiring a professional wedding invitation card designer to decide the best background design is a smarter approach to save time and effort.

Avoid cluttering or crowding

There is no dearth of wedding invitation cards that are crowded with text and design elements. Blank space becomes almost negligible.
Your background, the value of your design, and the message could all get mixed when there is a clutter of graphical elements, texts, illustrations, etc.

You might have come across several elegant and classy wedding invitation designs which are eye-catching yet simple. This is because the message is properly conveyed, and design elements are not overcrowded.

The envelope design should enhance the overall look

There are two key types of envelopes available for your wedding invitations: traditional and modern. While the traditional envelope has a stiff cover, the modern envelope has a more flexible cardstock cover.

The traditional style envelopes are more popular because they look like an invitation, but the modern style envelopes can fit more information on them while keeping them compact.


A wedding invitation card is an important part of your wedding day. It is also something that you cherish for life. Sometimes, it becomes a symbol of what you want to portray about yourselves – your beliefs, achievements, your attitude towards the wedding, etc.

It can be very difficult to choose the right wedding invitation card design. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll want to make sure that your invitations stand out from the rest. The best way to start is by hiring the best wedding invitation card designers who will help you create a custom-designed wedding invitation card for your event.

If you are among those highly environmentally conscious people and prefer digital wedding cards to printed physical copies, do not worry. There are as many options available and more for digital wedding invitations as for the physical versions.

You could get all the themes and styles mentioned above in addition to superior immersive, visual effects as options for your digital wedding invitation card designs. The animated versions are getting popular among the tech-savvy couples who have high ideas about eco-friendly practices.

Hiring an amazing artist specializing in wedding invitation card designs could take your invitations to a whole new level.

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We can design the most beautiful wedding invitation card designs to help you make your wedding memorable. Our experienced designers will create a card that fits your needs and that too within the best and affordable pricing.

When you hire Sprak Design, you can rest assured that your preferences, desire, and unique ideas about your wedding card will be rightly valued. Our designers would offer you the best options for your wedding card designs based on all your specifications.

We also offer advice on how you could reduce overall design and printing costs while maintaining the image and design outlook you value. Reach out to us if you are searching for wedding invitation card designers!

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