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How Graphic Design Impacts Digital Marketing Success in 2022

How Graphic Design Impacts Digital Marketing Success in 2022

Is Your Digital Marketing Communication Worth Customer Attention?

You get only a few seconds to grab customer attention. What do you have in your digital marketing communication that can grab the attention of your target audience? Without the right visual storytelling the chances of engaging with your audience within those 5-10 seconds becomes more of an “off chance” event. This blog is about giving you critical insight into digital and content marketing success.


A marketing campaign that is all text and without visuals is largely unthought of. Today, more than before, most people are visual learners or visual content users. An email, advertisement, content marketing piece, or web or mobile-based marketing message without visuals fails to attract attention.

People usually avoid reading lines of text. With just one visual, however, you can attract attention and curiosity. It is widely accepted that a digital or content marketing attempt without visual context does not make sense.

The right mix of visual and text-based storytelling makes your email marketing or social media interaction return 2X to 10X more views and conversions. Why do internet users engage more with visual content? “Seeing” gets the fastest response from the brain as compared to sound and smell. And reading takes effort, much more time for getting a response! The companies that have acquired this insight hire graphic designers with the vision to drive important marketing campaigns.

A visual story has the power to engage emotions within seconds and retain attention for a longer time. Leveraging this power into your digital marketing makes it a tremendous success. Hire graphic designers based on their creativity and industry-specific knowledge related to what appeals to a particular audience and not just the right certifications!

Here are some facts and stats that might interest you!

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Visuals in Marketing – Some Facts and Stats

Here are some oft-quoted facts shared from various research and findings. They could get you thinking and re-assessing your digital and content marketing activities.

  • Studies have shown an 82% increase in readers’ attention spans and recall through the use of colors in visuals.
  • 70% of marketers believe that content adorned with visuals will reap better business results in 2021
  • 88% of marketers now prefer using visuals in their published content.
  • Posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts.
  • For almost half a decade, among B2B marketers, infographics have seen the biggest increase in usage.
  • About 89% of Internet users use social media per month, with an average of 2 million people signing up to social networks every day.
  • 66% of B2C marketers used video content in the past years, and the usage is predicted to increase a lot, as 88% of businesses plan to invest more in video marketing campaigns than they had in the previous years.

What do all these findings tell you? Here are some questions you could ask yourself if you are planning an online or offline marketing initiative.

  • 1. How have you planned your visual communication strategy?
  • 2. What kind of visuals will enhance your visual storytelling?
  • 3. Are most of your target audience found on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.?
  • 4. Are you looking to optimize your website and landing pages? What visual content will you leverage to increase metrics such as time spent and user engagement?

Graphic Designing and Its Impact on Digital and Content Marketing Success

Visual communication and content creation are impossible without graphic designing – the art of communicating through visuals. The impact of good graphic designs on digital marketing and content marketing is not only qualitative but quantifiable through metrics. These metrics include user experience, customer engagement, click rates, marketing conversions, buyer journey conversions, etc. When you hire graphic designers who are talented, top-class, and have the understanding to develop visual communication, you are on the road to achieving marketing success.

What Does Graphic Design Cover:

Branding and Visual Identity Design

This includes logos, typography, color palette, image libraries, and style guides that define a brand’s visual identity, personality, and recall value.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

This includes brochures, display boards, print media and digital ads, email marketing templates, banners and billboards, web marketing pop-ups, infographics, among numerous other materials.

Packaging Graphic Design

This covers the designs used on all kinds of product packaging – bottles, cans, bags, boxes, wrappers, labels, etc.

UX/UI Design

This covers all on-screen graphic elements such as buttons, menus, micro-interactions, etc., on mobile apps, web apps, web pages, gaming interfaces, among many others.

Publication Graphic Design

This includes the illustrations, motifs, imagery, charts and graphs, and other design elements used in newsletters, company reports, research reports, catalog booklets, online and printed magazines, books, etc.

Video and Motion Graphics Design

This refers to all graphic design assets used in video content, such as micro-interaction elements, presentation designs, typography, illustration, animated GIFs, and iconography.

The Benefits For Digital and Content Marketing

Makes Content More Acceptable

It is one thing to increase web traffic but quite another to keep the visitor on your website for more than a minute. It is only through carefully chosen and placed visual content that a searcher or website visitor stays engaged.

The visual content helps the web visitor form a better understanding of your message, find interesting elements, and is inclined to engage with your company. According to Google Webmasters, content that satisfies a visitor’s search intent is one of the most important ranking factors. The more your visitor has matters to engage his or her attention, the better your search intent satisfaction graphs. Hire the best graphic designers with the ability to create visuals that complement your content.

Visually Presented Information Getting Increasingly Popular

The requirement for visual content keeps increasing year over year. The use of gifs, animated images, infographics, data visualizations, motifs, background images, etc., has been consistently increasing in popularity. The right combination and placement of multimedia elements, videos, and amazing graphics highly impress searchers or users of web or mobile apps.

The vast majority of the global Internet and mobile marketers are planning to increase their visual content-based marketing efforts. The first step to keep pace with such a level of competition is to make every effort not to fall behind. Plan your visual communication in the most strategic and effective manner for online marketing success.

Enhances Your Brand Value – Awareness, Visibility, and Recall Rate

Your brand will always be associated with its visual identity. Every content posted by your brand will create impressions based on its visual content quality. The better your visual storytelling, the more likely a viewer is likely to share it.

Whether it is a blog, an email marketing message, a web page, your product advertisement poster, the attractiveness depends on its visual content. The more it is appreciated, shared, and liked, the more it will automatically be promoted by your target audience. This is among the best ways to grow your audience.

In this sense, powerful or stunning visuals increase your brand awareness, recall rates, and your visibility in the market. Hire the best graphic designers with the experience in branding design.

Increases Email Marketing-Based Customer Response Rates

When you include mesmerizing or intriguing, or sensational visual content in your email marketing message, you bring the message to life. Even a sleepy or bored viewer would perk up, and an interest in your company or product is instantly created.

Intuitive, inspiring, or sensorial imagery and themes significantly increase email marketing conversions.

Visual Engagement Increases Online Ad View and Click Rates

The ads that grab attention definitely get better click rates. Amazing product visuals increase potential buyer engagement and eventually sales 10 times more than ads without visuals. No wonder various market research findings indicate that over 60% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if the advertisement’s visual storytelling is powerful.

Increase Buyer Journey Conversion Rates

A potential buyer of the type of product, solution, or service you are selling goes through different stages before making a purchase. The first stage is the awareness of the type of product, the second stage is when they gather information, the third stage is about comparisons with similar products, and finally, the decision-making stage that leads to a purchase.

Digital and content marketing efforts are directed at all these stages. Various research indicated that 80% of marketers claim that video has directly increased sales, and over 70% of customers prefer learning about a product or service by way of video. An excellent product or service video requires exceptional graphic design elements. Hire graphic designers with expertise in making graphical content for videos.

Maximize ROI from Social Media Marketing

Social media is largely visual. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, the more “like and share” value the photos, infographics, or stories you post have, the more mentions and user interest you generate.

Custom images and compelling graphics would definitely increase your return on investment in social media marketing. Even in the videos your company posts, the graphical presentation has to be amazing and high quality, as that’s what gets noticed most. It is said 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Critical to Website Engagement

When a searcher or potential customer lands on your web page, what is there to immediately capture interest? According to various experts, the first action that searchers or web visitors do is a quick scan to look for something interesting or what could appeal to them.

There should be something that commits them to read. An intuitively designed webpage with the right type and amount of visual elements will motivate web visitors to look more closely and take a minute out to go through what is presented.

The use of infographics and photos keeps a searcher engaged – provided they are of the right length, have attractive designs, and are not text-heavy. A captivating 2-minute video makes potential viewers watch the whole clip with interest.

Even text-heavy white papers could have 10X more ‘shares’ if the background, overall design outlook, and data visualizations are great.

Impresses Your App Users

Whether you have launched an e-commerce app, a gaming app, or an education app, the visual appeal and UX could make the difference between a quick uninstall action and continued engagement.

Increases Salability

If your potential customers in 2021 need to be impressed within seconds, you would need a video or other visual content to get their attention. If over 60% of your web visitors are less likely to read and are inclined towards visual content to guide them, you know what needs to be done.

Leverage the power of graphic designing to create amazing videos, imagery, motifs, symbols, etc., for everything that needs to be “really seen” by your audience – and see your sales-qualified conversions increase.

Use Graphic Design To Make Your Digital and Content Marketing More Result-Oriented

Your target audience needs information that’s intuitively designed for them. Graphic designs should be used to make information dynamic, appealing to watch, and shareable. Your ads, content marketing pieces, and marketing material should have designs that are supported easily on different mediums and devices.

Frame your visual approaches following a deep study of your main target customer segments, and hire the best graphic designers to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

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