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How Product Packaging
impacts the Brand

Package is the first thing your consumer notices, because the success of the product largely depends on the package or its design. The marketing principle has always been to involve consumers and build trust in them. The attractive packaging design from Sprak Design gives you a professional look that creates curiosity for the public and this boosts the sales.

COVID-19 has swept devastating results around the world. As attempts are made to try to curb its spread, the population of the world must adapt to new restrictions on travel and social contact. The effects are felt everywhere, even in the packaging sector.

In order to plan these changes, packaging companies must rethink packaging design, including fair cost, convenience and performance beyond their “must-haves.” Three major requirements need to be met: first, a good sustainable story; secondly, design with regard to hygiene, given recent rising concerns in the area of consumer safety; and thirdly, e-commerce design, ship-ready design and direct to consumer models. At Sprak Design, we not only understand it but also implement it in our designs.

Sprak Design has decades of experience creating high-quality product catalogue design, high-quality conversion experiences that meet your business , brand, membership, and community goals between your customer and product.

Why is the product
packaging design important?

Packaging design is not just about creating a product’s packaging, graphics and noticeable exterior presence. It may also be the main point of contact with your customer and persuade them.

Whether you sell hot sauce or laptops, bold brand packaging design is important because you want to stand out on the board and on the minds of your customers.

Let’s see how we will help to create brand identity.

How product design help to create a brand identity for business

Packaging design is a critical component to build the image and identity of a brand. Whether it is a cosmetic product or a 5-gallon commercial paint pail, the package offers a great opportunity to make a good impact on the image of a brand. However, what we often hear from many companies is, “Packaging doesn’t really matter, our customers place orders via catalogue.” Or in other words, to sell the products on a retail shelf, they don’t need a package.

In addition to selling, packaging design also serves other purposes, all of which influence the perception of the brand:

Identity Language Brand

High-quality printing, distinguishing design, the brand strategy and unique materials will allow consumers to engage and differentiate brands in the crowded markets of today.

Building relationships

Packaging design is a fundamental element in the establishment of a partnership between a company and the end user. For example, packaging and its design such as toothpastes or supplies to commercial offices can affect how the brand is always viewed when the product is used. Is it attractive? Does this package make life easier (or harder)?


Good package design makes it easy to find information. Consider commercial cleaning products — the packaging does not have to be sold on a retail shelf. It must, however, clearly explain what the product is, how it is different from other items on the line and how it can be used. Making your brand experience that makes life easier and reduces frustration can help build loyalty.


The appearance and quality of a product as it hits the consumer influences the brand image. When you market your goods through customer channels, you know that the package design is your last chance to convince someone to purchase your product.

Packaging design gives the consumer and business to business markets a unique opportunity to influence the views of end users and customers of the brand. Used in its entirety, it can work hard to create and maintain the competitive advantage of a brand.

You can see on the graph above how customized packing influences the people spending in a month. Let’s discuss how to influence buyer behaviour.

How packaging
influences consumer behaviour?

In packaging design, the first thing that attracts the customer is its base colour. Colours usually define what kind of product this is. For example, when it comes to children’s cereal packaging, the product must be brightly colored to make it more attractive, while spa products are usually green, luxury items are in black colour etc.

Therefore, you can make your product packaging design more appealing by selecting the right colors and drawing the attention of potential buyers.

Packaging Consistency

Packaging consistency

If the quality of the packaging is strong, customers would likely continue to purchase the same product. Research has shown that if the quality is good, people tend to reuse packing bags and boxes to increase their brand awareness.
Packaging quality also shows the legitimacy and integrity of the product you sell. On the other hand, if the packaging is good and your value proposal is delivered, there will be more sales. It also enhances the memory of your product and the brand if premium packaging is used.

Safe Packaging

Safe Packaging

When done properly, packaging can contribute to customer experience by ensuring the security of the product. Secure and durable packaging ensures that the product is not harmed during shipping and transportation.

Use of Stylish Graphics

Use of stylish Graphics

Identifiable graphic elements help customers to find their favorite brand in retail outlets. In situations where the graphics on the packaging do not favor a specific brand, consumers can purchase the same product and evaluate its good.

Attractive Wraps

Attractive wraps

This applies to products that are used for a prolonged time. If the packaging looks fine, there are greater chances for consumers to spend more on the purchase of these items. This helps to offset the price and packaging of the product.

Launch the product in the
market with best package design from Sprak Design

In an increasingly competitive global market, creating defensive moats around companies is a necessity. We are looking at preserving concepts from a very early level. This strategy supports us and our customers on a long-term basis.

We are adopting a human-centered approach to developing innovative solutions. Our profound research capacity helps us develop new, useful and desirable goods.

Creative Package Design
  • Best Designer Team

    Our Team doesn’t only think about features and looks, but makes every effort to create serviceability, manufacturing, seamless interface, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Engineering Design & Prototyping

    We are a professional designer, our in-house printer allows us to prototype packaging more quickly than you think. As a result, products hit the markets in months rather than years.

  • Tooling & Fabrication

    Our extensive knowledge of technologies and processes enables us to operate to the highest level of quality, precision and reliability.

  • Design of communication

    We strongly believe that brand identities; user interfaces must be simple, efficient, engaging and timeless for companies to succeed.

Why do you choose us to
design your product package?

Identity of Brand: Every small or large company relies on a designer or creative team to improve the product appearance. We are a packaging design business with a creative product brochure design history that has had an influence on the growth of our organization.

Unique: Our key goal is to give our customers distinct creatives. Free of imitations, our packaging designers work hard to help your company catch the attention of the public.

Research: Our detailed research method is enjoyable when deciding your buyer’s size, product packaging style, budget and much more.

Quick: We boast that in less time we deliver the best. If you need a fast delivery of the highest quality packaging services, we have covered you. You ‘re never going to miss the boat, count on us!

So if you want to have a customized and attractive package design for your product, give a call to spark product packaging design services.

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