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How to Create an Attractive Exhibition Stall Design?

How to Create an Attractive Exhibition Stall Design?

Design To Enhance Exhibition Outcomes!

How an organization is portrayed and perceived at an exhibition correlates most often with the number of visitors it is able to draw and impress. A lot of money is spent on stalls at an exhibition. The costs include banners to announce your business’s participation, marketing and networking, investment in booking the space and stall, and everything that goes into designing a stall and display. With all the money, effort, and business hours spent presenting a stall at an exhibition, you definitely want the right outcomes. This blog offers tips and suggestions to help you develop exhibition stall design for impact and outcomes.


Exhibitions and trade fairs have been a great source of increasing business visibility, market presence, and customers. For manufacturers, trade fairs and exhibitions give them opportunities to get 2X-5X the orders they get through general marketing attempts. For service providers, it is the chance to increase their presence in their target market. For B2B businesses, exhibitions that are held for a particular industry give them huge opportunities to enter a market and get marketing leads.

With so many expectations and outcomes depending on your success at an exhibition, not to mention the costs, you would definitely like to design a stall to attract and impress and not the reverse.

Designing is, however, often handled in conventional ways when you work with a conventional exhibition stall design company. Such a company would just choose one of their template designs that would involve including your logo and company colors in the template and a few tweaks.

You would not have any competitive edge with such designs. If you want to stand out, make your presence felt and appreciated, you need well-planned custom designs that align with your goals.

Exhibition stall design also depends on factors such as the booth location, size and space availability, and nearness to competitors. Finding the best exhibition design services provider and getting a perfectly designed stand ready on time could be a daunting task. Here are some tips and suggestions to provide you with the right information and insights.

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Make An Outstanding Design Strategy and Plan

1. Optimizing Space Utilization

Exhibitions provide a place where you can showcase your products and services in front of an audience. The space that you use to design your stall decides how much attention is drawn to it and what type of impressions people will have when they walk past.

For example, if the space is cluttered with things everywhere, visitors may feel intimidated or even frustrated by all the items on display. However, if you utilize clear spaces and good lighting effects, customers will be more likely to stay longer at your exhibit for a closer inspection because the atmosphere seems inviting and well-organized.

2. Fixing A Flexible Budget

Exhibiting at an exhibition is a great opportunity for companies to showcase their products or services. However, it can be quite expensive if not planned properly. With the right budget strategy, this expense becomes manageable.

When you opt for professional exhibition design services, you can find several superior quality exhibition stall design options that could help you make a memorable statement in the minds of all visitors.

A competent exhibition design firm will offer you exceptional design ideas within your budget, but it is important to set a range rather than a fixed amount. There are always some minor deviations based on the different types of material and products used. It is not practical to figure out the costs with an exactness.

3. Including Inputs From Branding and Advertising

The focus of designing an exhibition booth or stand for your company is to help you attract your potential customers, make the right impressions and increase customer interest in your company. There would be many walk-ins from your market segments, and for these individuals, the experience at the exhibition might be the first interaction with your brand, your business, and all that it offers.

This is a highly important opportunity to increase your brand awareness and enhance your brand identity and reputation. The design should involve those elements that make your visitors value your brand.

The advertising strategies that you have framed carefully to connect with your target audience and attract them towards your brand, your solutions, or services need to be part of your design. Without advertising yourself successfully, how would you increase your business visibility and leads?

Share the right insights from branding and advertising with your exhibition design firm and make your exhibition booth design powerful and engaging.

4. Design Plan That Aligns With Exhibition Goals

This is one aspect that often goes unnoticed. Many small and medium business owners feel that the exhibition goals are obvious, and there is no need to formally write them down or align them with the designing process.

This is where your smartest competitors win. They frame SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. For making such goals, you need to seriously brainstorm, analyze, assess and fix objectives and achievable outcomes.

For example, a publishing company we worked with did the right research and brainstorming before opting to book a stall in an exhibition where they could find clients who could source their work such as newsletters, corporate magazines, book printing, etc.

They had to attract the right audience, and they framed an advertising and design plan that focused on discounts, offers, value-added services while establishing their company as a legacy business with modern digital and print-based publishing infrastructure. It worked very well to their advantage.

The original design plan was to showcase their company as a large-scale print and digital publishing company with local units in many cities. That used to be their old style of company presentation at exhibitions, exhibiting capacities and the work they published. It did not get satisfactory outcomes. People just took their cards and forgot about them.

SMART goals allow you to make focused efforts on identifying and winning the most achievable goals and low-hanging fruits. Designing with that purpose gets you the desired outcomes.

5. Include Target Audience-Oriented Design Elements

This is also a very less understood concept. Understanding what kind of design elements attract your target audience involves research and analysis well before booking space in an exhibition.

In case you booked a stall without the right research, you would need to conduct strategic research to find out what kind of target audience the exhibition attracts the most. Frame a buyer persona and conduct research to understand what these target audiences are most likely to be influenced by.

If you have booked a stall at an exhibition in the UK to increase your market presence in target locations and find customers for your engineering and design services, you need to understand what motivates the target audience there to make a decision in your favor. Only then could you include the right elements to your design that give you an instant connection with your target audience.

How To Create Impressive Exhibition Stall Design

1. Use Unique Design Plans

By unique, we mean a design that is original, innovative, and represents your company in a manner that helps you achieve targets.

Using templates used by hundreds of others will not give you any competitive edge. You would be forgotten by most of your visitors in minutes.

Use lighting, 2D and 3D displays, color palettes, furniture and display stand in the most synchronized manner that your exhibition stand becomes one big visual message that nobody can ignore.

A silk and jewelry services firm we worked with knew there was nothing out of the ordinary with their handmade and machine-woven materials to differentiate them from their competitors. Their objective was to get leads from families who invested in expensive silks for weddings, religious rituals, and other special occasions celebrated in a grand manner.

Their research helped them understand that most customers would walk in with a child and other family members. They innovatively created a small display stand where children could play 2-minute games. They also included economy range products for kids.

Their exhibition design stand was otherwise simple and straightforward with 3D displays of the best materials and a unique handcrafted screen with silk displays that was highly impressive and hooked attention immediately.

Their unique, well-planned design helped them attract a huge amount of customers and make deals 2X more than their target.

2. Select the Right Elements for Top View Displays

Top view display boards should be more than just your company name. It should be about how you brand yourself and the value you accord to your brand. Make it a show-stopper so that people do not ignore you easily.

3. Create Messaging Focussed on Customer Outcomes

When you create an exhibition stall design, do you have the most specific messages for your customer? It is more than just about what you do because that is something you can tell your visitors when they stop to interact with you.

Put yourself in your target customer’s shoes and think about it – what could be the top three messages that would have made you go for the stall? Do not just limit to some simple monetary aspects. Think from a larger perspective of what would demonstrate great value in your customer’s eyes.

4. Include a Theme

Choosing a theme helps make a louder statement that cannot go unnoticed. A conventional exhibition stall design company might offer limited options, but a competent, innovative exhibition design firm will help you invest in a theme within the budget you have specified.

The theme is an interesting concept where everything you display adds value to your key message.

If you are an industrial steel products manufacturer and are putting up a stall in an exhibition that is part of an international event, your stall would be much more than just a place to showcase some of your products and services. The questions you would need to answer from a target audience point of view: Who are you, and why should anyone give your stall a second look? This is where an intelligent theme could provide the answers.

5. Augment Interaction Possibilities Through Design

The way a user interacts with a product is what makes it distinctive. Companies have so many different options for how to design their products, which means there are endless opportunities to create interesting and engaging interactions that will help the company stand out.

A top exhibition design service provider will help you leverage knowledge and technology to create meaningful interaction opportunities through design.

6. Include Good Quality, HD Photos, and Graphics

To create an immersive user experience, you could use AI and 3D displays with excellent graphics design and HD photos.

Your exhibition stall should not have anything that indicates low value. The photos of your products and solutions should reflect the value you want to see in your customers’ eyes.

7. Include an Outstanding Lighting Design

Assess what your exhibition design services provider knows about lighting. Do they know that lighting could also be extremely important and budget-friendly?

You could use a combination of lamps-based lighting options that allow you to place these lamps at strategic locations. These are budget-friendly options that could give any kind of effect that you would like to create.

A retailer into lifestyle products used a unique fairly-lighting based arrangement to display the products which are often used in the evenings – essential oils, aromatic candles, overnight skincare products, etc. The arrangement in one of the corners contrasted beautifully with their morning theme at the other end, where soft early sunlight colored sky based lamp lighting was used.

It is important to choose an exhibition stall design company that thinks for you and puts its best efforts into helping you realize your exhibition goals.

8. Leverage Technology in Design

There are hundreds of standalone technology tools available today for improving the way in which you could allow customers to interact with your products and solutions. Find out how you could help your company leverage technology at exhibition stalls that help customers connect, interact and transact with your company. These interactions could later provide you not only sales-qualified leads but also useful insights to improve your sales techniques.

9. Use Less Content

Textual content is the least preferred medium of communication these days. Everything from education to shopping, from commuting to food delivery and buying products, is done visually today. So make your messages a part of strong visual communication.


It’s a lot of work to create an exhibition design that is meaningful and outcome-oriented. With the help of specialist but affordable exhibition design services firms, you can achieve a lot more than you would from uninspiring, template-based designs.

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