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How to Design a Brochure for a Construction Company?

How to Design a Brochure for a Construction Company?

Get more buyers for your property through exceptional brochure designs!

Brochures are a great way to give potential clients an idea of what your business is all about. There are many different types of real estate and construction company brochures, which can be used for anything from selling homes or land to renting properties. With the abundance of pre-made templates and graphic designers in the business, it might be difficult for some businesses to ascertain what type of design would be the best for their business. To solve this issue, our experienced team of construction company brochure designers has come up with several ideas through this blog to help realtors decide what kind of designs are best suitable for their business.


A real estate and construction company brochure is a document that is designed to promote a specific property. It typically includes the address, some general information about the type of home or apartment, and some pictures. Property brochures are often used to provide potential buyers more information about the layout, dimensions, and special features of the apartment, house, bungalow, villa, or business house or office or shop that is being offered for sale.

A construction company brochure needs to be like a salesperson. It should promote the property to the target audience in a manner that the potential buyers would pick up their phones and enquire about the place. This visual communication has to happen in minutes through apt headlines, images, panoramic views, graphs, charts, etc., brochure design for a construction company.

Upgradation of brochures in the real estate business is required to keep the potential buyers aware of your latest projects. Going with the same brochure for years may not be fruitful as your market segments will start considering your business as an old-school one rather than one that is trendy or contemporary.

Designing a professional brochure for the real estate business is challenging. You want to show off the best of what you have to offer within a limited space, and that too without overwhelming the reader. However, it can be hard to know where and how much detail to include in order to achieve this balance. To find the optimum solution, it is recommended to hire a design agency which can take care of all your brochure designing aspects.

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How To Create Impressive Construction Company Brochures

1. Make A Design Plan Following Competitor Research

Competition mapping is very important when it comes to planning the layout of your designs. Understand what different customers are searching for and which competitors are attracting more buyers, and why. It could be that people like the touch, feel, and outlook presented by competitors and how they succeed in highlighting their key features and strengths in the most attractive way.

If your targeted segment falls in a single category, be it the income, age, etc., then well and good, but if not, then you must consider a couple of more designs for targeting key potential buyer groups based on your competitive research. An effective design plan can fetch you the expected results or sometimes even more than that.

For example, one of our clients offered two different styles of bungalows, with one type that was smaller but trendier than the other, which was more conventional and spacious but of a higher price range. The client made the brochure for the smaller bungalows targeting the millennials, while the bigger-sized bungalows were targeting top executives and the older generation. The strategy helped them sell faster and acquire bookings within a very short period.

2. Make Big Size Brochures – Not A4

If we talk about measurements of various brochure sizes, then A4 is definitely the common one. A4 size is used by the majority of businesses for printing their brochures. The dimensions of A4 size are 297 mm high and 210 mm wide, and this is not ideal for showcasing a property in the best manner.

If you wish to differentiate your real estate business from the crowd, then you should opt for bigger-sized brochure booklets or stunning, big double gate brochures.

A3 pages can be considered if you have much content to represent with clear pixel images to attract your potential customers. Though the printing cost of A3 pages is slightly on the higher side, you could easily win a better ROI from the investments when you have more properties booked.

3. Use Customized Templates – Make Your Brochure Stand Apart

To make your brochure design for a construction company stand apart, the designing team must think out of the box. There are tons of ideas and inspirations available online for any team of construction company brochure designers to have a wider perspective of the trends going on in the market.

If you hire professionals who have expertise in creative and innovative brochure design for a construction company, then definitely the results would be much better.

4. Select The Right Elements For The Cover Page

The cover page must be designed in such a way that it urges the buyers to turn to the next page. Asking questions, being bold, humorous and dramatic in a realistic way are some of the tactics that one can bring on the cover page.

Color palettes, gradient designs, text size, image size etc. everything play a vital role in rendering an appropriate brochure design for a construction business.

5. Create Headlines Focused On Customer Outcomes

The headline is the most important part. It’s what will draw in readers and get them to read on, so it’s crucial that you spend time crafting attention-grabbing titles for your cover page. The best way to do this is by thinking about how you want readers to feel after reading your whole brochure.

Make a list of the key benefits from a buyer’s point of view. Ask yourself what features or aspects of your property communicate well the outcomes that your buyers are looking for. Your headlines could then focus on those outcomes. For example, just saying that you offer affordable commercial space does not really say much about your property. There are many others out there who offer affordable commercial space. Focus on outcomes, and you will find more buyers.

6. Include Floor Plans

If you are into the construction business, then it’s necessary to represent your phenomenal workmanship of architectural mastery. This will create a lot of positive impact on the minds of your prospects, and they might enter into a long conversation with your sales representative after this.

Construction business is not only about building and selling at maximum profits; rather, it’s a way of delivering happiness and comfort with some elegance. A brochure design for a construction company should show potential customers how well the firm plans for their comfort, and it may do wonders for their business.

7. Add Visual Stories of Interiors and Exteriors

To create a more detailed brochure, construction company brochure designers can add visual stories of interiors and exteriors. This is done to show potential clients the various features of a new housing development. In order to project an authentic feel, HD videos and images are used in digital brochures, which are easily shared with customers through apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram or via emails.

A digital brochure that leverages short video clips for interior and exterior stories are able to persuade a wider audience to book their properties.

8. Use Different, Persuasive Call To Actions

The call to action depends upon the medium where the brochure is being displayed or advertised. Real estate is a competitive industry, and it’s important to be able to market your property in the best way possible.

Without trying too hard, you can use appealing call-to-action buttons on your brochure that will make potential buyers want more information or even contact you immediately for more details. If the brochure is online, then pop-ups can be used to collect information about the targeted leads and connect with them later on.

9. Include Good Quality, HD Renderings and Graphics

High-pixel-quality images and graphics are always a good option. Pictures can say a thousand words, and we all know that. But if you try harder on finding or capturing the most epic collection of pics for your business, it can definitely say more than a thousand words.

A real estate or construction company brochure is one of the most important sales and advertising materials for the company. It’s often the first impression that potential clients or customers will see before they decide to invest in your property or not. This is why it’s so important to include good quality renderings and graphics that will captivate their attention.

If your images and graphics are aligned in a way to create some kind of emotional appeal for the buyers, then definitely your advertising campaign is going to be a successful one.

10. Include Aerial and Landscape Views

There are many benefits of including aerial view images in your construction company brochures. One is that the aerial views make the locations help potential buyers to visualize themselves living there. Another reason is that an aerial image draws attention to the landscape in an attractive manner.

Landscape photos are mostly focused on street views, indicating the trees, alleys, gardens, and nearby surroundings from proximity. If one of your advertising highlights are, for example, flats with lakefront or riverfront views, then both aerial and landscape views could be shared through 3D views and video clips.

11. Use Less Content – Be Precise, Specific On Key Points

Try to use summarized content rather than using long text paragraphs. Explain it to them in the least possible words and they will not get bored reading your whole brochure. Though there are different approaches that work differently for different businesses, it’s advised not to follow a traditional rule of thumb if your ultimate objective is client satisfaction.

Plan, organize and decide the layout of text with your team in advance to refrain from re-printing costs. Moreover, you need to maintain the quality standards, labels and approvals if required.


To attract customers and visitors, your construction company brochure designs need to be stellar; otherwise, everything is a waste. Texts and graphics involving innovative ideas are a great way to generate potential buyer’s interest.

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