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How to Design Fashion and Beauty Logos Based on Names

How to Design Fashion and Beauty Logos Based on Names

A logo, being an essential element of business identity creation, is often perceived as the design that adds value to your business name. If you are in the fashion and beauty industry, your business would need a logo that also represents your uniqueness. The fashion and beauty industry is associated with creativity. Creating a simple template-based logo in a few minutes might not be the best way to go about representing yourself in a way that makes you stand apart from the competition. If you are planning to design a logo with a focus of enhancing your business name, you could benefit from the ideas presented in this blog.

Fashion is about creating and innovating with different designs and styles. Along with your design portfolio, branding also plays an important role in enhancing your business image and credibility. A good first impression for your brand will accelerate your business growth in the right direction. Right from the garment business to accessories and cosmetics, a good logo will help increase the brand recall value. Creating the perfect logo is a crucial step in branding. For years different apparel brands, boutiques and renowned stores have built a style statement with their unique logos. There are many free logos making software available online. However, creating an influential logo requires professional help. You need to have a sense of what colours, fonts, and symbols will compliment your brand name and support its progress. A custom logo design company has qualified graphic designers and the right software to facilitate an effective logo making process.If you invested a lot in finding a business name that you cherish a lot, a name that makes you stand out in any crowd, then you would need a logo design that enhances it further.

Creating the best logo designs for fashion and beauty industry businesses focusing on their name
The right type of logo design

It is highly recommended to choose a type after careful market research and study of customer segments. A fashion brand with a short name can go for a wordmark logo that focuses on a business’ name alone. A monogram or lettermark logo is usually seen for companies that have huge names and use techniques like initials to represent their brand name.

Choose the right colour combinations

Understanding the colour wheel and using warm and cool colours effectively is an essential step in logo designs. A complementary colour combination is colours that sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel. They create high impact and are seen in logos that have written text. An analogous colour combination makes use of 4-5 close shades from the colour wheel. Logos that need one colour to dominate and others to support the primary colour make use of this scheme. Triadic colour combinations make use of rich colours. The triadic colour combination works for a three colour shades logo design. A professional logo design company has information about what colours will suit your fashion brand.

Sprak Design

A designer can use any font type in the logo as long as it complements the brand. Most times, we see monotonous ones for men’s apparels, while stylish and upbeat fonts are available in women-centric industries. Designers need to ensure that the font they choose influences the target audience. The best logo design agency is aware of all the available fonts. They help you choose one that goes with the colour, symbols and style of your logo.

Objects and Symbols

Using objects and symbols is not mandatory but If you would like to choose a symbol for the logo, make sure that it is innovative. It does not need to be very complex. A simple symbol with deep meaning will leave a prolonged impact on people. The symbol must speak strongly about your goals and vision.


The logo style will depend on the target population. Make sure that you don’t overdo the style. The style must match the context without looking too sloppy. Most times, amateur designers come up with ideas that look too fancy and stylish. You need to ensure that the logo design is in harmony with your branding and business image.

A logo style also needs to be such that it is easy to identify from a distance. The style must be memorable and blend in with changing trends and publishing material. The logo clarity and legibility should not be affected with varying sizes and colours.


Contrast is a technique about making design elements visible in a logo. There should be a balance in contrast chosen for images, texts, colours and fonts. You need to play with the contrast in a way that more attention is focussed on the key design element. The contrast adjustments will help you view the logo with clarity.

It is also important that the contrasts are managed in a way that designs are displayed well on both physical prints and virtual screens. A lot of design samples with varying contrasts are created by design companies before they choose a specific one.

Dimensions(2D or 3D)

A 3D logo is dynamic and more visually pleasing on televisions and online platforms. They bring a brand to life and can be memorable if planned innovatively. It is worth finding out first if designing a 3D logo will suit your business, and how will it blend with the kind of impressions, brand authority, and credibility that you are trying to build.

A small or medium enterprise that needs to distribute paper-based brochures and printed catalogues might not benefit much from 3D logos. Some organizations design a primary logo (usually 2D) and a secondary one (3D). The secondary one can be used on specific platforms only. However, designing 2D and 3D logos will consume more money and time.

Challenges faced while designing logos

Lack of creativity
Many times, entrepreneurs employ amateurs to build fashion logos. Fashion is an industry that runs on creativity and talent. This creativity needs to be visible right from the logo making stage. Unaligned design elements, illegible texts, colors that overtake the key elements can destroy your branding efforts, especially if you want your logo design to be based on your business name.

Budget issues
To avoid any budget problems, find professional logo design service providers who have great experience and offer budget-friendly services. You could connect with a custom logo design company that has experience in creating logos for your industry. Companies offering logo design services in India could offer you a highly competitive quote.

Lack of brand knowledge
Every logo designing enterprise needs to study the business thoroughly. They need to involve the founders and try to understand their vision for the brand. Lack of brand knowledge will eliminate the uniqueness in your design. You need to make sure that your fashion brand logo reflects your creativity standards. It is easy to make the mistake of hiring designers only based on a price range; these designers might pay no heed to identify crucial design elements for your brand. An established company offering logo design services in India could offer highly personalized creative logo designs at very affordable rates.

Copyright and legal issues
A logo includes artistic creativity. Hence, it is legally protected under copyright law. Businesses will have to get involved in legal issues if there are copyright infringements. You can be influenced by certain logos and can adopt design trends. But, make sure that it is unique and steer clear of plagiarism.

Creating timeless logos
Logo trends change constantly; you need to create a logo that will stand the test of time. A startup doesn’t have the budget or team to invest in wide-scale media activities when they alter their logo designs in any way. Moreover, there are chances that a medium level enterprise will lose its recall value after changing the logo.

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