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Importance of Menu Design for Business

Importance of Menu Design for Business

A perfectly designed menu of a good restaurant can enhance the dining experience of the customers. A menu, however, is not only a list of the dishes but a key factor in designing a restaurant’s marketing plan. If the menu is well-designed, it acts like an advertising tool that can showcase the restaurant’s identity and increase the profit level.

Features of Effective Menu Design
1. Be aware of eye scanning patterns

In the earlier years, most of the restaurants had the tendency to design their menu by assuming that customers’ eyes are automatically drawn to the “sweet spot” in the upper-right corner. The higher profit items were placed on that corner. But as per new research, customers tend to start reading the menu from the top-left corner and have a preference for book style menus. There are so many opinions and statistics on what constitutes a good menu presentation. If you want to make a well-designed menu, the best way to go about it is to contact a good menu design service.

2. Divide the menu into logical sections

Arrange the names of the dishes in separate logical groups to make it easy for the customers to search for their favourite dishes, for example, starting with appetizers and ending with desserts.

3. Use photos sparingly

Adding photos of dishes in a menu is an effective way of attracting customers, provided the food photography is done in a highly professional manner. It is not however recommended for all types of dishes. For the ones with ambiguous names, for example, it is better to leave any notion about the food to the customer’s imagination.

4. Consider using illustrations and creative design methods

Unique and creative design methods and illustrations are universally appealing to the customers. It can showcase the restaurant’s personality. But what designs best sync with your branding and food presentation styles is not always clear if you do not have the insights into design. To develop creative and unique designs of food menus for your food joint, hire an experienced food menu design agency.

5. Don’t emphasize currency signs

Modern research says that customers have a tendency to spend more money when the currency signs are omitted. So, it’s better to not emphasize the currency signs while designing the menu.

6. Consider using boxes or unique shapes to differentiate

Unique shaped boxes are another way to draw the customer’s attention to food items having the highest profit margins. Highlighting the group of such menu items with various shaped boxes could pique the customer’s interest in trying those items.

7. Typography

Typography is a vital factor in menu designing. Consider two factors while selecting a typeface

  1. The amount of the text that needs to be perfectly fit on the page.
  2. More than one typeface is required to distinguish the item names and the description.

An experienced menu design servicesagency knows what typefaces will complement a design.

8. Choose appropriate colours

Choosing menu color themes should be based on the theme of the restaurant and the target audience. It is sometimes essential to select proper colour themes for different sections within a menu booklet.

Menu Design Service

The trained graphic designers of agencies offering menu design services in the USA keep all these factors in mind while designing a menu. Their skills can be leveraged to create a perfectly designed menu for your restaurant.

How Menu Design Helps to Grow Business

The menu is the first look of the brand for any food joint; it should be properly designed to showcase its branding. The right design communicates the apt feel to the customer. The size and type of the menu must be based on the target audience. The theme and template of the menu must have a reflection of the best dishes offered by that food joint. All these factors create a well-designed menu that helps to please the customers for trying their food items. As a result, it increases the profit level as well as business growth. It also enhances the visibility of that food joint. For achieving this goal, you should hire the right menu design service firm in the USA.

Types of menus
1. Casual dining restaurant menu design

A casual dining restaurant menu is designed in a mature but casual style. However, the menus can be personalized by a food menu design service provider in the USA. Generally, the restaurant name placed at the top-right and the dinner item or the starters are listed in a single column. A generic casual menu template is framed by white with a unique geometric band across the design.

2. Fine dining Restaurant menu design

A fine dining menu should be designed in a stylish, fun and colourful manner to energize the customer’s restaurant experience. To design a stylish menu, attractive photos, popup colours, and the proper text should be added. As the logo is an integral part of your branding, it plays a vital role in the fine dining menu design.

3. Cafe menu design

Every cafe has its own story, and is based on some unique theme. So, the concept of the theme should be reflected in the cafe menu templates. The cafe specific menus must have the photographs of the darkest roast of the delicious tea. It should be designed in some dramatic shapes and sizes.

4. Bakery menu design

The baked food items should be included in the template of a bakery menu. The colour combination must have a reflection of the attention-grabbing delicious bakery goods and coffee. The menu designers should add eye-catching photos of desserts and bread for making your bakery experience positive.

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5. Food truck menu design

A food truck menu should be properly designed to grab the customer’s attention. Choose the colour of the menu based on the theme of the food truck. Place the best dishes where customers can easily find it. Add some interesting photos which can drag people to try their food items.

6. Food court menu design

A food court menu should have a fancy template with various popup colours. There should be photos of drinks, and popular items of different cuisines. The text font could be stylish, and the items must be placed under the specific groups.

7. Chain restaurant menu design

Chain restaurants are specially for business class people. So, the menu of a chain restaurant must be designed in a classy way. Different cuisines and various types of expensive drinks must come under specific groups on the menu.

8. Banquet menu design

A banquet menu should be simple and classy. One could light colours for the menu. There is a very small space for all the banquet food items and buffet details. So, choose the text size and the paper size according to your need.

9. Sit down dinner menu design

Sit down dinner menu is nothing but a simple menu design for dinner. All the dinner items should come under specific categories and in separate columns. There should be attractive images with a stylish colour combination.

10. Menu slides (digital sign board)

Digital menu slides or sign boards are generally used in restaurants and coffee shops. It is displayed on TV screens or computers. The prices of the items and the pictures are added in digital menu slides. This type of menus can be easily updated, and it can connect to any database.

Samples of Menu Design created by us

Why Choose us as your menu design partner

Sprak Design is a renowned food menu design agency in the USA that creates menus for various restaurants, bakeries, food courts, cafes, banquets and other food joints. The professional and experienced graphic designers of Sprak Design will create the menu as per their client’s need. They will build the proper well-designed menu by choosing the right theme, template, images and text. The eye-catching menu design will definitely draw the customer’s attention; thus, it will increase the profit level and also branding factor.

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Frequently asked questions
1. What type of paper material should be used for a restaurant menu?

Choosing the right material for menu design is very important. Depending on the material, the menu will last long. For bars or kid-friendly restaurants, you should use a waterproof laminated menu. However, for the fine dining restaurant, a leather-bound booklet type menu might be perfect.

2. How to design a cafe menu?

The sandwich is a popular item in most cafes. Attractive images of sandwiches offered could be used in the menu. The colour of the menu could be based around the brews.

3. What font size should be used in the menu?

The selection of font size depends on the font-family and how much text needs to fit in that page. The standard font-size for the menu is 12px; however, you can use any font size as per your need.

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