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The Mistakes That Must Not Be Made In Logo Design

The Mistakes That Must Not Be Made In Logo Design

A logo design company creates the logo for a company. It acts as a brand of the company. Here are the major mistakes that must be avoided for the creation of the best logos.

  • Typographic confusion: The logo typography must be kept very simple. It should not have too much of the fancy fonts or fonts which are too thin. A jumbled up styling can make it a chaos and it may lose its appeal and people may fail to identify your business.
  • Use the correct fonts: The font should be matching with the logo. The selection of the font should be done carefully and closely. You can create a font as per your styling also. Each font has a personality of its own. The right one will create the best logo effects.
    • Too complicated: A professional logo design should be remembered easily by the common people. If it is too complex, the identification will not be easy and the brand awareness will not take place as per the targets. A simple logo can be enlarged easily and can be used on all types of surfaces-large and small.
    • Too much reliance on color effects: The logo can be strong only if it can stand on its own. It should not need the effects of color for being noticeable. Your logo designers India must first create the shape of the logo first and then create the color effects.
    • Raster images: If the logo image cannot be scaled up if requirement arises, it would not solve the purpose. It should be prepared and stored in high resolution so that it can be blown up if required to large sizes such as in hoardings.
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  • Choosing a monogram: A monogram created from the initials of the company name can never have the effects as that of a full-fledged logo. A logo is more artistic and can catch the customers’ minds more. Using short forms of companies will also not help.
  • Using cliché images: Try to do away with the cliché images. People are tired of them. The logo design services India professionals must be asked to create something new and unique. The original ideas always create a greater business impact than using the cliché images.
  • Copy or theft of design: Theft of logo designs have become a widespread activity. This must be avoided by all means. Not only it can decrease your brand value but you can be booked for copyright theft issues. Your logo must be absolutely original.
  • Taking too much of the input of clients: The logo designing is a specialized job of the designers. Often the clients try to dictate the procedure of design. The logo designer should take into account the suggestions of the clients and also put in his ideas and decide among the better.
  • Providing too many options: If the designer provides too many options to the client, he may get confused. A maximum of 3 options would be perfect. These best 3 designs would work for the business and the company can choose between them.
  • Files of logo sent with defects: An imperfect file may become disastrous if the logo is blown up to be used on a large scale. It should be made totally perfect and curves to be smoothened as much as possible.
  • Delivering incorrect files: The logo designers must be careful of delivery of the correct file to the client. A mistake can lead to large faults.

If the above points can be abided by during the logo preparation, it can give rise to a stunning and acceptable company logo.

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