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Planning a big event can be stressful. There are 100’s of things that needs to be taken care of. You may have specific goals in mind that you need to fulfill and also a budget that you need to work within. At the same time, you need to create a spectacle which is interesting, has seamless event production, perfect projection and lighting and has great content.

At Sprak Design, we are the event graphics designing and printing company that you can count on to deliver impressive results that exceed your expectations. We are here to give your events that extra zing and make it truly memorable.

The graphics that are used at an event can encourage the best overall response from your target audience. The event graphics have to be creative and eye-catching and has to stand apart from the competition. More than that, you would want the graphics to speak volumes about your company, its products, and its services. When you work with Sprak Design, you will be benefitted by professional design services. During the design stage, we will learn more about your needs and budget, and we will create an amazing design that will produce the results you want.

Dynamic graphics can play a key role with the visual branding for your event. Our in-house graphics production team works hand in hand with our exhibit and event designers to integrate a wide variety of printed custom graphics as part of your overall event design. With our expertise in utilizing the latest graphics production techniques and technologies, the possibilities for your event graphics are endless.

In addition, we utilize great printing techniques and use 3M materials that are known for durability. These are quality materials and superior techniques that ultimately will hold color and help you get the attention you desire at your events. Graphics can be used to help you make an impression with signs, banners, car graphics, wraps, and many other products.

Sprak Design is committed toward delivering outstanding customer service, a wide range of quality print materials and on-time delivery for your event at a competitive price.

Sprak Design advantages :

Creative & Sustainable

We’re here when you need to rise above conventional banners and event signage. From sustainability with real green attributes like post-consumer recycled content and true recyclability, to wild creativity, we have the experience and the expertise to make your graphics special.

Indoor & Outdoor

More than a banner house, Sprak Design has a wide range of products for indoor and outdoor events. We are experts at ensuring your brand is displayed consistently using many different kinds of display materials and products.

There are several recurring events that we produce each year, and often we can create an annual program where hardware and certain graphics are repurposed with templates and formats that are repeated to save resources.

Planning for Success

We realize the importance of coordination as critical deadlines and timing are often crucial to successful event graphics. We work closely together to establish a realistic timeline for production and necessary installation.

Give Us a Shout

From small soirees to big festivals and sporting events, we’re equipped to manage every visual detail. With years of experience working with event planners, logistics and coordinated installations, our team can produce all of your event needs in-house, keeping your brand identity top-of-mind and maintaining brand consistency throughout the entire event.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve got a great plan in place, give us a call to continue the journey with a truly professional company at your side. We’re not just any corporate design company, and we want to prove that to you through our exciting graphics and family-style treatment. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from conception to installation, and make sure you’re happy with the results.
While we strive to help you achieve results through our quality graphics, we also want to help you stay on budget. You can request a quote online through the website as a first step. When you complete this step, one of our friendly sales representatives will soon be in touch to provide you with more information about how we can help you prepare for your next event.

Our specific services in Event Graphics Company:

  • Welcome Boards
  • Invitations(Printed, e-invite) backdrops
  • Centerpiece cutouts
  • Decor Cutouts
  • Buntings
  • Standee
  • Airport Signs
  • Car signs
  • Road Signage
  • Photo Booth graphics
  • Favour tags
  • Wish tree tags
  • Message tags
  • Individual Event boards
  • And many more services

If you are interested in using quality graphics for an upcoming event, you can easily find all of the design and printing services you need through Sprak Design. We want to help you build your brand and get recognized in even the most crowded marketplaces. Contact us now!.

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