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With the number of salons growing each and every day, it is very hard to stand out from the rest of the crowd in terms of a brand and compete with the others at the same time. One great way to advertise your company in style is with a salon brochure promoting all the unique products and services at your beauty salon. Having a beauty salon brochure can also provide a wider market reach as it may be carried by your clients to other places and showed to their colleagues or relatives, who wanted to get salon brochure design service as well. Thus your business will be spread by word of mouth.

At Sprak Design, we have come a long way in terms of designing customized brochures for our salon business clients. Through our online editor, we give you full freedom to easily add images, choose from stock photos, alter text, and manipulate other design elements. There are many salon brochure sample images, you could choose from, for the layout design. We can say proudly that we have become a premiere salon brochure design company today. Let us print your designs using our professional printing process and take your business to new heights.

Things to keep in mind during brochure design

Before you start creating a salon brochure, few things should be kept in mind as follows:

Highlight Salon Services

In order to market your salon optimally, make sure that the highlight of your brochure is the services that you want people to have. It is very important for a marketing tool like a brochure to include all the items that your target market would be happy to see and would want to try.

Offer Salon Products

You may also use the brochure to sell products that are available, apart from the services of the salon. Some salons create their own products for hair or skin care. Others are retailers of items that they use in actual salon brochure design service. The salon brochure created by you should include these items to attract eyeballs.

Salon Brochure Design Service

When you get ready to design a salon brochure, here are a few tips that you may want to follow:

  • It’s important to know about the lifestyle of your clients so you can have an idea of which salon brochure design services to highlight and give focus on.
  • Make sure that the prices of your services are up to date.
  • Create a design that is related to the design of the salon space.
  • Use images that are eye catching. It may be photos of past clients or a photo shoot of hair care and other beauty products;
  • Present your services and products in groups so it will be easier for those who will look at the brochure to identify where their needed salon services are located

Salon Brochure Design Company

Sprak Design follows a structured process to create amazing and memorable salon brochure examples. Our experienced salon brochure designer listens to a client’s expectation clearly, research current industry trends and artistically-create a brochure design.

We design your salon brochure by achieving a visually-delightful combination of the following attributes :

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Believing in the same philosophy, salon brochure designers at Sprak Design create artistic brochures that are simple to make a memorable impact in the minds of patrons.


Colors in a brochure help in creating a strong perceived value of a salon or spa brand.
Each color is carefully selected to create a brand image that aligns with the service offerings and brand values to ensure clear communication.

Font Style

Words become more impressive when they are written beautifully. The same applies with a Salon brochure design service.

Sprak Design understands the importance of the correct font in creating an impressive image and selects the right fonts that ensure better readability.

Shape & Symmetry

We all know that brochures are available in various shapes – bi-fold,tri-fold, multifold etc. While creating salon brochure sample, salon brochure designers search for different elements and shapes to select unique and elegant shapes.

The shape is aligned to be in symmetry with colors, typefaces and layout to create an eternally-memorable aesthetic appeal.

You will come across multiple salons around our city and such salons provide the best-quality service in terms of enhancing the beauty and stylishness to the leading clients that visit the salon on a regular basis. The salon usually uses the brochure to showcase their styling patterns and designing factors to enhance the performance of the salon business to a great extent.

Sprak Design provides an expertise solution in making brochure design services for the clients that are completely involved in sharing their service details that is being introduced into their salon. The designer team at Sprak Design are aware of the services that salon provides and accordingly starts designing the salon brochure templates for the clients. The clients need to identify the best from them and help the designer to cope with designing criteria that match the fit for their salon.

We, at Sprak Design, provide an optimum solution in making the client happy by serving our best to them and make a large push to have a strong partnership in the coming future for better business enhancement on varied platforms.

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