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How Do You Build a Restaurant Design from The Ground Up?

How Do You Build a Restaurant Design from The Ground Up?

A restaurant design should offer you a balance in welcoming guests with a great ambiance that offers seating comfortability. In other words, to earn maximum profits, it is also essential for you to make your customer feel comfortable and accepting. Also, great quality food with proper hygiene and well-maintained staff attitude towards your customer always increases the number of guests besides goodwill.

Building a restaurant design right from the ground up is an exciting job to do. You need to create an identity for yourself in your area. Also, while forming goodwill as a restaurateur, you can explore different cuisines and local food items to add to your restaurant menu.

Moreover, when you have a beautiful environment for your restaurant design along with a good quality of food, you can easily get positive feedback from your customer.

However, building a restaurant like any other business requires some knowledge and steps that should be followed if you wish to make the desired restaurant a profitable one.

When choosing a restaurant design, you must focus on the dining area alongside the menu. You also need to invest both time and money. On the other hand, according to the customer viewpoint, a restaurant must contain an interesting doorway with an amazing background alongside friendly staff besides delicious food items.

We are sharing information and insights about the three key aspects of designing a restaurant – current design trends, floor plan, and interior design plan.

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Understanding Restaurant Interior Design In 2022

You must hire a restaurant designer for your restaurant interior design as it is a significant marketing strategy for your restaurant to look good in front of the public. Moreover, your interior design is the initial outlook that a customer notices at first sight while entering your restaurant.

Also, it is the way your restaurant brand will be identified. However, the customer is also fascinated by the restaurant services. The serving time also affects the brand of the restaurant. But even though the interior design of the restaurant couldn’t be underrated.

1. Increased Focus on Health, Distance, Safety, and Hygiene

In today’s time, restaurant design firms include various other things that could create more customers based on safety protocols such as proper hygiene, regular cleaning, social distancing, online delivery, proper sanitization, mask, gloves compulsory, etc.

2. Customer Experience

When the customers visit your restaurant, they prefer to look for someone who can help them with everything. They expect your staff to behave with them properly or with a cordial attitude towards their needs. While ordering food, the customer wants you to accept feedback that may be a negative one.

3. “Instagrammable” Story Worth

On the other hand, a perfect restaurant interior must prefer natural light as much as possible to ensure that the customers enjoy the place and are worthy of their “Instagrammable” story. Nowadays, people enjoy restaurant service where they find exciting themes for their social media posts.

4. Not Just Food – What Else

Apart from all the above services, one main thing that a customer may be looking for is the bathroom service. Whenever your guest comes inside, they want to look for a washroom where they can refresh themselves—as such, having a beautiful interior alongside maintaining proper cleanliness as designed for your customer could seek more attention from the guests.

5. Digital, Acoustics

Also, there is one more thing that customers could feel if they are visiting your restaurant for the first time, and that is digital acoustics. As loud noise may irritate your guests as well as your staff.

Besides, the ringing of the cutlery on plates, customers chattering, loud music from the speakers, sharp noise of a blender, etc., are a big deal to some customers while dining. And so, it may greatly influence your customers’ decision to revisit the restaurant.

Understanding a Restaurant Floor Plan

1. Who Designs a Restaurant Floor Plan?

A primary objective of a restaurant’s floor plan is to use the provided space skillfully with the help of a restaurant designer, a professional architect, or an interior designer. They will figure out everything for your restaurant interior, such as the placing of furniture in the restaurant in the most useful way.

According to the 2021 restaurant design, there is a basic role in adjusting the furniture, which specifically includes the chair and table, and that is by performing government protocols that include a 6 feet gap from every chair and perfect sanitization.

2. Good Restaurant Floor Plan Software

Designing a restaurant could be a challenging task for anyone, but nowadays, you can even look for good restaurant floor plan software that offers various professional interior layouts for a restaurant to help you begin. You can either prefer any of these designs to personalize accordingly.

3. Optimized Space Planning

You, as a restaurateur, must opt for optimized space planning; otherwise, you will have a busy day at your restaurant. You should manage everything right from time to communication.

Also, you should separate the serving timing of your meals for different customers. There should be a flexible payment system for your guests to make payments easily as well. Also, if possible, you can let your staff use employee scheduling software apps to stay connected with your restaurant.

4. Accommodating Design and Decor

A restaurant floor plan is a primary concept for any start-up restaurant. It makes a different view of the interior when the empty space is adjusted well. Also, it distinguishes your restaurant from your competitors and creates an impression on your customer. However, it is not always about interior designs as some basic government rules need to be followed. Also, how well the space is accommodated and even using the floor plan in a creative manner is essential for a successful restaurant business.

5. Entrance, Kitchen, Dining, Restroom, waiting

You have to keep some points in your mind adding style to your furniture placements, settling of lights, door styles, entrance decoration, kitchen positioning, dining area, restroom area alongside the waiting room while preparing a restaurant design.

Also, there should be a proper flow of fresh air that enters the restaurant, and it should be well lighted, properly ventilated, and must offer comfort to every guest while seating and dining aside from thermal comfort.

Understanding Restaurant Interior Design

A restaurant needs a proper interior design. There are various factors that you can consider while designing a restaurant for the first time.

Food is not the only thing to receive attention in a restaurant. But it is also about the design and décor that you showcase in your restaurant designs. There is great work that a restaurant designer can do to increase the aesthetics of your restaurant look. Therefore, most of the customers agree that the interior design of a restaurant has an impact on their satisfaction. But if you are starting a restaurant from the ground up, you can always plan ahead and then work your way accordingly or hire a restaurant design firm.

Meanwhile, you can choose to have a traditional restaurant design plan for your restaurant, and that may include a red and white checkered tablecloth and unsophisticated walls pattern. On the other side, you could even choose an urban restaurant design idea highlighting the simplicity and imported accents. Sell your theme, brand, and food.

Let’s consider the key aspects of restaurant interior design.

1. Ceiling

Ceiling Design

We cannot deny the aspect of the décor. It is the first concern for any restaurant to make it a successful one and recognize it as a respectful brand. You can go for a restaurant design firm that will focus preferably on the ceiling decor and take some essential steps to change the overall appearance of your restaurant. as artwork or illustration is the one that sells your story.

2. Lighting

Light Design

You can also focus on lighting design to create a perfect flow of light spreading across the interior of your restaurant. Hence, it is also essential for our vision along with safety. Besides, the effect of light also changes customers’ moods while entering your restaurant.

However, while focusing on light designing, you have to know exactly what situations certain visual conditions are favorable for, so the lighting systems carry an improved performance and offer greater comfort to customers.

Restaurant lights could be differentiated into three groups such as Ambient, Accent, and Mood Lighting. Therefore, allow different combinations of lighting designs- soft, warm, Zen, etc.

3. Furniture

Furniture Design

You need to consider furniture as an important design. For this, you could either have the two different layouts of placing furniture, such as anchored or portable.

Anchored seating styles are the furniture that is fixed to the wall or floor, and booths are a popular one in anchored seating. In contrast, floating tables, also known as portable tables and chairs, could be adjusted anywhere.

Moreover, these seats are placed within the center of dining rooms that are far from walls or other systems. However, each furniture style offers an advantage. But it is recommended to apply both the furniture styles to earn more revenue as a restaurant business. Lastly, keep it movably adjustable for parties/events.

4. Wall Design

Wall Design

Typography as an outlook is always successful. Using bold graphics, marquee letters, diagrams, and charts is an interesting way to design your restaurant. You can even prefer old-school neon signs that are becoming more popular now. You can also try a custom-made using a quote or phrase to influence your customers while maintaining the dignity of your restaurant.

Here are some tips and insights shared by top restaurant design firms on wall design:

a. Experiment with Minimalism

Hire someone who has experience in minimalistic designs. You can either look for simple yet elegant wall designs for your restaurant to look beautiful.

b. Low-Budget – Typography, MirrorWork, Innovative Wallpapers, etc.

In the beginning, choose a low-budget wall design for your interior as such typography could be a better idea to create an impact in your restaurant. You can check how bold graphics, letters, characters, etc. will look through a visualization software. Besides, you can even opt for mirror works or innovative wallpapers for your wall designs to add an aesthetic to your interior restaurant look.

c. Give Space for Digital Displays

If you own space for digital displays in your restaurant, you could easily impress your new guests. For this, you have to be a social media freak or hire someone who can keep a check over the customer feedback, provide live social media feeds, or even be skilled in broadcasting your menu food.

d. Think About It: Shelving, Books, Craft, Etc.

All of the above, you can even think of shelving, books, or crafts. This will indeed let you drive more customers as they can enjoy their food while reading your books. You can also use custom products to enhance the look of your restaurants.

5. Sustainability

A sustainable restaurant design focuses on eliminating negative impacts on the restaurant’s environment, including the health and comfort of the customers. They prefer natural sources in maintaining their environment.

Also, maintain proper food quality and allow some space for natural wind to spread inside the restaurant. Also, you can prefer using eco-friendly cutlery and ingredients to make a healthy place for your customers. You can also prefer energy-efficient tools to have sustainable energy use.

6. Self-Service or Not

Based on your restaurant’s offerings, you can opt for a self-service style of serving food. The decision has to be made well in advance so that you can plan your spacing without any hassles. The self-service style is more popular for restaurants with a smaller number of customers or when the menu has fewer items.

7. Do Not Forget Customer Comfort

While making a restaurant design, you must think about the comfort of the people who come to dine there.

You can create a pleasant atmosphere for your customers to make them feel comfortable: greet them with a smile, listen to them carefully, provide customer support, help them to explore your new meals, treat them with some offers, ask them if they are looking for some help, etc.

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