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The Decorative Touch You Should Include in Your Exhibition Stall!

The Decorative Touch You Should Include in Your Exhibition Stall!

Get customers flocking to your stand and showcase what your company has to offer.

The making of an exhibition stall is a creative process and fortunately does not come with any rules. However, there are a lot of observations that should not be excluded when decorating the exhibition stall. To be precise, it is always better to follow the tips listed below straight from the experts to make your exhibition engaging and exciting. You can also count on professionals of exhibition design like Spark Design, who have a strong vision.

The exhibition is a big investment that includes both time and money. They are not only fast-paced but too crowded as well. According to any exhibition advisor, you would only get around a few seconds to grab the attention of people who pass by your stand.

Thus, if your organization is exhibiting, then you must understand that there is a very limited opportunity to step ahead of the competitors. So as an exhibitor, it is important to concentrate on how you should represent yourself in the event.

To make your stall really pop up in the exhibition, besides attracting a targeted audience, the best thing you can do is focus on your design for the stall. From colors, brand imaging, lighting, displays to what not, everything should be addressed.

If all these sound like too much of a daunting task, then here is a little help. Walk through the steps listed below to guide yourself. Let’s start with the key elements of exhibition stall designing.

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Key Elements of Exhibition Stall Design

Stand Space and Type

Your exhibition stand can be your key to shine at the event. This is why it is important to choose the right one that suits your exhibition goals.

To be precise, there are different varieties of stands available, including pull-up and pop-up displays, shell scheme graphics, modular displays, custom modular exhibition stands, and more.

When it comes to space, the exhibition booth design service experts recommend using roller banners as they can also hide away items that you don’t want to show. You can also create custom build stands that meet your business strategies.


If you want to make your stall intriguing, concentrating, and attractive, then make sure that you focus on the lighting. According to top exhibition stall designers, using appropriate lighting style is crucial for creating the impact you desire.

Depending on your theme, your brand personality, you could choose a combination of different lighting arrangements – for example, softer LED lights for displaying products in the most impressive manner, a different lighting system around your display screen, etc. But be careful and avoid possibilities of energy wastage.

Information Booth Design

An information booth is a place where you would be able to showcase your products and other information to the audience.

Make sure to keep it attractive, ensuring proper formatting and high resolution for images. Also, focus on using the right colors and try to use the element of surprise. You can also seek help from a professional exhibition booth design service to make the task easier.

Product or Service Showcasing

How you demonstrate your products and services at an exhibition directly impacts how you would benefit from it. This is why it is important to display in proportion and make the right use of the perimeter of the space.

The best thing you can do is mount your products on a standing display wall. This helps to keep the product at an eye level for the visitors. Also, you can use automated graphics and place them next to the products.


Signage plays a very important role in inviting, informing, and inducing the customers. It gives organizations a chance to engage with the audience about the subject of the exhibition without any barrier.

Just make sure that your signage is bold, colorful, and eye-catching with strong branding potential.

Kiosk Design

When promoting your business at an exhibition, make sure to be as presentable as possible so that it leaves a good impression on the customers. Using Kiosk design adds elegance and a strong brand impression on both current and future customers.

Just keep in mind to follow the trend suggested by innovative and experienced exhibition stall designers and choose a unique design that matches your business values.

How To Include A Decorative Touch To Your Exhibition Stall

The creation of an exhibition booth involves a lot of brainstorming. There are constraints for designers and marketing heads about what should be prioritized, how much space should be allotted for planned activities, and other matters. From how to set up a stall to how it should look and the way you should connect with your customers.

Keeping all of it in mind, here are some of the best tips curated below that you can include in your exhibition stall to give it a decorative touch.

1. Natural Lighting Effects (Warm, Cool, Soft)

It does not matter if you have a new idea for your exhibition stand or want to keep going with the old one. Lighting should always be kept under serious consideration.

Natural lighting is an emerging trend that allows you to create an ambiance reflecting daylight and the outside world. If you are exhibiting artistic products that would look best in a natural light setting, create outlets that let in the natural light.

If it is not possible to let natural light enter your exhibition space, then you could choose artificial lighting that best suits your purpose. It will make your customer feel pleasant in your exhibition stall.

2. 2D and 3D Graphic Display

2D and 3D Graphic Display

There may be times when you would get smaller space in your exhibition stands. In these times, it becomes difficult for an organization to make an impact. Therefore using 2D and 3D graphic displays can prove to be a great move.

These are not just trending but also very affordable solutions. They are known for attracting your customer’s attention and helping you get noticed. Just make sure that you display and create something interesting that is unique from the rest.

Expert exhibition booth design service providers suggest that your 2D and 3D displays should not clutter your space, rather give the opposite effect. You can also count on your exhibition stall designers to help you choose the right type of graphic display that reflects your business.

3. Product Demonstration Props

Product Demonstration Props

The exhibition is a golden chance to meet with a wealth of people within your industry. But do product demonstrations really help in converting leads? Well, yes. It is important to show the glory of your products while having the targeted customers right in front of you.

Make sure to show all the benefits of your products to your targeted audience without needing them to search for them. Keep in mind that the people do not have to stand for your response for a longer period of time than expected.

Be prepared with an answer whenever they ask you a query related to the products. The moment you feel stuck in reciprocating towards them, your audience will likely lose their trust.

An experienced exhibition stall designer will advise space layouts that allow you to respond quickly to any potential client or customer. Placing laptops in the right position or using remote-controlled screen display mechanisms can help you answer queries in the most satisfactory manner.

4. Carpets


If you want your exhibition to be a success, then make sure to pick the right flooring option. Usually, there are a lot of things that should be kept in mind while planning the flooring.

It is important that you understand every little detail of the flooring and how it will impact your visitors in some way. Start with asking yourself questions like what type of flooring would be best for your stand? How long would the stand last? What would suit your business image in the best way? And so on.

Therefore, when it comes to carpets, you can choose from the smooth finish, artificial grass to deep piles and red ones. Make sure that you keep the quality and prioritize your requirements over anything. Also, remember to pick something which can be easily installed and is of the right shape.

5. Pop-Ups


Pop-up workshops are another thing that you can add to include a decorative touch to your exhibition stall.

So you can schedule a number of casual workshops to help your visitors to get some idea about your firms. It also helps them to understand your unique strategies and create a fine image of your organization in mind.

Moreover, it is important that you know that conference guests always like free content. In this case, you can opt for consultation from an exhibition booth design service available nearby.

6. Attractive Themes, Shapes, And Exhibits

Attractive Themes, Shapes, And Exhibits

Having a great theme for your custom exhibit would add value to your visitors’ experience. It helps in making your company unforgettable for them. Not to mention, the theme would be on their mind long after the event ends itself.

Before you choose a theme for your exhibition stand, make sure that it fits in the space and remains visible. Know that this is going to be the space where visitors will pay their attention to.

Make sure that the theme is attractive, elegant, and unique in every way that it stands out from the crowd. Keep your branding in mind while creating it so that it reflects your business goals directly.

On the other hand, when it comes to shapes, go for circles, ovals, and sightlines. These have proven to be helpful in grabbing the attention of the clients.

7. Be Minimalistic – Avoid Sensory Overload

Be Minimalistic – Avoid Sensory Overload

Would you go to a room with too loud music and dim lighting when you want to work on a business deal? Or a room that has the right lighting with no disturbance in the background? Obviously, you would choose the second one to avoid sensory overload.

According to expert exhibition stall designers, being minimalistic is a key to gaining your customer’s attention at their best besides leaving a good impression on their minds. Apart from this, overdoing anything kills the vibe sometimes.

This is why make sure to avoid pulsing lighting, strobe lights, and playing too loud music that makes it impossible for you to listen to yourself. The more you keep things at a minimum, the better response you would get from the target audience.

8. Choose Compact, Foldable, Well-Designed Furniture

Choose Compact, Foldable, Well-Designed Furniture

In order to go with the exhibition stand, you will need to choose a certain amount of furniture for the visitors and staff.

But first, ask yourself if you want your customers to sit down and relax? Do you want your stand to look and feel alert? Whatever it might be, make sure to pick the right and well-designed furniture.

Remember to go for the ones that are foldable, just in case your stall attracts more crowd than expected, and you need more space for your visitors.

You can opt for inflatable furniture as they are a perfect combination of both luxury and comfort. A good designer will know what would suit the environment you want to create within your stall.


If this is your first time participating in an exhibition, then it is understandable how tough the competition would feel. It is also very common to feel anxious about how everything will work out If the desired outcomes will be achieved.

You will not have to worry about anything when you work with an expert exhibition booth design services company. Find out how Språk Design can help you make the most captivating stall design within your budget.

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Språk Design is among the best exhibition stall design companies. We always design as per the business requirements of our clients, exceeding their expectations. You will find competent exhibition stall designers with experience, insights, expert advice, and the ability to innovate and meet tricky space-related and budget challenges.

However big, small, compact, or different your exhibition space would be, you will be able to find designs that could display your company’s booth in a spectacular manner. Contact us and find out more! Find solutions that make your exhibition stand one of the best in the event.

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