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Brochure has nowadays become a compact size tool to summarize the details about any event, institution, establishment, business firm etc in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

Educational institutions like universities require a brochure almost every year to spell out their achievements and what they are offering to the aspiring students. University brochure thus conveys a clear message to the students about what they can expect from the college and how the alumnus of the college has performed post completion of their education.

University brochure design and university brochure templates are required to be created in a professional manner such that they don’t create a lot of self-appraisal and at the same time are not left behind in terms of information content.Brochure design for university thus calls for the expertise of creative designers to craft and design the brochure in a wholesome and professional manner. The services of these designers can be easily hired with the help of graphic designing firms who provide assistance in regards to the creation of authentic brochures.

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The need for brochure
design for universities

It’s a well-known fact that educational setups like universities require to spell out their achievements, history, and academics details to the aspiring students at length and for that, they utilize the efficacy of brochure. However, that’s not the only reason why a university requires a brochure for itself.

University brochure serves many other purposes for the university. These can be:

  • Creating a first impression about the quality
    of education brochure offered
  • The legacy that the university has inherited over the
  • Alma mater of the college
  • Placement rate and collaboration with companies
  • Nature and type of the university say public, private, deemed
  • Seats under each course
  • Criteria for admissions
  • Description of facilities offered like hostel, gym, swimming pool etc
  • Affiliation of the university and its registration details
  • Performance of university in extra-curricular activities

All these and many other crucial details that an aspiring student is looking for is seen addressed with the help of a university brochure. Thus, it is a one-stop shop for all the FAQs that a student might have.


The display of brochure on university’s website; an e-brochure is also prevalent these days. The concept of e-brochure is becoming more and more popular due to the wide extension of digitalization and Internet-based search that is seen these days. Students find it easy to visit the website of the university and download the e-brochure rather than visiting the institution physically. Thus, more than brochure it’s the e-brochure that the universities focus on.

Spark design as University

Brochure Design Company

Spark design is a well-known name in terms of design and development of a brochure and has been offering services to universities across the country and abroad.We at Sparks design offer you a variety of brochure designing solutions in various formats like Bi-fold, tri-fold, booklet, cross-fold etc.You can expect the following benefits when you choose Spark design as your university brochure design company:

  • Comprehensive analysis of universities’ history before the design of the brochure.
  • Study about the achievements of Alma Mater of the college.
  • Detailed elaborations of the University campus in the pictorial and descriptive manner.
  • Facility of designing brochures for specific events like annual sports meet, fests etc.
  • Incorporation of universities’ need in the design of the brochure.
  • Dedicated and professional team to bring out the best of creativity into your solution.
  • A detailed description of the course offered and seats under it.
  • Elaboration on aspects like facility offered and university’s performance in extra-curricular activities.
  • Separate and dedicated space for listing achievements of the university.
  • Nominal rates of service delivery.
  • E-brochure design for website display.

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