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What are good ways to get a Corporate logo design services

What are good ways to get a Corporate logo design services

How To Get The Best Corporate Logo Design Services

Are you in search of a logo design company that has what it takes to give you the best logo design service for your business or organization? Do you know that your choice of a logo design agency will determine the type of logo design service you get in return? And in turn, the kind of service you get can determine the level of progress your business will attain.

Briefly, I will be showing you what to check before selecting a logo design agency for your corporate logo design services.

1. Checklist Before Hiring a Corporate Logo Company

Specify your Requirements and Preferences

You need to consider the 5 principles of logo design which are;

a) Simplicity – People should be able to recognize your logo at a glance.
b) Memorable – An impactful logo should be memorable.
c) Timeless – The logo should not become outdated.
d) Versatility – It can be used in any size and colour.
e) Appropriate – It should be relevant for the service or product.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is another factor that helps you make a successful design. The idea is to make a logo design that appeals to your audience and not just having an end product that looks nice.
Every business has a particular group that will most likely be interested in their product or service. This group should be the primary audience for the design.

Know Your Budget

Another important thing to consider before looking out for a corporate logo company is the size of your budget. The amount of money you are willing to spend on your logo goes a long way to help you find the quality of service you may need for your logo designs. A high budget attracts high-quality service, while a low budget attracts inferior quality service.

Fix The Deadline of Your Project

The next thing you need to do after specifying your requirements and preferences, identifying your audience, and knowing your budget is fixing a deadline for your project. I really can not overemphasize this because fixing a deadline will increase commitment.

Your deadline needs to be communicated to the logo designer so that you don’t get disappointed. Your deadline can cause the process to either be hastened or prolonged.

Know The Designing Process

Creating a logo design involves research and investigation, strategic thinking, and design excellence. Every qualitative design process will go through the following steps;

  • – Design brief
  • – Research
  • – Brainstorming
  • – Sketching
  • – Design Execution
  • – Presentation
  • – Revision/Approval
  • – Delivery

2. How To Identify A Good logo Design Company

Company Must Have Branding Experience

A good logo design company must have branding experience because brands are defined by the experiences they have and give.
Brand experience helps to strengthen brand trust and identity. Before you make your choice of a logo design company, make sure to choose a company whose work on their image has created relevance and identity in the market.
Successful brands combine promise and proof. What they claim is what they deliver.

Team Must Have Creative Abilities

A good logo design agency or company should have a handful of experts and creative thinkers who possess the courage to think outside of the box, resulting in truly spectacular designs.
Such an agency should have a team of professionals whose specialties focus on web design, brand identity, brand illustrations, iconography, and other related logo design services.

Check the Track Record

To have a feel of the company, you might want to check out their work history, find out what they have achieved so far as a logo design agency or company.

This is where you compare promise with proof. You might also need to find out organizations or companies they’ve worked for. All of these would help you decide on what to do next.

Flexibility and Revisions

While some design companies offer a certain number of revisions, some others do not. A good logo design company should be able to accommodate regular revisions with the client in order to meet their requirements.
While doing these, discretionary measures should be employed to ensure there’s a balance between what the client wants and what is obtainable.

Process and Technology Used

A good logo design company should follow the principles of the logo design process; gathering information, research and analyzation, conceptualization and finalization.

They should be able to give clients products and services that capture the moment, unique and fresh. And this can only be achieved if they have the latest technology for design services.

Transparent Communication

The importance of communication can not be overemphasized; talk more of one that involves transparency. Transparent communication hastens up problem-solving, fosters trust, and helps to maintain any relationship under the sun.

It provides timely information to create awareness and avoid surprises. So before you pick that logo design agency or company, consider this element as it is inherently consistent and meets expectations.


A lot of work goes into creating a brand identity. A lot of inspiration is needed, as well as creativity. Due to this, it may not be possible to deliver in the space of one hour if it is to be designed by a professional. It depends, though, but all things being equal, a standard delivery time should not exceed 7-10 days.

Dedicated Team

No logo design company can attract customers if its team members lack zeal and dedication in their job.
Be on the lookout for a logo design agency whose commitment to delivering is unwavering, a team with a passion for good design, with a great understanding of design standards.

NDA Form

NDA, which stands for non-disclosure agreements, are legal contracts that prohibit someone from giving out information classified as confidential.

It is stated in the agreement what constitutes “confidential,” which includes; proprietary information, trade secrets, and any other details which may contain personal information or events.

As much as you need a company’s service, it is of equal importance to ensure your business is in safe hands.

3. What You Should Avoid

Not Framing a Project Description

Framing a project description plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your project. It involves the adoption of a clear vision of the outcome of the project involved. This allows each stage of the project work to stay on point.

The first step in setting a project aim and objective is to have a well-defined project description. This helps in allocating resources and building a comprehensive project timeline.

A project description is a necessity to ensure the success of your project. It doesn’t matter how effective or hardworking you are; without it you won’t be able to succeed in your project.

Not Setting Expectations

Setting clear expectations could be tasking and frustrating too. But it is a necessary, if not a compulsory, step to take if success is the goal.

For your job to be done successfully, the logo designer needs to know what to do with any given project or job.
So before you contract that company, you may want to write down your expectations to eliminate any form of ambiguity and save time as well.

Not Finding the Price Breakup

After providing the project description and setting expectations, another important thing would be finding the price breakup.

Breakup value is used to assess the financial strength of an organization or company before making a decision to invest or go into business with that company.

Not Setting a Proper Feedback System

Setting up a feedback system is essential as it helps to quantify the level of success achieved in a given task. It keeps everyone on track and helps to avoid costly mistakes. It fosters a healthy communication flow and creates a friendly work environment.

Be it a positive feedback or negative feedback, it can help improve skills and productivity. Problems are easily identified and treated if a feedback system is in place.

4. How Much it Cost to Design a Logo

Low Range – This is usually between up to $50. If you have a fair knowledge on logo designing, you can do it yourself or you go for a logo generator.

Middle Range – This may cost between $300 to $2,000. You can get an experienced designer with professional service advice, or one with limited experience within this range depending on which end you are looking at whether the lower or higher end.

High End – This is between the range of $2,500 to $10,000+. You can get guaranteed top-notch designs from a full-service team of creative designers.

So, there you have it, everything you need to put into consideration before you hire a logo designer. Getting a good logo design service for your business could be very tasking. If you don’t know how to go about it, you may end up making a regretful decision.

You will find great teams of logo designers in India, who offer the entire range of logo design services at very affordable rates. Finding the right team of logo designers in India might take some time but it is always worth considering. It is not only about costs, but about having more options, and artists with the willingness to go the extra mile to serve your needs.

I have written this article because I have come across enterprises with logos that don’t correlate with their business nor their vision. Always remember that your logo is your visual identity, and it’s going to last for a long time, if not forever.

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