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What Are The Most In-Demand Skills For Graphic Designers?

What Are The Most In-Demand Skills For Graphic Designers?

Graphic designers are in demand across industries. The skill set requirements vary across diverse business segments, but there are certain skills that all experienced designers should possess. These skills are essential to making a success of projects without wasting time, efforts, and creative energies. These skills also help graphic designers make better contributions toward customer experience and satisfaction. Find out what these skills are!


We come across a range of graphic designer job profiles wherever we seek graphic design services. Many profiles are primarily associated with advertising, publishing, public relations, media, industrial design, and a range of other industries. The combination of skill sets differ across profiles, and often employers are not sure which combination would suit their projects.

Some graphic designers have expertise in identifying and creating the right visual elements for reports and data visualization presentations. Some might have a good deal of experience in logo and brand collateral design, while many might excel in creating graphics for websites.

It is easy for employers to identify the domain- and industry-specific design skills, but are they enough to make a success of diverse graphic design projects. Here are some critical skills sets that you should look out for. They make graphic designers better equipped to deliver outcomes that align with client and end-customer needs.

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Skills That Competent Graphic Designers Need to Possess

When hiring a graphic designer agency or the best local graphic designers, companies definitely check if the candidates have proven experience in graphics designing work. In addition to experience, employers or clients also would like to check the following: a strong portfolio, familiarity with design software and technologies, a keen eye for details, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work methodically and meet deadlines.

Software Skills

As most graphic design work is created and delivered using software and tools, the knowledge and competency of using different types of design software make all the difference. Some of the most popular graphic design software applications include Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019, Xara Designer Pro X, GIMP, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Additionally, many companies expect graphic designers to have some experience in using video and animation tools. As a graphic designer, you might also need to chip in and help a colleague with PowerPoint presentations or web presentations. There is a plethora of photo editing software coming up each day. Designers need to remain updated on the latest trends in photo editing, video editing, and image enhancement and the applications used for managing such needs.


Creativity is a very subjective element, but it needs to be managed in the most objective manner. Creativity and innovative ideas can hardly emerge from a vacuum; it is the ability to frame approaches, ask the right questions, get the right information and answers, and develop designs that match the requirements in a beautiful manner.

An in-depth understanding of the project requirement depends on how clearly and precisely, clients convey their expectations. So it is important that graphic designers find ways to raise the right queries and find answers that help them alight their design ideas with the right set of design elements, layouts, visualization techniques, etc. The best graphic designers will collect insightful inputs to make designs audience-oriented from various angles.

Image Editing

Images can be made more attractive with the help of photo filters. However, a graphic designer needs to make a wise decision and choose the right photo editing software. Moreover, the key skill lies in applying the right filters to enhance the unique features of the image.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paintshop Pro are some of the most popular image editing software. Picture cleaning, enhancing the colour tone, saturating adjustments, adding or deleting backgrounds, applying contrasts and grains are some of the widely used image editing actions. A graphic designer needs to understand these terms and how these actions influence image quality.

UX Design

UX design is about making designs more user-oriented. The demand for UX design is increasing at an amazing pace, as designs across segments like e-commerce, mobile and web-based brochures and customer service pages are focusing on UX.

Knowledge about UX designing is of utmost importance for a wide range of graphic designer service projects. A UX design knowledge will help the graphic designer focus on the user’s expectations from the product or service. UX design projects in a graphic designer agency’s portfolio will certainly enhance the agency’s brand image.


Graphic designers require fluent communication skills. They need to be in a position to collect client demands, understand them and align the requirements with a creative process. Along with verbal communication, a graphic designer must also be good at formal email communication. Sending prototypes to clients, answering their design queries through emails or chats will be crucial for a graphic designing professional. Moreover, communication will be a key aspect of leadership roles associated with graphic designing profiles.

Print Design

A graphic designer must have the skills to spot any printing issues that the design might face. Scaling up or scaling down an image for printing is part of almost all project requirements.

Images need to be made ready for the bulk printing process. The best graphic designers will have a clear idea about the finish offered by various paper types. They must have the intuition to make the right decision based on varying client’s demands from layout options to the paper or application used.


A graphic designer will regularly face backlash for their prototype and design samples. Despite the innumerable feedback pointers, they need to pull themselves together and get back to the desk.

Problem-solving skills are crucial to make the design process less tedious and more goal-oriented. It is about making the client give maximum inputs so that designs meet their requirements. Similarly, problem-solving skills help a designer make better decisions about deadlines, design methods, and deliverables.

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