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What Are The New Things Trending In Interior Design In 2022 And Beyond

What Are The New Things Trending In Interior Design In 2022 And Beyond

Interior designing is a field that is constantly changing. A good interior designer will always keep an open mind to keep pace with changing trends and styles. Here are a few trending interior design themes that have gained a lot of value and acceptance. These new trends have replaced many themes that gained popularity in the last decade. The blog will also address the design trends you need to stay away from.

Interior designing is about enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier, comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. It involves conceptual development, space planning, design development, support with construction management, and execution of the design. Trends in interior design keep on changing and how interiors were done in the past differs from how it is perceived today. There is a lot of focus on combining individual preferences with upcoming styles and trends.

Most people consider hiring an interior designer to be a luxury. There is a popular myth that hiring an interior design company would increase the overall budget of the project. If you are, however, looking to personalize spaces, enhance everyday experiences, and find happiness from the spaces where you live and work every day, then the services of an interior designer are essential.

Interior designers will invest their education, training, intellectual knowledge, and creativity to give interiors a certain personality and appeal of their own. Leveraging competent interior design services, you will be able to not only introduce an upscale look into your living spaces but make them highly responsive to your needs for comfort, convenience, and wellbeing.

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Latest Interior Design Trends

Here are some of the most interesting interior design trends that are becoming increasingly popular and will influence space planning and design in 2021 and beyond.

1. Nostalgia

The nostalgia interior design trend is reviving historic home decorating trends – a contemporary take on historic styles that are liked by homeowners. Some might like to combine classical styles that dominated interior design 100-300 years ago with notions of space and comfort in 2021. There are many who plan to introduce old architecture and decor styles through the use of furniture, screens, and wall panels and other traditional decorating items. Only a professional interior design service provider could help you make a success of this old meets new decorating trend.

2. Convenience and Comfort

As people spent a lot of time at home in the last year, the importance of comfort and convenience overrode all other needs. Home decors need to be suited for better comfort and convenience. There is a lot more individual say in deciding everything from space planning, light, shades, furniture, and decor in a way that ease of movement and space to rest and relax is enhanced.

What is challenging here is finding ways to implement a maximum of individual preferences based on what is practical and possible given the architectural, structural and MEP design of the home. By hiring an established interior design company, it is possible to achieve the goals of comfort and convenience with brilliance.

3. Natural Materials

Natural material gives an environmental-healthy feeling. Wood is the most common natural material used for interior designing. Right from furniture to floor finishings, wood can be used across innumerable design trends and can match many styles as it is available in varying shades.

The traditional brick has also made a comeback in homes, offices, cafes, restaurants and other places. Brick suits different styles and can be painted with desired tones. Stone is also being widely used in fireplaces or to accent a particular wall. Stone window sills are replacing other styles.

There is a lot of demand for recycled and handcrafted wood and other decor items made from natural materials. In addition to enhancing aesthetic appeal, the use of recycled materials also demonstrates an eco-friendly design approach. Bringing nature indoors is becoming one of the hottest interior design trends for 2021.

4. Closed Floor Plans

As families spent more time indoors under the same roof from morning until night, open floor plans ceased to make sense. Individuals felt the need for more private space to work, study, and spend time without being distracted. Open floor plans made it impossible to get that private space for remote working or studying or individual space requirements. That’s how closed floor plans became increasingly appealing.

Expert interior designers can make closed floor plans less cramped, allowing ease of movement and comfort while adding to a sense of space through the use of the right choice of lighting, wall decor, and furniture.

5. Sustainable Furnishing

A minimalist interior design trend is one of the most aspired trends these days. It helps you simplify, organize and declutter quickly. Storing and shifting has become more efficient with this trend. Today, green building materials are not very costly. They are easily available and can also be reused. You can use recycled glass windows, cork flooring, eco-friendly paints for a more sustainable approach.

Moreover, sustainable furnishing can be taken to the next level by redesigning old furniture and interior design pieces. This would include trending up old dressers with a new paint coat or redesigning used cabinets with new colour tones. Sustainable interior designs also provide a platform for efficient energy use. Using built-in sensors to switch off or switch on lights automatically is one of the many energy-efficient applications.

6. “Grand Millennial” style

The grand millennial style refers to the increasing use of styles and themes of the 80s, or 70s, or earlier periods with a modern twist. The art deco of the 1920s and 1930s are also finding a place in modern living rooms but without making the rooms look like they belong to that period. It’s more about adding a touch and not a total transformation. The idea is to modernize decor trends that were in vogue generations back and add value.

A grand millennial style requires personal attention and a more keen interest in age-old collections. With the assistance of intuitive interior designers, you can achieve the judicious use of art deco without stepping too far.

7. Wellness as a Design Inspiration

Colour can impact your health in a lot of ways. Well balanced colour tones greatly enhance moods and feelings, and accordingly, patterns are set for different rooms to promote, for example, restorative sleep, comfort while cooking, etc. Green motivates restoration of body and mind. Botanical prints, framed green, floral artwork, etc., can be a huge hit for interior spaces. Including natural elements like linen, a natural colour palette, natural stones, and unfinished wood are believed to boost health and emotional stability.

8. Light It Up Zen Style

The Asian inspired Zen interior design style places emphasis on peaceful energy and positive vibes to generate a feeling of happiness and peace within homes. This style encourages the use of simple forms and soft lighting over garish decor and harsh lighting. Some common elements of this trend is the use of focused task lighting combined with soft accent lighting to create a relaxed mood.

9. Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional designs focus on better use of limited space. It involves, for example, the use of loft beds, hidden storage spaces, multifunctional furniture items, etc. There is a lot more scope for intuitive innovation here, especially where furniture items are concerned.

Five Interior Design Trends to Avoid in 2021

1. Grey Kitchen Interiors

The grey kitchen interiors have lost all their cool now. They were a popular design trend in the last decade. Currently, the grey trend seems cold and lacks distinction or freshness.

2. Use of False Stones

The appeal for false stones has faded away, and real stones are being used to make the home decor look impressive and mesmerizing.

3. Fake Plants

The realization that fake plants are only adding to dust and plastic use has made way for the use of low maintenance plants or foliage that improve air quality and oxygen levels, besides adding to the aesthetic value of rooms.

4. Expensive Furniture Without Personality

There is an increasing trend to dispose of huge furniture pieces that take a lot of space and do not sync with modern design styles. The appeal for personalized furniture has increased multifold.

5. Children-Themed Rooms

People have also woken up to the fact that the use of children themes are adding up interior design expenses. As children grow up, they lose interest in such themes, and feel the need to redecorate rooms.

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