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What Effect Does Your Logo Have On Your Business?

What Effect Does Your Logo Have On Your Business?

Boost Your Business With The Right Logo Design

Logos are a tool that businesses use for visual business identity creation, branding, marketing, and advertising. Having an effective logo with a unique design enables you to make a strong first impression and attract a huge customer base. Find out more about the benefits of a personalized logo design from experts offering logo design services in India.

Logos are known to give identity to your brand – a logo’s objective is to give your firm a distinct visual identity. Good logo designs attract new customers and improve your brand image when combined with superior branding strategies. That is why successful brands with great logos have hired the services of a custom logo design company.

If you are planning to launch a new business or product and are looking for logo design services in India, we suggest that you get some background information on what are the different types of logo designs available.

Your knowledge of logo designs will help you select the right partner offering brand and logo design services in India. Based on how you would like your logos created, you can then choose to hire freelance logo designers or a custom logo design company.

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Types of Logo Designs

1. Monogram Logos

Monogram Logos

Monogram logos are also known as Lettermark logos. They use initials of the brand in the logo. A monogram logo has one to three letters, which form a single symbol. The letters in Monogram logos can also be mixed with graphics to further emphasize the business concept. Famous brands like Louis Vuitton, HP, and IBM use monogram logo designs.

2. Wordmark Logos

Wordmark Logos

A wordmark logo, also known as a logotype, is used when the brand’s name is relatively shorter and catchy in itself. Logotypes are just text logos that are distinctively fashioned and spell the brand name in a unique typeface.

Google, eBay, Coca Cola are some of the famous brands that use wordmark logo designs.

3. Pictorial Logos

Pictorial Logos

Pictorial logos, commonly referred to as logo symbols, use an image to represent the brand. Pictorial logos are simple and easy to recall. If you provide a certain service, a picture portraying that service will deliver a quick and obvious message to your target audience.

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many more brands use pictorial logo designs.

4. Abstract Logos

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are extremely conceptual in nature. Instead of conveying a clear thought, they may reflect a concept. An abstract logo is a sign that expresses a large notion in a unique shape.

The advantage of an abstract logo is that it allows you to symbolically represent what your firm does without depending on the cultural meanings of a specific picture.

Brands like Nike and Adidas use Abstract logos.

5. Mascot Logos

Mascot Logos

These are logo designs that include an illustration of a mascot. Mascots create a warm and fuzzy sensation in their audience, which contributes to the creation of a highly recognizable brand. Furthermore, nothing attracts children more than a physical, concrete figure to whom they can relate.

KFC and Pringles have used the Mascot logos to attract the audience.

6. Combination Logos

Combination Logos

A combination logo combines a wordmark or monogram with a graphic or image, offering a company the benefit of combining letters and design to express its business mission or standards or message.

When your audience comes into contact with your company, a combination logo will provide them with various visual clues that will help them to understand your brand.

McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Puma, are some of the companies that use Combination logos.

7. Emblem Logos

Emblem Logos

An emblem logo is preferred by company owners who have a legacy business. The emblem of the business that was started hundreds of years ago is used in the logo design. Emblems look remarkable when the design is etched. If you want your logo to stand out from the crowd, emblem logo design could definitely work for you. Starbucks is a good example that makes use of the Emblem logo.

The Effect Of Logo Design On Your Business

1. Essential For Building Unique Brand Identity

A business that wants its name and logo to make a statement will choose to work with a custom logo design company or a logo design firm offering personalized logo design services in India.

A strong and unique brand identity translates into a trustworthy brand image, increasing the value and popularity of your company. The logo is the foundation of your brand’s identity, which is critical for a commercial organization to become more visible. This is why personalized or custom logos are essential for building a unique brand identity.

2. Critical To Establishing Visual Brand Recognition

If your company’s logo design resembles tens of others, it would be difficult to create visual brand recognition. One of the reasons why companies aiming to be market leaders invest in custom logo design services in India is because they want to establish a unique, strong visual brand identity that makes their product or company stand out anywhere it is displayed.

A well-designed logo is a visual, beautiful feature; it elicits favorable recollection about your brand in ways that the name of your firm may not.

3. Helps Build Credibility

It is important for a business to show the audience that they are credible and can be trusted. A logo might help in building credibility. The logo has the capacity to sway people’s opinions and motivate them to interact with you. Once you have done that and encouraged clients inside your business, they are more inclined to buy from you.

On the other hand, if a good logo is not available, it provides a dull appearance that may turn off potential clients. If you are unable to make a good first impression, it will have a direct impact on your capacity to expand your firm.

4. Allows You to Stand Apart From The Competition

A well-designed logo is one that can establish an instant connection with your company’s target audience groups. Whether it is a combination logo or a wordmark one, or a pictorial logo, the overall visual impact of the design should catch attention while indicating a style that aligns with your brand image-building strategies.

If you have a low budget for logo design services, find out from where you can hire freelance logo designers. An established logo design firm will have a network of remote teams and can help you hire freelance logo designers with expertise in your industry.

5. Influence How Your Customers Perceive Your Business

When people come across any information from your business, the first thing they will check for is your logo. This is the visual identity of your company, displayed on all of your marketing materials, advertisement boards, product packaging, etc.

Not having a custom logo that looks unique to your business and not a version that is similar to many makes the difference between gaining reputation and recognition and being considered commonplace.

Whether you hire freelance logo designers or a custom logo design company, ensure that you get logo designs that are unique and designed in a way to build a good image.

6. Boosts Brand Values

The logo will be placed next to the name of your business wherever it occurs. A logo design used for marketing should be memorable for a long period. Customers might remember a distinctively designed trademark even after many years.

An experienced custom logo design company with brand design experts can guide you through insights from comprehensive research about what should be included in your logo design that can enhance the business image.

7. Inspires Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is earned through a business’s consistent supply of high-value products, undivided attention to the customer experience, service, and consistency in all aspects.

If you have a poorly designed logo, your customers will not be likely to refer to your company or share its sales promotion messages on any social media network. People like to make known that they are associated with good brands, and logo design plays a key role in creating good brand impressions.


A logo is an important aspect of developing a successful business. A stunning logo makes a strong first impression on potential consumers. It gives the business a distinct identity that elicits pleasant feelings, particularly among repeat buyers. Find out about logo design trends here, or connect with us to learn more about custom logo design services in India.

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