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What is a Combination Logo? How Can It Benefit Your Brand?

What is a Combination Logo? How Can It Benefit Your Brand?

Make your company’s logo attractive with a combination logo.

A company’s logo is the most important element of its visual communication. There are various types of logos. Out of all, a combination logo provides a lot of benefits. With the help of a custom logo design company, you could have the best logo for your company. Find out all about combination logos.

Have you launched a new firm or company or an organization in New York? Does it have a logo yet? If not, find out how you could create the best logo for your company. Hire a logo designer in New York who has good knowledge of different logo designs, especially combination logo designs.

There are many different ways in which you can get your logo designs. There are free templates and template-based DIY logo design tools. If you want to create a logo that’s truly symbolic of what you want to communicate visually about your company, then it is important to get the services of a custom logo design company or an expert logo designer in New York.

We are sharing the fundamentals of logo design with you, helping you choose the right design type and elements. There are tips and tricks shared by a highly experienced logo designer in New York and some top logo design services firms.

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Key Things To Know About Logo Design

Before you hire a logo designer in New York, get the facts right about logo design services. Let us first look into the key types of logo designs.

1. Image-Based Logos

a) Emblem Logos:

Emblem Logos

It is a traditional type of logo where there is an emblem along with a short text. The text is usually the name of the company and/or the motto of the company. For example, the logo of Starbucks is an emblem logo.

b) Mascot Logos:

 Mascot Logos

A mascot logo is one that has an image of a brand ambassador, usually in the form of animation or cartoon. Mascot logos are used by companies to be relatable, giving an audience an easy way to connect with and understand the company. Pringles has a mascot logo.

c) Abstract Logos:

Abstract Logos

An abstract logo is a symbol or image that is metaphorical and symbolic. It isn’t necessarily recognizable, but it rather is a complex geometric shape that represents your company and its value in a conceptual way. For example, Mastercard has an abstract logo.

d) Brand Mark Logos:

Brand Mark Logos

A brand mark logo is a reputed and widely known symbol, element, art design, or visual image that helps the audience to immediately recognize a certain company. A company has such a logo for primarily developing and maintaining a brand image. The logos of Nike and Reebok are of this kind.

2. Letter or Text-Based Logos

a) Wordmark Logos:

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos consist only of texts. The logo is simply the name of the company in a specific color. The logo and company name are synonymous, text-only typographic treatment of the brand’s name where the name becomes the instant identification of the brand.

b) Monogram Logos:

Monogram Logos

At times, companies choose to have their logo similar to a monogram. A monogram logo can portray the history and culture of a company and shape the brand identity.

c) Letterform Logos:

Letterform Logos

Letterform logos are made up of initials of the brand name or business. Letterforms are text-only and shorter designs.

3. Combination Logos (Letters and Images)

Why limit your logo to being only letters or images when you could have both?

A combination logo consists of a combined wordmark or lettermark, and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. The picture and text can be laid out together, stacked on top of each other, or integrated together to create an image–for example, the logos of Doritos, Lacoste, etc.

Why Use Combination Logos? What Are The Benefits

The following are the benefits of combination logos.

1. Increases Versatility in Logo Designing:

Do not limit yourself to a monotonous logo for your company. Your logo could be interesting by combining both graphics and text. This way, it becomes more versatile and speaks to the people. Having both texts and images speaks more to the people and lets them know about the company’s vision.

People might be confused seeing only graphics. Also, with only texts, the audience might find the logo uncreative. With more effort with the logo, it creates an impression that the company is working to reach the eyes of the people. Therefore, a combination logo is the best type of logo to have.

2. Increases Brand Recall Value – Name and Symbol:

A combination logo sends the message loudly and clearly to the customers. As the name and the symbol of the company is visible on the logo, the brand value is distinct.

The combination increases the chances of rebranding the value of the company from time to time. They are easier to register and trademark your business. It offers a symbol for your company in terms of both a sign and a text. This is why people are able to quickly associate the logo with your company.

3. Stronger Brand Recognition Possibilities:

Every company aims for stronger brand recognition possibilities. Brand recognition is a concept used in business advertising and marketing. A company’s logo is considered successful when the clients are able to recognize their brand with the help of their logo. It is the logo of the company that makes the first impression on the clients.

The combination logo leaves a long-lasting impression on the general people and could prove to be the most beneficial type of logo design.

4. Easier to Experiment and Increase Visual Impact:

Combination logos are easier to format with time. There is more scope for experimentation with design. When a well-established or reputed brand announces an intention to make changes in the logo, the audience is eager to witness the change. It becomes an event to look forward to.

With the involvement of two strong elements using text and image, the combination logo works scientifically too. The visual impact created by the logo binds the audience together. Therefore, not only business companies but also TV shows, video games, musical bands seek a creative combination logo that appeals to people’s minds and eyes.

5. Enhances Overall Branding:

A company speaks through its logo. With the help of your logo designer in New York, you could enhance the overall branding of your company. With one glimpse of the logo of your company, people will recognize the power of your reach.

Design your brand logo in such a way that it proves to be an efficient brand identity. With your brand’s logo designed by the right custom logo design company, your company could be powerful. The merchandise and products that bear your company’s logo will have higher values. For instance, sports companies having their own products carrying their logo attract more buyers.

Hire A Professional Logo Designers To Ensure Optimum Benefits

1. Design Ideas That Reflect The Right Trends and Market Perspectives

A professional logo designer has the knowledge of what is trending currently. They have a fair idea of what is negative and obsolete. With a professional logo designer, you could have designs that reflect the market perspectives of the practical world. Your company logo should also reflect your goal and ideas.

2. Amazing Visual Communication and Brand Identity Building

A logo should be able to amaze the customers with its visual power. That would attract them to get in touch with your company. A logo is a stepping stone to building the identity of your company. By discussing with your logo designer, you could have a logo that represents your company’s vision.

3. Perfection in Design Elements

No logo should have any graphical error. The design should be perfect. A designer is primarily an artist. Therefore, a logo designer should have all sorts of ideas for having visuals that match the texts and the color scheme best suited to represent the company.


A combination logo is the best kind of logo out of all. Therefore, it is best to have it designed in the hands of a professional logo designer. They have ideas of technical aspects such as breadth to width ratio, pixel number, color scheme, etc.

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