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How Creative Beauty Parlour Brochures Develop Your Customer Base

How Creative Beauty Parlour Brochures Develop Your Customer Base

Designing a Brochure for Your Beauty Parlour

A brochure plays a crucial role in any business. It sets up a communication channel between the brands and their prospective customers. While setting up a beauty parlour, you need to design a brochure that will address all your service offerings and special privileges. You also need to mention the pricing for the services on the brochure. The below write-up will help you design a brochure that can convince people about your expertise. Special tips about including high-quality images, optimizing information, punchlines, creativity, displaying pricing, etc., are discussed in the blog.

The beauty and salon industry has been a significant sector since ancient times. This ever-growing sector, however, faced a massive setback due to the global pandemic. The lockdown shut down many beauty spas, hair salons, and cosmetic companies for days.

As the situation has slowly started to return to normalcy, beauty parlours need to revamp their existing marketing campaigns to attract more customers and improve their business continuity. And what better way than new and attractive brochures to let people know about their beauty salon, its enhanced capacities, and safety precautions!

Both e-brochures and printed brochures are highly effective and cost-efficient marketing tools that every beauty parlour must adopt. A well-designed beauty parlour brochure is a symbol of professionalism and genuineness. Moreover, they build a brand image and open a channel of communication. A well-planned and designed brochure is an integral part of every beauty parlour business.

Powerful Tips for Designing Brochure for your Beauty Parlor

Acknowledging Customer Needs

A beauty parlour brochure must be designed to address your customer demands. Each client expects a customized service that depends on their skin or hair type. The brochure needs to provide information about all customer queries.

You could explore existing beauty parlour brochures and explore the questions and points they have put forward to their customers. New trends are coming up in organic beauty care, and if you are open to discovering opportunities, your brochure needs to display the right message.

Make sure that you include keywords and points that will register a mass appeal. Study successful beauty parlour ventures and try to identify how they are influencing so many customers. Use rich features, quality images, and punchlines that establish trust with your clients. Try to answer the queries of the customers in the brochure. Write the content of your brochure from the perspective of customers.

Use Titles and Subtitles

People do not have a lot of time to read huge paragraphs. A well-planned title will help them get a gist of your brand and capture their attention to scan the brochure further. Get creative with the words and think out of the box. Use words that will capture attention from your target population.

The subtitle gives a brief peek into the brochure. Make a list of your salient features and use them in your titles and subtitles creatively. Beauty parlour brochure designs should ensure informative, apt, yet elaborate text for title and subtitle. The customer should be able to get an idea of everything being mentioned in the brochure without having any further confusion in mind.

Write Simple Sentences

You know your target audience. You need to use simple words that will help them understand your brand goals. Make sure that words are limited and a paragraph does not exceed two-three lines. The font must be legible.

A beauty parlour brochure will be addressing people of various ages and cultural backgrounds. The sentences must be understandable to all. Before confirming the brochure for mass print or distribution, make sure that you share it within your immediate circle.

Collect reviews about the content delivery from people with diverse views and backgrounds. A professional brochure designing company will offer you the creative expertise to write crisp and optimized brochure content.

Brochure Designs for Beauty Parlours Should Be Attractive

Beauty parlors and hair salons deal with enhancing the beauty and promoting skincare. Hence, aesthetics plays a major role in this industry. The brochure will establish the first impression of your brand. Hence, make sure that you give utmost importance to the color tone, font style, quality of images, graphics, and more.

Make sure that the colors you use blend in well and do not take away the focus from specific sections. The logo, content, and images must complement each other and create a pleasant viewing experience.

Beauty parlours should give a thought to what experiences and emotions their customers are taking away with them. To create a pleasant impact on the customers, the cover of the beauty parlour brochure should contain a logo and communicate the USP through a title.

Additionally, the brochure cover can also contain intriguing graphics or photos. All these things are done to capture and hold the customer’s attention and make them desire to open and read the brochure.

Promotional Discounts and Offers

Who doesn’t get attracted to promotional discounts and offers? Discounts and offers are amazing ways of quickly grabbing people to the stores. You will register an immediate impact with the help of well-formulated packages and discounts. However, it is important that the discounts are visible to all.

They need to be placed in bold and with the help of callouts to separate them from the other elements in the brochure. People who would like to visit a beauty parlor must have the option to select a package and avail services at a discounted rate. This saves their time wasted in scamming through the service offerings and picking out individual services. Utilize the festival and vacation times to offer more discounts and build a loyal clientele.

Limit Your Fonts

Using more than three different fonts on the beauty parlour brochure can make the brochure unstructured and unprofessional. While designing the brochure, always keep in mind that too many font sizes and styles all at once can wreck the brochure layout.

As a rule of thumb, limit the number of font families to a minimum and try to stick to them throughout the entire brochure. If using more than one font, ensure that all the selected fonts complement each other based on style and size. Three fonts are more than enough for covering the heading, subheading, and body text.

Be Creative and Unique

Being unique will increase your brand’s recall value. Uniqueness is a key factor that your beauty parlour brochure needs to exhibit. Study about the latest brochure design trends and how an aesthetically innovative brochure can invite them to read further.

Experiment with colors and tones. You need to let go of the mundane brochure layouts and formats. Choose a brochure design that communicates clearly your skincare and hair care goals. Try to include elements and graphics in the brochure that people do not see regularly. You can also try something new with the brochure folds to grab more attention. However, make sure that you maintain the integrity of your brand and do not go overboard with the irrelevant creative portrayal.

Choose the Right Colours and the Right Papers

Choosing the right colours is a major challenge in designing the brochure for beauty parlour because people respond to various colours differently. While some may hate a particular colour on sight, the other one might love the brochure of that specific colour.

The general solution to this problem can be to choose a trademark colour and branch out to its different shades and tones. Choose background colours that make the text font clear and easy to read.

Using a low-quality paper will depict low professionalism and quality standards of the beauty parlour. To make an impression that stands out, always prefer using high-quality paper. A high-quality paper may be on the pricier side than a flimsy paper, but it will give a view to the clients that you care for your brand and making efforts for maintaining quality standards is your priority.

Give Your Customers a Reason to Act

Make use of unique call-to-action punchlines and callouts wherever applicable. A call to action registers excitement in a reader’s mind. Instead of just saying “call today,” give them a reason to contact you. Identify salient features and include points in your call-to-action elements. For example, calls to action features could mention cost-optimized service benefits, organic skin and hair care, precaution amidst the pandemic, etc.

The key skill lies in including the call to action elements on all pages of the brochure. Seek help from a professional brochure designer to place the callouts and call-to-action elements in the right place.

Make it Easy to Respond

Share all contact details and not just the location or address. Customers might have their own preferences when it comes to connecting with a company – email, social media, enquiry on the official website or Google Business Page, etc.

A prospective client must not waste time scanning the pages for your contact details. Include website links on every page of the brochure if possible. Also, if you are designing an e-brochure, insert links wherever applicable. Links to the website, maps, email, and call, etc. will display your customer service quality to your clients.

How Much Does Brochure Design Cost?

To answer this question, you need to know what kind of brochure your brand needs. Most people approach brochure designing firms for a quotation. However, most times, they are unaware of the options they have.

A beauty parlour brochure design will depend on the amount of graphic designing and layout planning it needs. Once the designing company gets a brief idea about your business plans, they will suggest a few brochure fold types that will serve your purpose.

The design budget is planned based on the folds, creative strategy, photography, copywriting, translations, paper stocks, and samples, printing, and binding. The printing costs will solely depend on the number of copies you wish to distribute. A brochure designing budget will vary from client to client.


A well-designed brochure helps in serving as a perfect introduction to your business. Accurately distributed brochures can help expand the recall value of the parlour. Additionally, brochures are great marketing tools when reaching out to new customers. They also help with trade shows and networking opportunities.

Creatively rich and elegantly composed beauty parlour brochures can help sell your organization. If you need to develop as a business and connect with more clients and do not have your brochure yet, consider the big picture. Associate with the best design firms and equip your brand with well-designed brochures to fly high.

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