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2022 Logo Design Trends That Will Up Your Brand Game

2022 Logo Design Trends That Will Up Your Brand Game

Choose the Best Color Combination and Fonts For Your Logo!

Almost all successful companies have logo designs created through careful study and planning that reflect their strengths and business image. If you are launching a new business or a product and want to design a logo that will wow customers, find out about the trends in 2022 and prevent using designs that have become outdated. Find expert advice and tips from a top logo design agency!

The design trends for making a brand logo changes from time to time. The brands need to keep design trends in check so that their logo does not feel outdated. Here are some valuable tips and suggestions provided by logo design services experts who have worked with 1,000+ firms in 20+ business sectors.

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Tips For Choosing Color Palette For Logo Design in 2022

1. Simple Shades

Simple Shades

Logos that are easy to recall and comprise a few master strokes are getting a lot of admiration. A competent logo design agency will help you understand how simple can be powerful when designs are ingenious.

2. White Space

White Space

White space, when used appropriately, may aid in the creation of a clear, clear, and strong logo design. In 2022, you will see more logo designers using blank space in ways you’ve never seen before: as a blank canvas to fill in.

An experienced logo design agency will be able to decide how white space can be used to convey more meaning and lasting impressions.

3. Adding One Bright Color – Orange, Gold, Yellow

Adding One Bright Color - Orange, Gold, Yellow

Nothing attracts the customer to a logo other than the usage of bright color. They become an eye-catcher for the audience. If your company offers services or products to a young target audience, then an expert logo design services expert will suggest the use of one bright color to add a touch of vibrance.

Logo design services experts also suggest the use of one bright color for companies in sectors such as apparel, cosmetics, personal care, media, entertainment, etc.

4. 3D Gradients

3D Gradients

Logos with 3D effects are appropriate for the core storyline. They draw attention to the color contrast. Conical gradients will continue to remain popular. This is because they can transform basic initiatives into complex ones. Facebook Messenger is one such popular app that uses gradient logos.

On the screen, 3D gradient logos look phenomenal. They provide a designer with a plethora of options, including the ability to experiment with colors and create fantastic solutions that are both modern and basic in look.

5. Harmony and Balance (Less But Stunning)

Harmony and Balance (Less But Stunning)

Adding more details to the logo just to make it look unique is a bad idea. Follow the “less but stunning” mantra while creating logo designs. In a balanced logo, a designer must be able to accurately emphasize important data.

This trend also has the benefit of allowing the viewer’s eyes to rest. Today, we are surrounded by much too much unnecessary information and irrelevant details, and simplicity will assist in reducing chaos and creating balance.

Tips For Choosing Fonts For Logo Design in 2022

1. Sans Serif Varieties Still Rule

Sans Serif Varieties Still Rule

Sans serif typefaces are simple, contemporary, and minimalistic. Sans serif fonts are basic, clean, and readable. Serif typefaces have been around since the mid-nineteenth century, so we might say Sans Serif varieties still rule. They are popular because they are pleasing to the eye and elicit feelings of elegance and confidence. Brands like Microsoft, Panasonic, Google, and Jeep, use sans serif fonts for their brand’s logo.

2. Simple Scripts

Simple Scripts

Script fonts are decorative types that look like calligraphy or handwriting.

Natural handwriting is captured in simple script fonts. Invitations, branding logos, advertising, poster designs, and exhibition are just a few of the things they are utilized for.

Simple Script fonts are more about embellishing your designs than they are about readability because of their aesthetic aspect.

3. Juliette – Handwritten Signature Font

Juliette – Handwritten Signature Font

Blue type created Juliette Signature font, a natural hand-lettered typeface. This handwritten font is natural, basic, and attractive all at the same time.

Juliette is a stylish signature font with a handmade feel. Juliette is a stylish yet natural and simple font that is ideal for logos, social media, and more. You may develop nice items or designs using Juliette’s natural polished style without being stuffy. Juliette makes it simple to take your work to the next level.

4. Brush Fonts – To Add Hand Painted Element

Brush Fonts - To Add Hand Painted Element

With stunning brush fonts, you may accomplish amazing results. They are the ideal touch to any invitations or a captivating brand’s logo design.

These brush fonts are attractive and unique, having been handcrafted with competence.

No matter how basic or sophisticated the font’s design is, it has an artistic quality that shines out. There are several brush fonts to choose from for adding hand-painted elements to the logo design.

5. Animated Fonts

Animated Fonts

Animated Fonts are more compelling than static art or words, which help you in creating an animated logo. An animated logo conveys a story about your brand, and storytelling is all about conjuring up feelings. Animated logos instantly capture customer attention towards the brand.

6. Experimental Fonts

Experimental Fonts

Experimental fonts may give a design a dramatic edge or the proper vibe. They are frequently used as both aesthetic and typographic components at the same time.

Experimental fonts are usually displayed typefaces with an unusual look or interactivity, such as motion, or a disregard for letterform shape and spacing.

Unusual lines, colors, and letterforms are among the text styles available. They have a lot of personalities and add a lot of flair to your brand’s logo design.

7. Thick Strokes

Thick Strokes

Thick strokes or bold fonts are used to make a statement of the brand’s intention. Thick strokes make the logo hard to ignore. The Lovelo font, Qanelas Soft Typeface, Musket, Archive are some of the bold fonts used for logo designs.

Top Five Logo Design Styles That Will Trend in 2022

1. Experimental Styles

Experimental Styles

Experimental styles are a combination of mismatched letter styles and mind-bending forms. Overall, experimental font styles line between abstract forms are blurred and legible. This is not an easy trend to pull off, especially for viewers who do not have an inclination towards artistic design. However, experiment styles are not bound by any one language.

2. Minimalism


Minimalism is a timeless design concept that has been around for a long time.

Minimalist logo design is very popular because it is straightforward, despite the sparseness and simplicity of typefaces and the arrangement of design components.

In comparison to other logotypes, minimalist logos have a big benefit. They may be exhibited and printed on goods packaging and items without compromising their aesthetic integrity.

3. Geometrical Shapes

Geometrical Shapes

Geometrical shapes are the foundations of design, and understanding what each shape signifies can help make an appropriate logo design.

Symbolism is frequently used in modern logo design. While providing the logo structure it needs, using geometrical shapes will accentuate the soft and basic parts of the design. Consider how a logo may appear on a stamp. A geometric form is required to keep the pattern together.

4. Sketches and Hand Drawn Effects

Sketches and Hand Drawn Effects

Sketches with handwritten inscriptions might express a company’s message more precisely than their digital counterparts. You have to admit. This format appears to be natural and alive. It also catches the attention of a potential client. A designer must select the best font to fulfill all three needs. Attraction and readability are the most important criteria.

Hand-drawn logos communicate that the company is bold, unpretentious, open, and perhaps even unabashedly confident! If you want an unpolished design, 2022 is the year to include it in your logo.

5. Animations


Animated logos may help you capture your audience’s attention from the very first second and keep them engaged long enough to hear what you have to offer.

Logo animation services experts help brand owners create a powerful brand image using subtle movements of shapes or letters that transform the look of a logo design. Animations could be underplayed or overplayed. You need ingenious logo animation services experts to achieve the desired visual impact.


Designing a logo while keeping up with all the trends is important for competing with all other brands. The trends in the year 2022 are the combination of keeping it simple while at the same time adding quirkiness to it. If you are looking for logo design services for your brand, visit Språk Design for more.

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