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What Are The Key Elements of Brochure Design to Create Actionable Results?

What Are The Key Elements of Brochure Design to Create Actionable Results?

When designing professional brochures, there are certain elements you want to keep in mind if you’re going to create brochures that get results and not just sit in a pile of outdated materials at your place of business. Keep these points in mind as you create your next series of brochures, and make sure that you’re keeping them updated, as well! By the end of this blog post, you should have all the knowledge needed to create actionable results with your professional brochure design!

What Makes Your Brochure Designs Effective?

Ask These Questions To Get The Right Answers

To create a professional brochure design that creates actionable results, it’s important to start with the right questions.

What is your goal for this brochure?

What message do you want your brochure design to convey?

Is there a certain product or service you want the reader to know about?

It’s important that you keep in mind who your audience is before getting started on your design.

If you’re targeting business executives and professionals, you can hire brochure designer to speak to them. If you’re targeting children and families, choose an appropriate color palette and images of people having fun.

Help or delight customers with this information?

Help or Delight Customers

Professional brochure design can be a powerful marketing tool. It offers a great opportunity for the owner of the business to clearly and succinctly relay their message, often with an eye toward what would best appeal to their target audience.

You need to display the elements that are of deep interest to both potential customers. Your target audience will not be much interested in what you have to say about your brand, company, or products. They are looking at the outcomes they can achieve through your services.

Have you created key Call-to-Actions (CTAs)?

CTAs are the perfect way to turn visitors into customers by giving them a concrete next step. A good CTA should be clear, easy to understand, and relevant to your audience.

It should also offer an incentive or reward that’s valuable enough for your visitors to take action on, such as signing up for a free trial of your service. You can include one or more CTAs in your design depending on what you want to promote, but make sure they’re not too cluttered and hard to read.

Are your CTAs visible?

Have a call-to-action button or a CTA that is front and center on your brochure and stand out so that the viewer knows what they should do next.

Don’t overcomplicate things: Give the viewer options if necessary, but don’t overwhelm them with too many different places they can click, or they will be less likely to make any decision at all.

Don’t overcrowd it: Create an easy-to-read layout for content by not having too much text per page.

Be concise in your design: -This creates more white space, which is visually appealing and helps the reader focus on key points you want them to take away from the piece.

Are your CTAs easy to understand and invoke a real action?

Although the call-to-action is a key element of brochure design, in many brochures, it is not always clear how or where to make a purchase. One example of this is when you present the request for more information to the CTA in a way that it doesn’t seem trustworthy or authoritative.

A better approach would be to make the CTA clearly visible by choosing the right background and symbols. In addition, you can offer a free consultation and/or product demo video with one click. In other words, don’t force your potential customer to go through multiple steps just to get some basic information from you!

Is your brochure cover design instantly recognizable?

The brochure cover is often the first thing your potential customers will see. You should include all the best and most effective tips and tricks for designing the perfect brochure on this one page of your entire brochure design. Remember, you only have one chance at a first impression, so this must be the main event!

Captivating design is key to attracting customers’ attention and eliciting their interest in learning more about your product or service. A creative and eye-catching layout with strong contrasting colors, bold headlines, interesting visuals, and captivating testimonials are just some of the techniques that can set your brochure apart from competitors.

Are there customer-oriented headings and subheadings?

Include customer-oriented headings and subheadings in your brochure design. Headings help organize the information for a specific segment of the audience. Subheadings provide additional detail for any section.

Think about your audience, experience level, or needs as you organize your content. Headings should be customer-focused. For example, the brochure of one water filter unit had headings about the manufacturer, parts, and components. Another brochure had headings related to its ISO certification, number of customers, USP, and key benefits. Readers quickly scan the brochure and put it aside unless they find what they need without becoming overwhelmed by all of the information.

Have you used colors to your advantage?

It’s very common for color psychology to play a role in the design of promotional materials. You want your viewer, or customer, to respond positively. In particular, you’ll want them to feel confident and assured when they’re reading your brochure. Use blue if you want viewers/customers to feel confident and sure-footed with themselves and the information they’re reading. Colors like green, orange, yellow and red evoke emotion. Red is energizing, while yellow can be uplifting and warming. Orange evokes creativity while green is grounding but also renewing.

Your color palette should be simple, with 2-3 shades, and not more.

Do the format and graphics mean anything to your target audience?

The format and graphics of a brochure are very important because it dictates the audience’s reading experience. There are many different formats that can be used, and they each have their pros and cons.

For example, if the content has more in-depth text, which is great for the reader who wants detailed information, but on the other hand, it takes a little longer to read than a page of bullet points. The format, flow, shape, and graphics should increase customer engagement. An infographic might show pictures or drawings with captions underneath them for extra visuals.

Typography and visual hierarchy relevant to your core message?

Typography is one of the most important components of brochure design. A good balance between upper and lowercase lettering and a readable font will go a long way in creating the desired atmosphere for your brochure.

Typography should be tailored to work with the visual hierarchy so that readers can easily navigate through content. Consider using contrasting colors, fonts, line spacing, symbols, or imagery to draw attention and create contrast throughout your design. Consider where on the page you want your reader’s eye to rest while they read. Contrasting colors are especially effective at drawing attention as they add life to what would otherwise be a plain layout.


Whether you need professional brochure design services or not, there are several critical elements of a brochure that should be present for it to work as intended. From placement and imagery to layout and content, the things you include in your brochure will determine whether it achieves the desired results. When considering how to create an effective brochure, think about what you want the reader to do when they read it, and then make sure your choices match those goals. If you need professional brochure design services, contact us today!

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