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How Are Graphic Design And Web Design Separate?

How Are Graphic Design And Web Design Separate?

Are you wondering what exactly is the difference between graphic design and web design? Which are the areas where they converge, and in what ways they differ?

When you are considering hiring graphic design studio website services, you would need to choose the right team. Knowing the differences between graphic design and web design is essential to choosing the right talent for your company. Graphic and web design can both fulfill certain web design project needs. That does not make website and graphic design the same.

Here is a blog to help you fine tune your understanding of design. Learn the key differences between graphic design and web design and how these differences can help determine which type of designer you choose to work with. Also, find out what is web design for graphic designers.

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Graphic Design Is The Art; Web Design Uses Graphic Design For Impact

Web design will not be possible without graphic design. For any website to look elegant, informative, appealing, and engaging, graphical, typography, and visual elements are a must. Graphic design lays down the foundation of how design should be thought of and implemented.

Web design involves the applications of graphic design. The two mediums are often confused for one another because, at their core, they use the same visual materials – web designers just know how to format them in different ways depending on what type of project they’re designing. Before hiring graphic design studio website services, find out about their graphic and web design team composition and the specialized experience in graphic design and coding.

Graphic Design Covers Print and Digital; Web Design Is Only Digital

Graphic design is the process of creating graphics, typography, images, and photos for any medium – paper, merchandise packaging, props, boards, digital medium, and others. Graphic designers use software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create layouts, images, and text, but they can also create 3D models.

Web designers have the responsibility of designing websites that are responsive on all devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. These websites are designed using standards to ensure a consistent experience for users across platforms. Graphic design and web design are both needed for a successful website design project. Web design for graphic designers involves working as per the criteria set out for website design: layout, structures, and specifications.

Graphic Design Sets The Principles, Style, Foundation; Web Design Uses The Information

Graphic Design Sets The Principles, Style, Foundation; Web Design Uses The Information

Graphic design is an art form that sets the principles, style, and foundation for any given design project. Graphic designers start with a blank canvas before they work out what the client needs to communicate. The art of graphic design is all about working with typography, space, images, color, and more to get the desired effect on the specific target audience. Website and graphic design projects need designers with excellent knowledge of the principles of graphic design.

Web design involves using knowledge of graphic design for achieving a particular objective. For example, a web page has different elements – banner, menu, navigation buttons, text, call-to-action buttons, etc. How should these be correctly designed? This is where graphic design knowledge becomes a must.

Graphic Designers And Web Designers Work Under Different Limitations

Web designers work within limitations, like the size of a website, the codes and structure, SEO, etc. Graphic designers focus on the creative aspect of design – what kind of designs should be included to inform and engage with the audience.

A web designer’s goals are to create a functional design that will work with any browser, computer, or tablet. A graphic designer’s goal is to create aesthetic value. Graphic designers want to convey an image through color, typography, and imagery. Graphic design studios also focus on creating logos and branding as well as graphics for print media. When hiring graphic design studio website services, find out how they approach the project and whether they can fulfill all talent needs.

Web Design Can Be Dynamic, Interactive; Graphic Design is Static

Web Design Can Be Dynamic, Interactive; Graphic Design is Static

Web design can be interactive and dynamic, incorporating video, sound, animation, and buttons that change the screen display or send information to databases. In contrast, graphic design involves producing materials like logos, images, illustrations, brochures, presentations, or book covers.

A web designer’s use of color will sometimes include gradients or textures, whereas a graphic designer may work with more limited color palettes. Web designs usually have larger amounts of space between lines in order to make the text easier to read on screens. Web designers are also often tasked with designing navigation menus that might contain symbols or graphics as well as text links.

Web Design Should Be Responsive, Device Compatible; Graphic Design Should Visually Communicate

Both graphic design and web design require the same level of creativity, but they are also two very different things. Graphic design focuses on what you see – fonts, images, and color schemes. Web design is mainly about how it is seen – mobile responsive layout, device compatibility, and navigation issues.

So if your site doesn’t work well on an iPad, for example, you have a web design issue, not a graphic design issue. Likewise, if your content is hard to read or difficult to navigate, then you need to adjust graphic design elements instead of tweaking the website code.

Web Design Uses Graphic Design And Other Elements; Graphic Design Is A Tool To Enhance Web Design Efficiency

Graphic design is the process of visually conceptualizing a message, story, or idea. Graphic designers create visual communication pieces like logos, posters, banners, illustrations, etc. In this respect, graphic design is heavily reliant on typography because letterforms convey meaning in words.

Web design is the art and practice of adding graphics to a page in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Web designers can use graphic design principles, but they also have to know how to code HTML and CSS.

Web Designers Need Programming Experience; Graphic Designers Do Not

Web designers need some programming experience, but graphic designers do not. Web design is using the language of the web to create a finished product. Graphic design is creating images that can be used on a web page, in marketing materials, or in any other application.

Understanding how these two professions are different can help you determine whom you need to hire for fulfilling a particular web design project need.


Both graphic design and web designers are tasked with creating effective visuals that convey a message. Graphic designers use traditional techniques such as sketching, drawing and painting to create visual representations of their ideas in order to communicate them more effectively. Graphic designers focus on aesthetics (how the design looks) and how the design fits into the rest of the marketing campaign. Find the right talent for your graphic and web design project needs.

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