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How to Create an Animated Emblem Logo with Elementor?

How to Create an Animated Emblem Logo with Elementor?

A well-designed logo fosters trust by validating your company’s professionalism. It also allows people to notice your brand. That’s why leveraging excellent company logo design ideas are necessary to build your brand. A logo tells potential clients about your capabilities. Having a great, relevant, meaningful, and attention-grabbing logo design is necessary for staying competitive.

Attention spans among your customers are short these days. Among the multitude of things present on a digital page, your brand gets just a few seconds to be noticed. In those precious moments, the customer forms an impression that motivates him or her to consider or not consider your brand. One method of quickly capturing attention is by utilizing impactful animated logo ideas.

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What Are Animated Logos?

One of the key trends in design nowadays is animated logos. An animated logo contains motion graphics. To capture customers’ attention, you should consider designing an animated logo by keeping the company’s values in mind. Digital technologies keep bringing innovations, and hence the field of design is ever-evolving.

An animated logo is a popular marketing asset, and more than 70% of brands use it nowadays. Animating your company’s logo enhances the connection by developing a memorable and visually engaging brand. And we all know the capabilities of a brand that can visually engage its target audiences. Animated logos are ideal for digital platforms too.

Why Use Animated Logos?

Here are some reasons why brands these days prefer animated logos.

Evokes Emotions

Evokes Emotions

The unique logo design ideas related to animation can evoke emotions. Brands nowadays have a presence across various digital platforms. An animated logo allows your company to enhance its interactivity. Animated logos also bring positive emotions.

Better Storytelling

Better Storytelling

If you want to leverage storytelling, don’t look beyond an animated logo. An animated logo is an integral part of the storytelling process. With animation, you will get a detailed explanation of the brand’s success.

Casts a Good First Impression

Casts a Good First Impression

An animated logo can cast a good first impression on your customers. The first impression has a great impact on how people perceive your brand. Positive first impressions assist you in attracting users.

Creating Impressive Animated Logo Affordably Using Elementor

How do you create superior animated emblem logos? One tool that is getting widely popular is Elementor.

What is Elementor?

With Elementor, you will be able to design interactive animated logos for your brand and website. Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. But with Elementor, you can design animated logos. If you have a WordPress-powered website, designing an animated logo is easy with Elementor. Elementor lets you create original-looking animated logos.

Build your brand’s identity with Elementor. In other words, the Elementor pro logo will allow you to cast a good first impression on your customers. Moreover, Elementor is ideal for beginners. It is the ultimate and easiest all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to develop top-notch animated logos.

How Much Does Elementor Cost?

Elementor offers a free plan along with multiple paid subscription plans. The free plan covers a lot of features required to develop a strong user experience. Some of these features are: Drag-and-drop editor and access to more than forty templates

The paid version allows users to add forms and custom CSS. The price of Elementor is as follows:

  • $49 per year for a single website
  • $99 per year for three websites
  • $199 per year for twenty-five websites
  • $499 per year for four hundred websites

How Can You Create Animated Emblem Logo Designs With Elementor?

You will need certain things to create an animated emblem logo with Elementor. Here is the list of them.

  • An SVG File
  • CSS Code
  • Separate CSS Code for animations

Here are the detailed processes to create an animated logo with Elementor.

Customize the SVG File

To start creating animated logos, you need to customize the SVG file to display the text you want to animate. It is important to use a code editor with code highlighting as it makes it simpler to edit the code. Try code editors like Atom or Visual Studio Code.

Add the SVG File with Icon Widgets

You must add the SVG file to your Elementor design by leveraging icon widgets. Here are the steps you should follow while adding and customizing the SVG file.

  • Drag an icon widget above the graphic that you want to show animated.
  • Browse to the advanced tab in the icon settings and set the CSS classes’ field equal to the emblem.
  • Go to the content tab and click on the upload option
  • Browse to the style tab and select the primary color for your text
  • In the style tab, increase the size based on your preferences

Style the Emblem Text by using CSS

It is crucial to style the emblem text by using CSS. This will allow you to fix any issues with the size of the icon widget. If you don’t experience any change to the emblem, you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Ensure to set the icon widget’s CSS equivalent to the emblem
  • You can try refreshing the page to reload the Elementor interface
  • Make sure to save the changes before refreshing the page

Here are the main options you have:

  • You can set the weight of the font to bold
  • Elementor allows you to increase the letter spacing

Use Absolute Positioning

To fix the position of the target image and alignment of the icon widget, you can try absolute positioning. It will give you great control over the text positioning of the emblem. You should also use the responsive settings to adjust the logo’s orientation for mobiles and tablets.

Setting up the Animation Effect

With these two options, you can set up the animation effect of your logo.

  • You can animate the emblem so that it spins as the visitor scrolls down the page
  • You can automatically animate the emblem in a way that it spins without any input

Why Hire a Professional Logo Designer?

1. Brilliant Logo Design Ideas

One of the key highlights of hiring a professional logo designer is their brilliant ideas. A highly experienced professional designer knows what it takes to design the best logo for your brand. They also rely on advanced software platforms to develop engaging logos.

2. Designs that tell your Unique Stories

Hiring a professional designer will help you with storytelling. The designer can tell unique stories of your brand through the logo’s unique design. Hence, hiring professional logo designers enables you to leverage a vast resource of knowledge and experience in enhancing storytelling for your brand through your logo design.

3. Exemplary Style and Visual Impact

Any professional designer has an exemplary style that helps create visual impact. Using colors and contrasts, they can develop logos that will grab your clients’ attention. Moreover, you can use the logo on any type of platform.

4. Superior Branding

Superior branding is another reason why hiring a professional logo designer makes sense. A logo is the face of your brand and allows it to convey brand values. You can use your logo on various marketing platforms that result in top-notch branding.


Animated logos can make your brand stand out in the crowd. You can appoint a professional logo designer to develop custom animated logos. A professional designer will always create the best animated logo which showcases your brand’s USP.

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