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How to Decide Between Hiring An Architect Or A Designer?

How to Decide Between Hiring An Architect Or A Designer?

Choosing between an architect and a designer made easier

Remodeling and renovating a home are always a fun concept to indulge in but not knowing whom to hire- an architect or a designer can become an obstacle at remodeling your home. Find out when you should choose architecture design services and for what outcomes interior designers should be hired.

Have you decided to remodel your house but can not decide whom to hire? An architect or a designer?

The confusion between the work of architecture and a designer is very prominent, as understanding their work can be a bit challenging. If you are looking to retrofit your house or want to rebuild your house, then hiring an architect is the right choice.

But if you want to renovate your home with some remodeling, then an interior designer should be hired.

Many designers have some architectural knowledge and training, while many architects have some design knowledge and training as well. Read on to find more about whom you should hire while remodeling, renovating, and retrofitting your home.

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What Does An Architect Do

An architect is a certified expert in the design of structures.

Architects’ education, skill levels, and training vary across the world, but architects everywhere are the only ones who have the authority to design architectural aspects for any building structure.

Only licensed architects can get you the right permits and design your house in compliance with building codes and regulations pertaining to health and safety.

Architects have engineering, building design, and construction project management training. For questions such as these, you need to consult only with an architecture design company.

  • What should be your window and door size?
  • With what material should your home’s external structure be built?
  • How to rebuild spaces to comply with energy-efficient building regulations?
  • Where should you install your plumbing, lighting, and HVAC systems?

When To Hire An Architect

1. When You Are Retrofitting Your Home And Need To Follow Proper Building Codes

After a building’s construction and occupation, retrofitting work includes modifying or repairing the structural system in a way that the structure’s safety and durability also improves.

Structure retrofitting refers to modifying an existing structure to safeguard it against flooding or other risks such as earthquakes and high winds.

The process of retrofitting can only be done by the architects. Many parts of the building need to be pre built as per design rules and codes and fitted inside the building structure.

2. When Your Home Remodelling Involves Major Architectural Changes

Remodeling refers to changing the structure of something. If you have decided that your homes require remodeling, which involves major architectural changes, then hire an architecture design company.

Before hiring an architect, decide whether your home needs a remodeling that will involve major architectural changes or not. For example, if you only need to replace screens, cabinets, and existing electrical wiring and plumbing, you could contract an electrical and plumbing contractor instead of choosing architectural design services.

3. When You Need To Remodel Your Home From an Energy-Efficiency Perspective

An energy-efficient home is one that is built to save and minimize energy consumption. The construction, appliances, and significant features of a home can all have an influence on its efficiency. In recent times, people have shifted towards making their homes energy efficient.

If you want to remodel your home from an energy-efficiency perspective, you have to get architecture design services. Only an architect can model the house design to fit with the right parameters that allow natural light, shade, cooling, use of renewable energy resources, etc.

4. When Your Home Renovations Involve Demolishing and Reconstruction

If you are considering demolishing a part of your home to reconstruct it again, then you definitely need to consult with an architecture design company.

Reconstruction of a building has to comply with many design standards for aspects related to energy use, HVAC installation, location and material used for doors and windows, the thickness of walls and the materials used, etc. Only an architect is authorized to decide on such matters.

5. When You Want To Rebuild Your Home Completely

Rebuilding also requires architectural design services. From laying down the foundation to the height of external and internal walls, facade, construction integrity, construction process, everything needs to have the approval of a certified architect. Your design and building plan should also get the green light from the right authorities.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

Interior designers are professionals who have qualifications and knowledge of how to design the interiors of buildings. They will not decide on aspects such as the thickness of walls, structural integrity, etc. but help you make the building your dream home.

An interior designer will assist the architect in choosing the right floor plan for different sections of the home and choosing the right interior settings so that your interiors fulfill your functional, personal, and aesthetic needs.

The color scheme, tiles, staircase, storage, wall elements, furniture, furnishings, etc., all can be created in a way that suits your tastes, needs, and budget when you consult with an interior designer.

When To Hire An Interior Designer?

1. For Space Planning and Management – Floor Plan, Storage, Etc.

The designers are known to work their creative minds in order to manage space and make the home look artistic and clean. As homeowners, people often complain about the lack of space in their homes. When you hire a designer for space planning and management, you will see how wrong you are.

The designers work their magic and fit everything perfectly in the available space, and many times a lot of space is left!

2. Choosing The Right Interior Theme, Style, Decor That Suits Lifestyle and Functionality Needs

There are a variety of themes available in the market to be chosen from, and it can become overwhelming at times. Do not worry, just hire a designer. The designer will help you in choosing the right interior theme and style of decor. For the designers to make this choice, they will need your views and plans on what theme you want for your home.

Communicate freely with the designers so that they understand your lifestyle and needs, which will allow them to put together a theme perfectly.

3. Wide Access To Innovative Resources For Designing Your Home Interiors Within Budget

There are many people out there who believe that they do not need a designer to renovate their homes as their services could increase overall costs a lot. But what they do not understand is that while they are decorating their home on their own, the expenditure is just about the same, if not more.

Hire an affordable interior designer, and they will make sure that your home is as elegant as you need it to be while ensuring that remodeling is done within your budget.

4. Great Visual Impact

The work of a designer is to create homes that are great to look at. People hire designers in order to make their homes look appealing and have a great visual impact.

An architectural design company can also help you make beautiful interiors and exteriors, but architects might not have the training and ingenuity to understand how your personal taste with regard to everything from the doorknob to basins and faucets in the bathroom can be met when designing the interiors.

5. Personalizing Interior Space Per Preferences – Storage, Workspace, Living Space, Kitchen, Bathroom, Etc.

Visualizing and drawing design plans in accordance with client goals, finding items and materials, calculating prices, and sourcing the right interior products – for these, it is best to consult with interior designers and not an architectural design service firm.

The designers that you hire may create a range of environments with the use of furniture layout, color palettes, practical décor, and decorations.


When working with an interior designer, you can ask for anything that you want in your home, though it should be reasonable and achievable. Designers help in creating personalized interior spaces for storage, workspace, living space, kitchen, bathroom, playing area for kids, anything that a customer requires.

An architectural design service firm helps you design the structures in the most efficient way, but an interior design firm will breathe life into your structure and make it a home that you will admire and be proud of.

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