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What are the Qualities of a Well-Designed Advertising Brochure?

What are the Qualities of a Well-Designed Advertising Brochure?

A Well-Designed Advertising Brochure Helps You Increase Sales

There are plenty of options available to business owners for designing company and product brochures. Finding the right solutions that exactly fit your business goals is somehow not easy. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best advertising brochure design ideas and concepts that you must consider while designing advertising brochures. Discover the insights shared by top advertising brochure designers for making advertising and branding campaigns a grand success.

The purpose of a brochure is to advertise your products. It must be eye-catching, praise-worthy, and effective through its potentiality, visual appeal, and presentability.

Brochures contain information about businesses or products. Digital brochures are shared across online platforms where the business plans to increase its presence and attract customers. Printed advertising brochures are part of retail marketing and design as per pre-decided objectives – product launch, product promotion, branding, etc.

With the help of experienced, professional advertising brochure designers, your company can convert advertising brochures into great revenue-generation triggers. You need designs that reflect the right trends and techniques and visually connect with your potential customers, increasing interest in your products or services in your target markets.

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Know The Design Trends – 5 Design Trends For Brochure Design

Typography-based designs:

Typography-Based Designs

It is a trendy way to convey brand information using text as a visual. Graphic designers use this design element to create visual and readable impact and grab viewers’ attention. Nowadays, designers not only stick to one set pattern like bold typefaces, but they use different colors, alignments, or angles to make the brochure stand out from others.

Line Art:

Line Art

Line art was quite popular among advertising brochure designers in year 2021. Considering this trend being continued, line arts can be used to make a brochure unique. Using clean, bold lines on a solid background, visual contrast can be created to give a brochure a satisfying look.

3D graphics:

3D Graphics

Compared with 2D Graphic designs, 3-dimensional designs can definitely add some depth to a brochure. Popping out a 3D element when the brochure is opened makes the presentation more creative and makes readers pay their attention.

Color Trends:

Color Trends

Adding some colors or color-gel photography can be impactful well as interesting for any brochure. Using organic, natural, and warm colors may bring better results as they provide energy and provide endless unique designs.

Trendy Illustrations:

Trendy Illustrations

Illustrations can be used by the advertising brochure design company as a replacement for images to describe a company’s business. Using a variety of illustrations can design a creative piece of work. It is relatable & has a great visual impact.

Qualities of a Well-Designed Advertising Brochure

1. Follows a Trend That is Current and Relevant

Designing is about the way a message is transmitted. As design technologies and tools change, the ways designing is done, its elements, style, vibes, hues, everything changes. Using shades and styles that were “in” a decade back or even half a decade back does not impress customers. Your brochure will be overlooked.

When you hire a professional advertising brochure design company, you can rest assured the designs would respond to current demands and connect with the expectations of target customers or users.

2. The Right Size and Folds

Brochures come in different sizes and folds as per your choice. However, when you go with the very popular sizes and folds, think about the customers’ needs and demands. Some of the commonly known folds are:

  • Accordion fold
  • Trifold
  • Roll fold
  • Gatefold
  • Double gatefold
  • Z-fold
  • Parallel fold
  • Half + tri fold
  • Half + half fold
  • Half-fold and so on.

Similarly, the sizes also vary, but still, the best option would be to prepare your advertising brochure according to the most popular trending sizes.

Some standard sizes you may consider are:

  • Letter size: 7.5” x 10” (or 20.79 x 25.74 cm) This size is the most popular, but the other sizes are in demand within the audience.
  • DIN A3: 8.2” x 11.3” (or 21.25 x 24.48 cm)
  • Legal size: 8.5” x 14”
  • Memo size: 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Tabloid size: 11” x 17”
  • 9” x 12”
  • 11” x 25.5”

3. Amazing Cover Design

Colorful, eye-catching images are enough to distract the minds and create a long-lasting impact.
It is essential to take your time and prepare the best cover design as it is the first impression of the brochure. A seasoned advertising brochure designer will take care of such things and make sure to make the design presentable in front of your target audience.

4. Top-Class Typography

Typography means to write or present your written content in a way that impresses the person reading it, leaving a positive impact. It refers to beautiful calligraphic writing on the brochure that will help attract customers and increase the popularity of the brochure.

A professional advertising brochure designer knows how to deal with it and make it more appealing to the target audience. The writing styles, the font, characters, and symbols used, the correct placement of the words, i.e., the word arrangements- all that matters a lot.

In addition to being super attractive, the texts also have to be clear and readable; nowadays, a single design can be used on various platforms, and it should match with them

5. Great Visual Hierarchy

It refers to the order of importance of the contents that are included in a brochure; one needs to be very careful while dealing with it as it would impact your sales greatly.

Placing or highlighting the most important content in the beginning or at such a place where it is sure to catch the attention of the customers is the main focus.

Aligning them on the left and on the top helps a lot as most of the languages start from the left side, so most of us tend to look at the left and the top subconsciously.

6. The Right Contrast and Balance

After taking care of the brochure sizes, contents, typography, cover design, it is also crucial to look into adjusting the whole brochure in the right contrast and balance the contents too.

By keeping it short and interesting, we can engage the audiences more effectively as nowadays the attention span of the people is too low.

In the case of contrast, too high a level of contrast can put stress on the eyes, whereas too low contrast makes the content look dull. It would be best to adjust it a bit rightwards from the center to give the best digital view.

7. HD, Realistic, Great-Quality Images and Photos

Poor quality of an advertising brochure can ruin the sales and the reputation; thus, investing in printing the best high-quality HD images will serve as a major plus point. Great quality attractive images add value to the overall content, and a professional advertising brochure designing company would do justice to that.

8. Blank Spaces

Apart from all the decorations and other related stuff, let’s not forget to keep blank spaces as well and not make the brochure too congested. It is crucial as it provides an overall neat and tidy look to the brochure.

9. Subtle Use of Art, Illustration, or Motifs

Subtle use of art, illustration, or motifs is what makes your brochure more attractive. Without art illustration, everything seems dull. Illustration adds life to the overall content, which makes it look cool and fun to read.

10. Uncluttered

Having included the art illustrations, the perfect font size, calligraphy, content, and cover design, we have to make sure the brochure looks uncluttered, i.e., having enough blank spaces and a neat look.

This adds to the quality of the overall presentation as perfection doesn’t always mean overuse of art and texts but keeping it uncluttered.

11. Use of Subtle Animations and 3D in Digital Version

Subtle animations and 3D images make a brochure come alive and serve to capture attention easily and instantly. Moving images always catch the attention of customers, so it will be a wise strategy to use them righteously.

12. Easy To View, Read, and Take The Right Action

Communicating with the audience, reaching them, and understanding their point of view are vital.
Make sure to create a brochure that is attractive, neat, not over-congested, and is instantly communicating the message using powerful visuals and text. Avoid using sophisticated words while advertising, but use simple and daily words so that the audience finds them relatable.


Invest in your advertising designs, and you will find it easier to sell your products and services in any market. Great, intuitive, inspiring designs make a brochure a sales tool.

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