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Animated Logos: Why Does Your Brand Need One?

Animated Logos: Why Does Your Brand Need One?

Do you think that motion graphics and animated logos are all around the Internet at the moment? Most successful brands or businesses are taking advantage of the exciting possibilities that animation has to provide and access their benefits as well. In this blog, you will get to know more about animated logos and why they are in demand. There are reasons for the growth in popularity. There are also different types of logo animation which hold specific benefits and impacts.

Let’s find out why companies want to design animated logos and the benefits of animated logo designs!

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What Is An Animated Logo?

Animated Logo

An animated logo is very similar to other kinds of logos, and the only difference is that in the animated logo, motion graphics and animations are added. While going about the process of animating a logo, it is important to keep the values and objectives of the specific company in mind so that the logo reflects the direct intention of the logo.

Your animated logo design needs to correctly represent the visual identity of the brand and enable people to recall your brand in a positive manner.

There are different types of logo animation techniques. When you decide to create animated logos, focus on your target audience and research animated logo examples that have influenced people the most in a positive manner. The creation of a memorable and recognizable brand should be the first goal of any logo design.

What Can You Achieve With An Animated Logo? Why Does Your Business Need One?

1. Updates, Enhances Your Brand Personality

Animation tends to be much easier to comprehend as compared to static images or abbreviations and other forms of logo design. The motion in the animated logo provides the brain with more information to quickly recall the brand.

The dynamic motion also helps the viewers to understand and remember the brand in an inspiring way. The primary objective of the animated logo is to enhance the personality of your brand in the most effective way.

2. Movement Attracts Attention To Your Logo Quickly

If the animated logo has a worthy picture, then it can be more than a thousand words. One of the key reasons why businesses design animated logos is that the visual content of the logo receives more attention and interest.

Most of the animation can linger for around 10 seconds, and people usually want the design to unfold. You get that much more time to encourage the target audience to think about your logo and divert attention towards what you are planning to offer.

3. Allows You to Stronger Storytelling and “Connect” With Target Audience

We all know the fact that a picture says more than words. An animated logo design says more than any single, static image.

If you go through animated logo examples, you will find a story unfolding with the animation. There is a certain vibe and emotion that a viewer associates with the logo. When you create animated logos, you need to first study the types of logo animations in detail and choose the type that will be the best for your business.

An animated logo is considered to be the best logo design as it helps to tell the story strongly. You can easily target the audience and make a connection. An animated logo can better express the character of a company and comes out like a mini video telling a unique story.

4. Permits More Scope For Originality And Unique Presentation

Animated logos provide a unique identity to your business. It doesn’t matter if your business or brand is small or big. If you are willing to invest some money in brand recognition, then you should explore options to create animated logo designs. Find out from a talented animation logo designer how to get a unique presentation that is truly symbolic of your business vision and identity.

5. Shows You Value Your Brand – Improves Brand Image

Do you remember brands with unimpressive, mediocre logo designs? When you look at a simplistic, template-based common logo design, what impressions do you build about the business? Most people would think that the company itself does not value its brand. Automatically, interest in the brand is lost. Investing in a creative, animated logo design will improve your brand image.

6. Makes Your Logo Creative, Amazing, And Easy To Recall

Makes Your Logo Creative

Do you know what makes your logo more creative and easy to recall? It’s simplicity, appropriateness, and attractiveness. To gain more popularity, you need to consider these elements while creating logos. These elements will help you to stand out from the competition.

One of the best logos has consistency as the main element that makes the brand worldwide more popular and easy to recall as well. Make sure to resemble only genuine information with your animated logo because people don’t prefer empty talks.

7. Makes Your Logo Distinct, Improving Visibility And First Impressions Of Your Brand

Using a “quirky” animated logo to differentiate yourself from your rivals is a bad idea because it will appear amateurish and may raise questions about the quality of your products.

Make sure your logo was developed and assessed by experts. Your logo must be assessed and tested before you display it to your target audience. Your logo should be distinct, and it can hold power to impress the audience at first sight.

The importance of your logo design should not be underestimated because it has great potential to be used as a marketing tool, a means to win over more customers, and a way to set you apart from your competitors.

As we can see, a dynamic advertising strategy commonly employs an animated logo. It strengthens the story, increases brand recognition, and aids in the creation of a brand’s distinctive personality.

Where Will Your Animated Logo Bring Optimum Results

1. Social Media Campaigns

Social media is one of the primary channels for product advertising today. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are extensively used by online users for communication. Animated logos have become a potent marketing strategy. Additionally, animated logos can be converted into GIFs, making them suitable for sharing on social media.

2. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most common and popular marketing which is used worldwide. If you prefer to use animated logos in the email marketing campaign, then it will spice up your email campaign with the elements of surprises and delight along with the real purposes. Animated logo designs can be used in a variety of engaging ways in email marketing campaigns.

3. Website And Landing Pages

You might have attractive web banner ads, which you would be used for SEM and PPC campaigns. When a potential customer lands on your website, what are the elements present to impress him or her about your brand?

Companies design animated logos to make their landing page communicate a stronger message about their brands. An animated logo enhances the image of the website. The quality of your logo animation will define their views about your brand. They might be curious to know further and turn their attention to look at what you have to offer.

4. Online Advertising Campaigns

Online Advertising Campaigns

You can create animated logo designs for online advertising campaigns. This logo with animations is going to bring more curiosity among the users and will be more remarkable. A fantastic logo design can be improved with animations to help your marketing and advertising efforts succeed. In other words, an animated logo can help your logo reach its full potential.

Why are animated logo designs in this situation so unique? What better way to capitalize on the growing importance of motion graphics in marketing than with an animated logo? Additionally, it demonstrates that you are up-to-date with your branding.

5. Digital Display Boards – Business Premises

The technology of digital notice board displays has been recognized and accepted by people for a long time. It holds the ability to communicate messages in settings like retail, transportation, education, and others. Digital display boards are widely used for advertisement purposes. Commercial establishments design animated logos to make their display boards create a powerful brand image.


A logo typically takes the form of a static image, wordmark, or symbol. Or perhaps a combination of these. There are various types of logo animations that you can explore. These could be simple dynamic effects or succinct video presentations. Find out what kind of animation can be included in your logo to make it a powerful message for your brand.

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