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When you have much to say, then brochures are the best way to communicate with your target audience. Either you want to tell the neighborhood about your newly opened gym across the block or you want to convey the new services that were recently included in your gym, Gym brochures design are the way to go. Define, express or tell about your gym in the most effective way through thoughtfully crafted gym brochure designs. Sprak design provides an opportunity to design your own brochure through an array of resources or choose from pre-designed gym brochure templates.

These days, it’s trendy to be in shape. People love to workout and show off their toned body. Everyone is vying for that perfect look so that they can flaunt their best look. This is where you as a gym owner come into the picture. When you market the services available at your gym in the most appropriate way then there is no reason for a vacant treadmill waiting for a health enthusiast.

You must have left no stone unturned in setting up a world class gym. Now let Sprak Design shoulder the responsibility of doing the marketing of your Gym. The artists at Sprak Design know exactly how to highlight some of the best features of your fitness establishment in a piece of paper.

Brochure Design
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Either it’s popping a punch line at the strategic location or placing a dynamic graphics or putting up an appealing picture, our digital artists know very well how to engage readers’ and observers’ mind. So you want busy moms and dads to hit your gym through your personal trainer program, let us do that. Sprak Design’s brochure for gym can do the magic of pulling such a breed of ignorant people to your gym.

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Our brochure designers are some of the finest designers in the industry who know how to leverage technology for some of the best brochure design for Gyms. Our designers have years of experience and are never short of ideas to meet your unique demand for a great brochure design. They know very how to integrate experience with creativity. So all you need is to sit back, relax and just think of what you would like to incorporate in your gym for a fitter generation. Our designers work in tandem with you, to know all the services that are provided and special features of your gym so that they can design a comprehensive but at the same time to-the-point brochure for your target audience.

Through their imaginative thought process, artists at Sprak Design are sure to come up with a perfect brochure for the gym. The intense grappling program will find many takers. People will love to sweat out at special Zumba classes. And you will find many takers not only for that vacant treadmill but also for a crossover that a fitness enthusiast was waiting for since a long time.

Design your own
Gym brochure

So you want to play a part of an artist too! Don’t worry! We at Sprak design have an array of resources to help you out to fulfill your designing aspirations. Tailor make your very own unique brochure and tell the entire neighborhood about your world-class gym center with outstanding equipment facility. Design perfect brochures that too in a shoe-string budget.

Choose from the number of layouts, cuts, designs, fonts, and colors. Your brochure can be either bi-fold, tri-fold, Z-fold or can be folded in other innovative ways. There are many sizes of brochures that we can work upon.

The Paper stock variety that
we offer are as follows:

  • Standard and premium glossy: shiny and reflective finish
  • Standard and premium matte: less glare finish for smoother appearance and more contrast
  • Standard and premium uncoated: no glare at all finish
  • Standard and premium recycled: made from 100% recycled material, more natural feel finish

There are many ways in which you can have a brochure designed as per your specific need. A team of artists at Sprak Design have bespoke solutions for all your brochure designing needs.

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