Summer Camp Brochure Design

Summer is the time when your kids have holidays and are more relaxed. It’s also the time of the year, when you would want your kids to learn some new sports activities and reap the benefits that come from learning the same.

Sports is associated with building strength, endurance, patience and several other qualities in children and adults alike. Sports business is a lucrative one and many sports clubs or centres are always looking out to recruit kids for their sports programmes mainly during the summer season.

Summer Camp Brochure Sample

Among the various marketing techniques sports centres implement to do their promotion, brochures are undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. They introduce the sports club, market its services and programmes, and increase children’s registrations, which converts into sales. Thus they are one of the best sources to help parents and their kids know what sports programmes and activities are happening at a sports centre and enroll for the same. A summer brochure can do wonders in terms of attracting parents to your centre and leverage your sports marketing activities.

Brochure design for summer camp is a delicate and important design process for any business and must be left in the hands of professional brochure design experts. It is a combination of various skills like graphic designing, specific techniques, and a deep understanding of marketing and printing technology is also needed. At Sprak design, we make the finest summer camp brochure templates for kids.

A Professional Brochure Design Service

Sprak Design is a team of professional brochure designers that creates company brochures and product catalogs for businesses like yours.Show local kids that you’re the boredom buster they’re looking for with your summer camp brochures detailing what your camp offers. Our templates make customization and design an easy process; just point and click your mouse to upload photos and artwork, add your own text, and customize your brochure layout and colors. Once your design is on point, we will handle the printing business for you;

How does Sprak Design make your brochure?

Sprak Design follows various steps to cut out the best sports brochures for you:

1. Good-looking attractive design – This is the first step to brochure creation and we achieve the same with the help of our team with very less time and efforts.
2. Rightly articulated marketing information – As content is the kind, we employ some very good content writers, who write the content of the brochure
3. Clearly written address & contact information – We place the contact information of the client clearly on the brochure so that it is easily located by the parents
4. Rightly placed offers and pricing – This again is related to the the design of the brochure, and we place the offers and pricing details at strategic places, which is easily located by the parents.
5. Ensure the right paper quality is selected – This is one of the foremost things to consider in brochure design. We assure you good quality paper selection.
6. Great color spread.- We use an interesting color to quickly draw eyes to your brochure.
7. Icons & illustrations – We bring some excitement to your brochure by adding some icons or illustrations.
8.Captivating fonts – We draw attention to your written content with a font style from our library of hundreds of examples.
9.Including your own images – We give you the liberty to make your brochure truly unique by using your own images, graphics or photos.
10. We use charts, graphs and maps to stand out from the pack – A data visualization can really help you drive the message home. So through a map we show off your company’s growth over the past year;add a chart that illustrates what your product can do etc

At Sprak Design, we provide you the brochure design solutions for your company – right from the outline of design drafts, concepts and messages, to the final brochure printing.
Thus we make the highest quality brochures you will ever come across, quickly and affordably. For samples of projects specific to your industry, feel free to contact us and we will put the best summer camp brochure sample designs in front of you for review. Once satisfied, we can work together on your project.

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